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    The many faces of Glampire:


    @Cap, you can’t keep tantalizing me with this! It has been too long since we got to run with the pack!

    My other name is Rosswell


    I think what can help move this along, is for people to start making fan art of “Glampire” and sending it to Bowie himself.

    The idea would be to create this “cult culture” around the images so when the real thing is released it will be a full frontal assault of the senses, and Bowie himself might just allow it.

    Just imagine getting hand drawn pictures of yourself from every era of your career, each titled “Glampire Rises” or some catch phrase like that.

    Once a licensing agreement can be made, the images should be released to the net as a “found footage” or Conspiracy of Glampire’s existence, hopefully predating the official release of the series and final image of Glampire by a few years.


    @heavydevil We’re hard at work. When next the LDs come back it’ll TRULY be something to howl over.



    Part 1 of a two-part extravaganza that earmarks a major shift in the world of Lightning Dogs!

    In news not discussed on the episode, we’re in the process of setting up a Lighting Dogs Tumblr. Currently it’s probably the easiest place to browse concept art (over the LD facebook)


    Rockin’ cover art!! Looking forward to listening to this at work later today!

    MjollnirMK86 on the Server of Awesome. Formerly Polysics.

    "I'm just breaking the laws of physics. It's no big deal."


    I have to ask what is the reason for the Robots want to kill Glampire?
    Also the crystals kind of come off as mutagen lite, causing Life to Evole faster then normal and at the same time make mutant Freaks over time. So is there any ideas how rules for how the crystals will work, Like how the Beast hound is able to be a super Evoled savage dog, but have smart ninja cats that also evoled on Earth? Does it matter where they surrounding are?

    It's about "SHOW TIME" so drop by


    This episode makes me really want a Halloween Abortions shirt featuring Halloween Jack and a bunch of his minions in a band.

    I really like the idea of the Humans wiping themselves out. I think it would be good material for Kane Corso character development. An anthropologist obsessed with the Masters only to discover they idiotically wiped themselves out is a good case for some disillusionment. Is there any particular reason that Glampire has to be competent with the technology? Villains being incompetent is a rather common precident and if you were banished to another more primitive planet you wouldn’t have any idea how to invent cell phones. You could probably encourage certain tech paths and eventually someone would invent them, but unless you were actively studying and researching them yourself, you probably wouldn’t know how they were made. I rather like the idea that Glampire was so arrogant that he never actually learned how to build any of the tech he manipulated the humans to build and when they were wiped out he was out of experts. He has basically been forced to muddle through experimenting with what is left and hoping it works.

    Steam: Garayur


    @thebigbadshadowman This is just me talking out of my ass here… (but hey, that’s all of Lightning Dogs, isn’t it?) As far as the crystals go, they’re a bit of a classic sci-fi McGuffin. Think of them like a safer kind of radiation. They’re remarkable energy batteries/ energy sources, but they have flaws. On many planets they’re a naturally occurring resource that nurtures and passively accelerates evolutionary cycles. However, though the dog planet evolves more quickly than Earth, it exists in a status quo with itself since the crystals are a part of that planet’s natural ecosystem. The dogs then become like an invasive species; easily susceptible to the crystal’s alien powers. But they evolve gracefully with the nature of the planet as their crystal resources are fully stable. Dog-kind’s balance with the planet becomes purely up to how they treat the world as an industrial society.

    However, on Earth the crystals have to be manufactured. Once the materials to grow a crystal are discovered, they could grow them fairly naturally – but it would take time. Instead, they go for accelerated growth and that’s where the impurities come in. These crystals are less stable, but functional to a degree that Earth could place some faith in them. Their evolutionary properties are out of whack and either greatly reduced or greatly increased. It’s only when pushing the boundaries that they flirt with danger. After the accident with the orbital array that showers Earth in debris and the funky energy of the crystals, and the subsequent wars, Earth is a mess. Various levels of actual radiation, crystal energies, and who knows what else have settled all over the world. For our purposes it gives us license to create all kinds of fun weirdness.

    Beasthound is like any animal in the Wasteland, completely different from what came before, but still familiar. He’s a bloodline of dog that’s gone fully primal. During the time of megafauna, the ancestors of dogs were really tiny – now dogs have gone the other direction entirely. The cats are a very specialized situation as their evolution has been graceful unlike basically everything else on Earth. That’s due in large part to their isolation. In Japan, or some nearby equivalent, they were able to evolve under the influence of crystals with minimal interference – probably at first on a cat island and then growing as a species (overcoming their inherent mistrust of water) to populate nearby islands and breed naturally. Meanwhile, all the freaks out in the world got the worst of it. Their genes become more like plants in a lot of ways. It’s super easy to manipulate an orchid to become a new kind of orchid – scramble it up with different environmental elements and get something new.

    Another aspect of the crystals is harmonics. They have their own frequency of sorts, which is what allowed the farfetch to work – crystals tuning to the frequency of other crystals. But that’s something we’ve only begun to discuss and really I should get some reading together so I can improve that particular part of my pseudoscience explanation.

    With the robots… we’ve laid some solid plot groundwork for them recently, but it’ll take a while for LD behind the scenes releases to catch up with that conversation. They’re still very much a work in progress though. We’ve got some fun ideas, but I don’t think we’ve yet to really lock in what’s really going to make them an exciting sub plot/ cast of characters. That said – what IS exciting about them is that they have their own agenda that’s evolved past the expiration of man. They’re essentially orphans of that bygone age left to fend for themselves, and that’s an interesting story.

    Oh man… I don’t know if we’d get flack for it or not, but I’d love to do a metal / punk band style shirt for Halloween Abortions.

    I agree with you completely about Glampire – he’s not a scientist, he doesn’t even remotely know what he needs to know to safely implement crystal tech. He has money, he has power, but all that money and power won’t help him get home faster. He got greedy, he got arrogant, and after all his waiting he screwed the pooch (figuratively).


    Ermahgewd, you get all the howl noises, ever. Hehe, it’s kinda funny that halloween jack went from pumpkin headed, to hobgoblin, to almost green goblin in appearance. One of them is right for certain, but I sure can’t decide.
    I am totally behind the direction for Glampire. He’s bad news bears and the Lightning Dogs know that and any viewers or listeners will know that. All that glorious backstory is what keeps our ears perked as diehard fans and provides insight for any potential actors.
    Better save any further thoughts for next week. Until then I’m a be running with the pack!


    I know you guys had resolved not to crowdsource ideas for fear of infringing on intellectual property, but something mentioned in this episode struck me.

    There was talk of the crystal generator (and later orbital array/channel rod) causing the catastrophic event, maybe opening some kind of portal to an eldritch terror, and then subsequently failing to be shut down.

    In the most recent or second most recent episode prior to this (it’s been a few months since I’ve marathoned these, sorry), hadn’t there been talk of horrifying things in the ocean? Could the two be related?

    Imagine this: the person who will become Spaceboy is on-site at the orbital array to monitor it during the demonstration. The channel rod experiences a full on meltdown. While this is happening, the planet-side relays explode, causing the catastrophe on the surface. Back at the channel rod, something rips through space time and everybody sees something horrifying through the hole on Spaceboy’s feed. Failing to shut it down, he makes the decision to sacrifice himself to attempt to stop things from escalating. The rod, which is in orbit over the ocean, has a failsafe in the form of a jettison (a la the Hulk chamber in the first Avengers) in the event that it goes hot. The chamber containing the focal point of the rod and Spaceboy detaches from the main crystalline body of the rod (leaving that to break up in the atmosphere and rain down on the planet) and shoots into the ocean, not large enough itself to cause an extinction-level event, but perhaps significant enough to cause some heavy waves that impact coastal cities. Spaceboy’s proximity to the rift changes him into the entity we first meet. He eventually teleports out vis a vis his reality defying powers and wanders around the wasteland.

    Being that this is the inciting event that burns out the world, this pod is stewing at the bottom of the ocean for a couple hundred years. Whatever’s on the other side that is completely beyond our ken has plenty of time to seep through. Logistically, I am imagining Cthulhu trying to fit through a tennis racket the size of his big toe. These things take time. “Yea, slimy things did crawl with legs,//Upon the slimy sea.”

    That’s the best I’ve got for now. I am massively pumped for next week!


    @cap I see a lot of crystals ending up in oceans becoming part of the food chain and mutating ocean life to the point that every generation has a new top predator. (example like a Shark with a 2nd jaw like a moray eel’s pharyngeal jaw which has cuttle fish Tentacles that shoot out of it’s main mouth and is over thrown as top predator by a Killer Whale polar bear hybrid next generation)

    It's about "SHOW TIME" so drop by


    @huduvudu @thebigbadshadowman
    Both very valid points…


    After all that, I realized that I basically just wrote an origin for Pacific Rim. Damn it.

    No ideas are orginal, yeah?

    Steven Peckham

    Ok, so I’m super new to the forums. Been listening to Nerdy Show properly since around January after a friend introduced me to the Ghostbusters podcast, and this right here is the reason why I love this network so much. I had no idea what Lightning Dogs was until this last episode aired and I just spent all of today catching up on all your brainstorming. It is so amazing listening to you guys create a world, something I used to do all the time with my friends growing up and what I do alone when I prepare games for my roleplaying groups.

    I’m not even kidding when I say this: if you fellas ever need voice actors in the future, I’m your man. I know that I already support the network financially, but if there’s anything I can do to make this in particular happen, I pledge my fealty here and now.

Viewing 15 posts - 106 through 120 (of 850 total)
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