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    Well, obviously the community involvement and immediate feedback are useful to have, but only to a point. Everyone is going to have an opinion on everything, and there is no way to please everyone on every detail. The current blue-sky meeting episodes are really fun as a listener, and they also help us feel like we are part of the creation process to a greater degree than we actually are. That is great podcasting, but maybe not so much great progress making. I feel like the number of people just among the show hosts who are directly involved is already impractically large, unless a hierarchy were to emerge where elements of the whole were owned by individuals and the larger framework of ideas were curated by someone with veto authority. If you listen to this episode, you’ll hear Doug say that he was worried that Tony wouldn’t be able to hit a design mark he was comfortable with if everyone wasn’t there to provide input, yet that subset of folks that were at Heroescon actually came back with stuff that exceeded expectation. That’s because character design is what Tony does, and Cap is a creative director who knows how to work with artists and has a larger vision for the IP. That is the skillset you want to assign to the task of character design; a larger group will lose focus and get in each other’s way.


    It should also go without saying that this is just one man on a forum’s opinion, and the show is welcome to take it or leave it at their pleasure.


    One question I have is do you think that since they are getting this involved with their story, that they shouldn’t record the spit balling sessions.
    Meaning that wouldn’t it be best to just dedicated the episode to explaining what they have fleshed out?
    I only say that cause having voices such as these forums trying to lend their concept ideas could really get in the way of their brain trust.

    I think it was mentioned in a previous episode, but once the crew began to realize that this was quickly becoming an actual intellectual property, they said that they’d consciously avoid the forums for fear of treading on somebody else’s ideas should they accomplish some kind of success with it.

    As far as spitballing episodes, there’re probably a number of factors responsible:
    The original group of folks that helped make Lightning Dogs a thing is very hard to assemble.
    There has been a lot of pressure, especially from myself, to put out any new content at all.
    It’s been more than a year since the last release and that year has been really busy (Nerdy Show becoming a full on network and all that entails) and I suspect putting out a pair of episodes back-to-back is both a gesture of good will and a bid to tide us over until we get more.

    I’m a sucker, though, so I’ll take it.

    Ice Abyzz

    Hey guys, remember in a recent episode when the gang discussed the new Godzilla movie and they talked about getting Monster Fighting blue balls during the airport scene, I think they may have just been getting their revenge with this episode, just as it was picking up they tell me to come back next week.

    Good job Nerdy Show, I tip my hat to you as you are the first media I’ve ever consumed that gave me massive blue balls. Can’t wait for next week and to what the future has in store for Brian. Be sure to keep us up to date 🙂


    @Max @Armadon @huduvudu

    Well it’s a little depressing that might post seemed to kick off this particular conversation but…

    Yeah, they have pretty much stated that as soon as they realized the might actually be able to do something with Lightning Dogs that they would have to keep community involvement lower than usual.

    Which is totally fine. I don’t think any Nerdy Show listener is actually thinking their ideas are going to get added to the story or anything.

    But it is fun discussing it anyways. That’s the only reason I posted my stuff here.

    I really like the Lightning Dogs concept and I just wanted to chat about it.


    It is stupidly fun! Agreed!


    My post actually came from my listen of the episode itself, it just had a different vibe than previous Lightning Dogs discussions to me. I’m not trying to offer ideas on the story, just advice on how to keep the group running smoothly so the process can get out of the story’s way.


    Hey everyone! What a response! It’s always awesome to see that the LDs make your brain gears churn as hard and fast as ours.

    “i am going to impregnate my wife just to have a kid that i can watch lightning dogs with just so i have a logical social reason for watching it.” Aside from it being awesome beyond words? You need a reason? Seriously though, that’s hilarious. … So long as it’s consensual.

    “terrier-ific” My god, that’s a gold star pun.

    – Sorry! We had no idea we were getting into 2-parter territory with this when we sat down. We shoulda known better. But hey… I think we have a cure for giant monster blue balls in episode 2 actually…

    We’ve kept LDs pretty loose so far. Once we pass the threshold of raw concept craft (which is likely one additional brainstorming episode after next week’s follow-up) the brass tacks of LDs will be in full swing. You’ve got some fantastic points and recommendations, man. I’m happy to say, behind the scenes there’s more structure than is present on the episodes. And oh man… it only lasted a couple months before Doug and I were conspiring on new LD stuff off the record, but generally we kept it between ourselves until this session (you’ll see more of that next week).

    We’re hesitant to say precisely what we have in mind for the first big LD project once the bible is finalized. Main reason being not secrecy, but that we don’t want to promise anything that we’re not going to deliver. The lack of the comic between this episode and the last is evidence of that. Buuuuut we do have a pretty good idea of what we’re going to do. WORKIN’ TOWARDS THAT 3D PRINTED ACTION FIGURE, MAN!

    When we get to the pre-pro of actually telling LD stories – I don’t know how likely it is that we’ll actually release any writers room sessions formally as we’ll want those final adventures to be spoiler-free when they hit. But since everyone hearing us throw out crazy ideas is a part of LDs, it’s definitely within reason that we could record them and put them out after the fact. One thing I can say for sure is that LDs won’t become an RPG show. Originally the idea was really appealing, but once we hit the 3rd LD episode it got to seeming wrong. For example: with our RPG episodes every player becomes that character and defines them, but the LDs have all been made by all of us. It would seem wrong for one person alone to command their entire personality forever. But that’s not where RPGs and LDs end (see below).

    Full-transparency- It’s likely that Brian and Hex’s direct involvement in LD concepts from this point on will be reduced. Not to say that next time we record they won’t be there, they totally could be! But as far as core development from this point on goes, they might not be at the epicenter. We are totally keeping them in the loop on all the concepts and getting their approval or suggestions. Because, I mean – they’re awesome and they love Lightning Dogs as much as any of us. Ideally, when we hit the writing process it won’t be unusual to see them back in the fold.

    Other notes:
    We settled on Kane having powers of hearing, no more geomancy.
    Kid is a girl and isn’t spelled with any styling. Reason being, it’s not actually her name – it’s just what people call her.

    Echoing the mentions on this page of postings – Yeah, for legal reasons, we can’t actually take any ideas for LDs. (Hard enough having 5 creators on a property) However, that doesn’t mean that you should stop coming up with cool ideas. It’s actually really inspiring. Won’t say who or what just yet, but one person’s suggestion so far led Tony and I to have a discussion that inspired something not-quite related, but very cool. What we can fully take to heart is if there’s anything you really do or don’t like.

    You guys coming up with new dogs and other awesome ideas for the wasteland after an episode has been a part of LDs since the beginning. It’s part of the experience, and I think really speaks to how powerful this concept is. I don’t want to dissuade it. I feel like it only stands to reason that we should at some point develop an RPG guide for LDs. Obviously, that’s a long, long, long ways off. But if LDs does get some legs (to borrow Max’s awesome pun) I think it’s got to happen. An expansion for Saga? Something fully proprietary? Who knows! The point is – you guys are a part of LDs too.


    Consensual? Sorry dont know any Italian.

    as for the post, i agree with Finkechi and huduvudu in it is fun to talk about this in Forum discussion, this is my first forums EVER and i am having a blast. I like posting about LD, but mostly i like to remind Nerdy Staffers that they have an audience that is happy to support them with anything from money(not that i have donated yet), constructive critisim, yucks, doritos, you name it in exchange for thier precious time, creativity, amd for generally keeping us entertained
    wish i would have found you guys earlier, i am getting caught up though.

    Anyway enough of this mush. GET BACK TO WORK. Lightning Dogs ARRROOOOO!!!!!

    p.s. I am happy to sign away any ideas that i come up with if it helps you to give me something fun to watch with my Future self and child.


    @Cap, I could probably help with your 3D printed action figure. At least with the model portion. I don’t have access to a 3D printer but if you have @Tony make a model sheet with a full turnaround for the character I can probably get you something together.

    Shaded Spriter

    The “Ninja Cats from Japan” thing made me think of a couple of things:

    1. This has to be set somewhere on the Pacific coast of the US if only for the NCfJ. If it is the future so the continental shifts means that the Americas would be closer to Japan.

    2. Japan has at least 15 Artificial Islands at the moment: Taking that a step further the “Ninja Cats from Japan” could be from a City-sized artificial island which is floating in the pacific ocean.

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    The “Ninja Cats from Japan” thing made me think of a couple of things:

    1. This has to be set somewhere on the Pacific coast of the US if only for the NCfJ. If it is the future so the continental shifts means that the Americas would be closer to Japan.

    2. Japan has at least 15 Artificial Islands at the moment: Taking that a step further the “Ninja Cats from Japan” could be from a City-sized artificial island which is floating in the pacific ocean.

    Hi fives on also having the city or continent-sized artificial island idea!

    Gosh, I love this IP.


    I love the idea of the Queen Lich being made up of nanomachines, but I can’t stop thinking about this line now.

    Also any word on your guys Plant character, because I had some Ideas I would be willing to share.

    It's about "SHOW TIME" so drop by


    Also any word on your guys Plant character, because I had some Ideas I would be willing to share.

    I’d like the next episode of LD to be all focused on Glampire and the other “villains” of the wasteland. So that’d be the perfect time to bring him up again. Cap and I really want to make him cool, and not just a ripoff of Man-Thing or Groot.

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