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    More Lightning Dogs!

    We’ve finalized The Pack, created new threats and allies… what do you folks think?


    That is a really neat coincidence with the Diamond Dog design I put up! Was thinking along the lines of the Three Blind Archers episode from Samurai Jack, just featureless and intimidating, but with room for creativity.

    I also have a half-finished sketch of the team from May lying around when the designs weren’t finalized yet, also very much like how they’ve turned out in the latest episode. Want me to post it anyway?


    You magnificent bastards.

    Fact checking!

    Episode 2: Tony said Pierre had an afro AND an eyepatch.

    What happened to Professor Wardenclyffe?


    @Atzomatic Good cal on the Samurai Jack pull. What a good episode! Would love to see your original take on the LDs. Much like D&D, Tony’s designs might be the “model” we base things off of officially, but alternate imaginings are always welcome.

    I’m pretty sure right after Tony said that about Pierre, @seven said something like “woah woah! He doesn’t get an afro and an eyepatch. We have to save cool stuff for the rest of the characters.” I could be wrong, but I think I remember that.

    As for Professor Wardenclyffe, he and the General, and ideas like Fido Farnsworth are all on the periphery. We could invent and develop dog characters all day, but we want to make sure we don’t overdo it. Other characters from the homeworld will be likely to show up in a later “season” when the Farfetch is fixed and somehow secured (in theory) from Glampire using it.

    That said – if anyone wants to go on the Nerdy Show wiki and keep tabs on all the nonsense we spew it could prove highly beneficial. Not just for LDs, but D&D, Ghostbusters…


    We need to assemble the pack again soon! I’m starting to see Lightning Dogs imitators out in the wastes!


    General Manager of the Central Florida Ghostbusters
    We're ready to believe you! | (321) 209-2020 | Twitter: @GBResurrection


    Is trademarking a possibility?


    Trademarking is a possibility, but the only trademark that really holds unless you’re a mega-corp is making ours the irrefutable brand by practice. As soon as the madness of these next months is over we’ll have a new LD recording. Goal is to see this be the year the LDs bring the sparks.

    But hey, at the very least we own the dot com.


    NEW LIGHTNING DOGS SKETCHES! Tony and I whipped up some sketches while at HeroesCon. Focus on getting Kid and Kane’s designs locked down.


    Hey guys. Here’s a Lightning Dogs logo concept, on me.

    Lightning Dogs Logo Concept V1.0

    MjollnirMK86 on the Server of Awesome. Formerly Polysics.

    "I'm just breaking the laws of physics. It's no big deal."



    Oh man, that felt so good, so good in fact i am going to impregnate my wife just to have a kid that i can watch lightning dogs with just so i have a logical social reason for watching it.

    Now that’s out of the way, my thoughts.
    1. in regards to caps feelings on Title and Powers: i understand that you dont want the common thing that the team, called Lightning Dogs, just happen to get lightning powers, however you guys do have an archaeologist that may or may not earth bend. i say just call a spade a spade. Now one way to think of it is mayhaps the team itself didnt have the name, maybe that is the name if the brand of special forces troups that are normally sent through the Far Fetch. There are hundreds of Lightning dog teams you are just team alpha or whatever.
    And do to the science of the Far Fetch that is where the special forces get the name.
    2. with that the powers they get could have an explainable lightning feel.
    a. Dingos bark like a thunder clap
    b. Angela Basethound (i love the name too Doug) her smell actually picks up atmophere changes, or can lead to that. Also in the Wheel of Time series a Wolfbrother (men spiritly linked to wolves) can smell emotions. in her case she smells synapse flares, later in training she can so all those other stuff
    c. Peirre: self explanitory
    d. the Geomancer: Maybe he doesn’t control rock but send grounded energy and manipulate the ambient power in the ground, sure he can shift some dirt, but can use that energy to find things in the ground that Doug mentioned. Maybe he can send other energy shot at him into the ground. (too much?)
    f. everyone else you are doing good on
    3. i dont have a third thing, having 3 spots look good. But i will add “These ideas can be ignored without any worry of hurting feelings, for i thought of these in a few minutes so they are not as thought out.”


    Humina, humina, humina.

    New Lightning Dogs? Less than a week to -more- new lightning dogs? Is terrier-ific a word? I’d like to make that a word.
    Thank you SO much for unleashing the hounds! So much work’s been done on Kane Korso and his antagonist arc, is he still on track to stay a lovable s***? And love, love Angela. She’s a demon bare handed, and now she’s got her paws on a sniper rifle? The enemy has nowhere to run.

    One thing is bothering me: In the Dogs’ home base which has yet to be fleshed out, is there a cell block/holding cell called the dog house? Sometimes prisoners, more often a team member who needs to cool their jets?


    Alright, I feel I need to throw my two cents into the ring.

    And a preemptive sorry for the long-winded-ness of this.

    I think the Nerdy Crew is a little bit hung up on the theme of “lightning”.

    Lightning Dogs is a great name, and I think at first it made sense to have their powers themed around that, but at this point I really don’t think it’s necessary to have a lightning themed power in the group.

    Lightning Dogs could have just as easily been a nickname given to the squad on their homeworld because they are known as the fastest/most efficient squad in the military. Or again the could be the “Alpha Squad” of the Lightning Dogs Corps.

    Which bring be to my next idea. Kid is the mutt of the group right? All the other dogs are purebreds of some sort, and while I know you want to stray away from the racism analogies, I think having Kid struggle over belonging in the group is a good (great) idea.

    Think about it. Every other member of the group is a purebred, they all have their “thing” that they specialize in. Being a mutt might have made it hard for him growing up to find his place in the world. At some point he signs on with the military and gets lucky enough to be the Lightning Dogs new trainee. And while this is a pretty amazing chance for him, it would also be very intimidating and maybe a little disheartening to be around such incredibly talented dogs.

    Which brings me to my last (and while not wholly original, very fitting) idea.

    When the the Far Fetch explodes it gives all the dogs an ability (or enhancement if you will) akin the their breed/specialization.

    But what the heck would it give to Kid? He is genetically a mix of who knows how many different breeds, he is for all intents and purposes the most generic “dog” you could have. And on top of that he has so special skill to pull from, he’s young and likely not even very well trained yet at this point in his military career.

    And that got me thinking…..Wolves.

    I have noticed that you guys haven’t mentioned them much. But think about it. They are the basis for every dog species on the planet.

    I was thinking that maybe Wolves were in some way a legend to the dogs. Their ancestors if you will. Larger than dogs (seriously go look at pictures of wolves and see how fucking huge that actually are), more aggressive (as they have not been domesticated) and they are incredibly effective hunters.

    Wolves are uncommon on our earth now, in the time and place of the dogs, it’s likely that even the earliest dogs had little to know knowledge of them. But now that the Lightning Dogs are back on Earth they could be a ton of old data left around about the history of dogs. And this could a small side plot that they learn about as they explore this world.

    And that bring me back to Kid. When the Far Fetch explodes, it pulls on the only thing in his DNA of any significance. His his genetic relationship to wolves.

    So what would his “power” be? Well I haven’t nailed that down exactly yet. I had a couple of ideas.

    1. He “Hulks out” in times of stress and becomes significantly more wolf-like.

    2. He slowly gains more and more wolf-like features (I think I like this one more).

    Also he gets to straight up wolf howl. Come on!

    Now on the one hand this is cool for him, because finally he has something that sets him apart, but on the other hand some of the features that come with being a wolf could be unsettling to the rest of the crew. He could have trouble keeping his emotions/aggression in check. And on top of that if they are ever able to return to their home, would any of his family or friends recognize him? He would stand out so much in that place that it might cause him more stress than anything.

    Edit: I definitely should add, that like Armadon said, don’t feel bad in the slightest if you guys think this is a horrible idea. It’s the Nerdy Show’s thing and I am really excited for this whole craziness regardless. I just couldn’t help thinking about this stuff.


    For me, this episode more than the others felt like the transition between this idea that was sort of organically created through spitballing and a legit attempt to develop an IP. As someone who has been involved in group creative works many times over the years, I caught some inklings that you guys may want to have a talk about organizational methodology and task ownership if you really want to make a go of doing something meaningful with Lightning Dogs. I can definitely relate to everyone who was involved at the inception wanting to continue to be relevant to the design process (heck, I wanted to be involved in it and I wasn’t even there), and I definitely think it’s cool that you guys want to chronicle the development with the fans on-air. At some point though somebody is going to have to “take the leash” (that’s right, pun…INTENDED) and be the alpha dog in this pack. I worry that with the number of people involved, it will quickly become impractical to not talk about it at all between shows and gradually it will slip through the cracks. Maybe not gradually at all but pretty quickly.

    As a project manager for a game studio, here is how I would manage this product:

    • Decide who is the owner of the design. By this I don’t mean the legal owner, though that is also something you should sort out if you plan to make any money off of it. I mean have someone be what amounts to the Design Lead on the story bible who will have the final say on any given plot point, though they are welcome and encouraged to collaborate. They are doing this in the background of all the other sub tasks.
    • Pick a “vertical slice” deliverable that will be demonstrative of the final polished deliverable. The easiest thing for you to do is likely to be a radio show, followed by some sort of rpg event, followed by a 3 panel webcomic, followed by a longform comic, followed by a 3d printed action figure, etc. Decide what has the least bottlenecks (Tony is too busy to get a comic done any time soon, Reul doesn’t have time to make a campaign setting for another three months, but Hex has time to write a 15 minute audio script that would be easy to record for instance) and then do it with the least number of team members required to avoid design by committee.
    • Come up with a reasonable release schedule for Lightning Dogs Update-isodes and don’t delay them for over-runs. Treat that like a Milestone, and have whoever was doing the work do a quick run down of their progress. Eventually that person will start to have updates or that person will drop off the project and the development will get a little more streamlined.

    The basic tenet being to break it up into bite sized chunks of the whole developed by a sub-set of the larger group. You can do a number of things concurrently, but don’t “wait until it’s done” to start doing anything. So that’s my $.02 as someone that really wants this to succeed and organizes creatives for a living. I really hope you guys get Lightning Dogs off the ground, I think it really has…some legs?


    One question I have is do you think that since they are getting this involved with their story, that they shouldn’t record the spit balling sessions.
    Meaning that wouldn’t it be best to just dedicated the episode to explaining what they have fleshed out?
    I only say that cause having voices such as these forums trying to lend their concept ideas could really get in the way of their brain trust.

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