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    Feel free to share it wherever you like!

    Artwork was by Sean Moore, his tumblr is Right Here


    I am on board with making the plant guy beyond humanoid. Lovecraft comes to mind.

    is right, hate blasted landscapez i am for how the earth takes back the land as soon as humanity dies. Discovery network i think had a program after man “what if man just dissapeared one day” is their tagline

    Story points:
    1. The antarctica robits do they know about wolfman jack, Or are they like ke china was for millennia?
    2. I have the silly image of wolfman introducing the lightning dogs to earth holidays as they come up.
    3. Glampire is too good for motorcycles robotic or otherwise.
    4. You mentioned the reasons for the great war as well as possibility of crystal shortage why connect it all?
    5. I keep hearing how the major tragedy of our first great war was the lack of knowledge of how effective the weapon systems were. Still a war after the science conference about over mining of crystals, “one alpha should control it”
    6. Love tony’s ancient nemesis.
    7. There was an episode of the 90s release of land of the lost that had the humans had to eventually use crystals to power their stuff and they just shoved it like a battery. But i love the idea of a crystal cutter engineer.
    8. Any game i played to open a portal wasa powerful spell or achievement. It logically would take many crystals.
    9. Would the humans have brought a satellite to the planet?
    10. Age of Enlightenment doesn’t mean understanding of everything. The show Eureka is a great example
    11. The gift of powers should be the one in a million effect to reproduce it would be costly


    The Badlands definitely have a place, don’t get me wrong. I just like the way it was handled in things like Thundarr The Barbarian:

    or Vampire Hunter D:

    Where you had those parts, but you also had other crazy places with wild shapes and colors that were differently dangerous.


    @tehmsu – Thanks!


    1) WOLF is less than a blip on the radar for the organized robots out there. He’s not overly special, save that he’s been left on this whole time. Most everything else like him is depowered. They wouldn’t think much of him because the other AI’s are higher functioning to the point of pretension.

    2) We’ll totally crack open a cliche holiday episode at some point.

    3) “Glampire is too good for motorcycles robotic or otherwise.” THANK you!

    4) Economics is an underpinning of every war. It’s not particularly interesting in most cases though (*cough* Episode 1). The dogs being at odds with their own world in the form of resource depletion, and the ties of that to their alien origins seemed like a good way to add a thematic tie to this key conflict. It emphasizes the post-war need to explore beyond the reaches of Domus. Now, that could all change and might never even come up in the show. It’s more for the sake of understanding the psyche of the characters and the world they came from.

    5) If I remember correctly the next episode is driven predominantly by clearing up the great war.

    7) I watched that show! Can hardly remember it though. I too have been doing a lot of battery shoving in my designs as I think it’s a cool visual, but the notion that cutting could improve the overall effect is a good one and totally up Narisa’s alley.

    9) A very good question. Can’t recall if we’ve addressed that, but it would stand to reason, wouldn’t it? Very good idea.

    11) Yeah, agreed. It’s not impossible, just improbable. Too many variables. FAR too many. I could make a list. …I might have to one day.


    “Too good for motorcycles indeed…”

    bowie bike

    Raw vs Cut crystals comes up after a fashion in one of the vehicle discussions as a reason the LD vehicles are “better” when they first arrive compared to what is already out there


    Wow, I’ve never seen that photo before! Super cool. I just can’t see Glampire being so out in the open as on a motorcycle. Will I cave on the sensationalism of Glampire having a solo vehicle in order to oblige our action figure aesthetic? Will we selectively part ways with time-honored tradition? I really don’t know yet…


    I tend to agree, it’s pretty hard to look regal on a motorcycle.
    clown leader


    …Should we save Hangouts discussions for Patreon, or are they fair game here?

    ‘cos uh.

    I stopped whatever it was I was doing once a certain conversation is had and I am torn the hell up that I was not there to interject at the time.


    @huduvudu Good question! You may ask yourself, “hey, what’s the difference between us answering stuff here and in the hangouts? …Aside from the fullness and responsiveness of a verbal conversation, of course.”

    The answer is that on here we’ve got some restraint as to how much we’re saying upfront and on there we’ll really go all out and spill the beans to the fullest extent. So it’s up to you. I guess the only other variables are would starting this discussion on here diminish the exclusivity of your Patreon experience or would having the discussion on the next Hangout create a dynamic sense of continuity between installments of those?

    Either way – really hope you can make it next time and if there’s any preferences as to when we’d do it, let us know.


    As a non-patreon backer i can say all i see this forum doing is just commenting on what we just heard and speculating on it.
    I also don’t think @cap and the others really take the forum points mainly cause of patreon exclusives but also he has said he didn’t want to take in other influences but from backers you are more like a test audience if that makes sense


    Nah, you’re all the test audience! There’s no system by which someone’s thoughts count more than others. Our concern about adopting fan ideas is that should we get to the point where we have to surrender some (or all?) of our rights in order to get the show produced through a major outlet, we don’t want there to be any attribution confusion, rights, mix-ups, or legal grey areas.

    Nothing stopping anyone from having good ideas here! We’re just not gonna steal them!


    question time

    one more question about Plant guy how long has it been around? was he around when humans were still around , I remember in one of the early episode Hex want if to be a fallen hero type will you guy be going down that path?

    It's about "SHOW TIME" so drop by


    I loved the initial tag line “he’s like captain planet if captain planet failed”


    We really haven’t nailed down his backstory. I think that initial proposal of “he’s like captain planet if captain planet failed” is really cool. I just don’t know if it fits into Lightning Dogs, because at its core, that premise might be more exciting within another story. The key word there is “might”, but here’s how I look at it:

    Captain Planet is a hero and ambassador of the environment. He’s pure good will. That’s what makes the notion of “if he failed” so poignant – because of the kind of figure captain planet is. What sells that is the notion of what it would be like if someone of that personality and those intentions realized that everything was shit, the environment was as good as dead, and the only recourse was to fight fire with fire.

    So say all that was embodied in our plant guy. That would mean that at some early point – potentially as the world is collapsing, perhaps as the peoploids are being established (as a status quo of the Wasteland) – this plant creature shambles out of the woods and offers peace and love. It tries, and it tries, and it tries, and maybe it even has the chance to recruit some planeteers of it’s own, but inevitably it gets beaten back and realizes that the only solution to restoring balance is to tear everything down and start fresh.

    That sounds pretty good. But there’s a couple things that need to be addressed. Much as I love worlds that feature hard sci-fi and outright magic playing alongside one another, that’s not Lightning Dogs. The one thing I’ll allow for is shamanism – in that it could do unexplained things via practices that aren’t yet understood. That’s more where the spiritual side of the plant guy comes from. It speaks for the Earth – but does it really? It’s impossible to say, but it does seem to intuitively connect in a way that suggests it might as well. But there should be no ambiguity that its powers aren’t magical, they’re 100% biological.

    Where did it come from? Is the plant guy a byproduct of the crystal fallout? That seems likely, but where does its direction come from? What would make a sentient plant’s first attempt at interacting with the world heroic and peaceful? Does it, like so many plant creatures before it, have origins in which a human was assimilated by a greater force where science and mysticism combine (Swamp Thing, Man-Thing, etc)? I adore Swamp Thing and Man-Thing, but boy do they have the market covered. So no, we have to go somewhere else. This plant creature can’t have been a human, or be part human. We love to do our own spins on cliches, but that one is so well-tread I’d rather not.

    If it’s not formerly human, then like so many things in the wasteland, it has to come from crystal-influenced mutation, and that takes time. SO either it was part of a human experiment pre-disaster that got out and went rampant (maybe learning its beliefs via a Hamato Yoshi/ rat-Splinter relationship). OR like so many other things in the Wasteland it grew from the fallout. If so, then in order to develop in a direction that would make its first attempt follow the hero dynamic (so we could preserve the idea of its fall from altruism) it would have to have some kind of experience in the wilds: growing in a library, being fostered by a kind soul – something of that ilk.

    Long story short: there’s ways to make it work and many of them sound fascinating to me, BUT they would perhaps not sell the “captain planet if captain planet failed” idea as strongly as the premise warrants, and also the front-facing premise of nature striking back against the mutation of Earth is strong enough on its own. I’m open to all of it, and if there ever was a place for a complicated backstory for a side-character it’s with us. This is just where my head is at.


    We have a number of characters either through accident or design that seem like the dystopian conclusion of avante guard art movements; maybe this plant guy is part of a weird art project gone wrong; some sort of bio-art, maybe even biodroid robot hybrid situation that was left to run rampant after its creator moved on and/or passed on?

Viewing 15 posts - 496 through 510 (of 850 total)
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