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    All the talk about post-apocalyptic worlds and driving around in cool cars for merchandising purposes kept my mind coming back to Motorcity, which was personally my favorite of the recent slew of cartoons that hit the chopping block too soon. One thing I liked about that series was how little they bothered with backstory and exposition, having all character relationships and conflicts already established from the very first episode, only bothering to go into more detail as part of specific character arcs. I’m kind of thinking that’s the way you guys should be heading with this instead of having a traditional pilot episode to set up the Lightning Dogs situation and their conflict with Glampyre, especially when you consider how long it would take to explain how a race of humanoid canines came to be (BTW, Laika was a she-dog, so, she’d be the one birthing the alien pups). A lot of the stuff you guys thought of for the first episode could still happen, being pursued by the Diamond Dogs, having a chance to escape, Ding-o giving that “never turn tail” one-liner, it’s just instead of blowing up their ship he does something equally reckless, that ends up saving their tails but losing them whatever valuable equipment the Diamond Dogs had been chasing them for in the first place. This causes him to get in a fight with Angela, who I see as a sort of matronly alpha bitch due to her experience and seriousness if nothing else, and then he, Pierre, and whatever other characters would round out the main cast’s trio or quintet (as all cartoons can tell you the best teams come in groups of 3s or 5s) go off on a quest the rest of the episode to retrieve it (I personally like the idea of some sort of tech part that’s frisbee shaped), coming in further conflict with Halloween Jack and Glampyre himself. Ding-o grows a little as a pack leader, Angela gains some respect for him as a comrade, and badabing, you’ve got relationships established, without wasting half the timeslot on fussing over newly acquired superpowers.

    Also, a series of movie related ideas I want to throw out there:

    An episode called “That’s why the Lady is a Tramp” that involves one of the girls disguising herself as a boy dog for whatever reason, or vice versa. Though a reason for it and what happens after that eludes me beyond that.

    A St. Bernard Character name Amadeus.

    A Golden Retriever character gets included, it will play basketball.

    If the Golden Retriever is included, it and an American bulldog (The cocky nephew of that English Bulldog commander?) get stranded on the far side of a mountain range in one episode and have to trek back on foot, while being stalked by a predatory jaguar-sized Himalayan cat.


    Fracking love this! You guys are gifted haha. Definitely need a d&d series of this!!!!


    The post-apocalyptic driving around reminded me immediately of Mark Shultz’s amazing classic Xenozoic:

    this actually had a short life as Cadillacs & Dinosaurs, which had a brief cartoon series and even a Capcom beat-em-up sidescroller:




    Had no clue that Cadillacs & Dinosaurs had a cartoon or a game. That’s awesome. The Show doesn’t seem too bad! Always wanted to read the books, but never have.


    Plot: centuries, possibly millennia into the future, Earth has been ravaged by the GLAMPIRE, aka David Bowie, who has turned the world into a veritable wasteland for his own mysterious purposes. On a distant planet, the genetic descendants of Soviet space-dog Laika are desperately searching the universe for their origins.*

    Using the Far-Fetch teleportation gate**, the dog race covertly sends an exploration team to Earth, who are transformed by the GLAMPIRE into the bestial charicatures of themselves, the Diamond Dogs.

    Some time later, the dog’s home planet sends a second team, who do not yet realize that they are a rescue team. Assaulted by the Diamond Dogs, they retreat to the Far-Fetch. Their leader, DING-O, makes the controversial decision of destroying the Far-Fetch to prevent the Diamond Dogs from getting back to the dog planet. The explosion from the device’s quantum entanglement technology imbues the team with light and lightning-related powers, giving them the ability to beat back the Diamond Dogs. The team has to acclimate themselves to Earth, building resources and finding allies with which to fight back against the Glampire.

    *—melding BigBad’s earlier with suggestion with some of the ideas tossed around in the podcast, this home planet could have been thrown further into chaos due to a war with a wolf-like race that does not have any ties to or belief in humans, and the desperation from this war could be another impetus for the dogs searching for Earth.
    **—it wouldn’t make sense for a rawhide bone-shaped teleportation device to exist on the GLAMPIRE’s earth, so potentially this is a teleportation device that is shot via space rocket to a planet a long enough distance away that typical space travel would not be viable, and then once it deploys on the planet they use the home-side device to teleport to it, saving tremendous resources and potentially lives. This makes sense thematically with the idea of fetching—the device is sent, and then once it’s at its destination, the dogs follow it to its location.

    The cast—I have tried to stay as true as possible to the actual creators’ ideas. My own personal suggestions or connections are italicized as necessary.

    DING-O – Dingo. Voiced by Nolan North. The team’s leader, DING-O’s methods are controversial and he often finds himself ill-equipped to lead. His power is the Boom Howl.
    PIERRE — Poodle. Voiced by John DiMaggio. PIERRE is a rough-and-tumble poodle with an afro and possibly an eyepatch. His power is _____?
    ANGELA – Basset Hound. The squat, burly, tiny pain train. ANGELA is a brawler and tracker, and could compete with PIERRE to be the roughest of the bunch. It was suggested that her power is scent, but that’s not really light related? I think instead that she should be able to visibly see variances in scent and heat, kind of like this screenshot from a terrible Wolverine game that I never played:
    NARISA – Weimariner . Master explorer and grease monkey. NARISA‘s power as suggested by cap is Blind Shot – she has an augmented awareness of spatial relations surrounding her proximity enabling her to 1) Shoot enemies behind her back without looking 2) be unbeatable at Fetchball. Given Ding-o’s power, I think this should be altered to have the same effect, but be based off of hearing and/or some kind of dog echolocation.
    BEASTHOUND – super-evolved Earth mutt. Potentially the alpha of a pack of beasthounds, who joins the team for whatever reason. His power is laser eyes. I think he should be present (but not necessarily allied) for the explosion of the Far-Fetch, to plausibly give him these powers. Perhaps he scouts out the scuffle between the Lightning and Diamond Dogs on behalf of his pack, is altered and driven away by the explosion only to ally with the Lightning Dogs later.
    ***I combined two ideas discussed in the episode to cut down on team size, but I think it works. Behold:
    FIDO FITZROY – Corgi. The troubled teenage mechanical genius, FIDO is troubled by the group’s being stuck on Earth and at times acts completely contrary to their interests. His power is technosensitivity, and he is able to interface and communicate with machinery in spite of already being a gifted hacker and tinkerer. The group recluse, at one point he meets a ROBOT who is secretly an agent of the GLAMPIRE, who may eventually join the team?
    ****Given BigBad’s idea of a wolf-race, I think it’s plausible to include a more neutral character that is sent to follow the Lightning Dogs and ends up banding together with them later. Heck, he could event be present at the explosion of the Far-Fetch also to be gifted with the light-bending invisibility that BigBad suggested. Beast Wars:Transformers was a terrible show, but the turncoat Dinobot was awesome.

    GENERAL WETWORK – Bulldog “We chose you because you’re the b-bravest, and the b-boldest!” GENERAL WETWORK guides the team from the dogs’ home planet, and hand-selected them for the mission. He is cut off until they regain contact with him some seasons into the show.

    WOLFMAN JACK – AI. The team’s dispatcher, WOLFMAN is a radio DJ AI that was recovered by the Lightning Dogs.

    GLAMPIRE – David Bowie. The GLAMPIRE is the last true human, the Man Who Sold the World (do you see what I did there?).
    HALLOWEEN JACK – The GLAMPIRE‘s henchman. No idea what his powers or abilities are. Perhaps he has none.
    I picture JACK as a cross between Tim Minchin:
    and Riff Raff:…0.0…1c.1.11.img.i5MzNJCIYYU

    DR. WARDENCLYFFE / FRANKENRHINE– The troubled doctor is in the GLAMPIRE‘s thrall, and perhaps has been since the world’s transformation. To try and come full circle, I think the doctor should be reimagined by the GLAMPIRE into DR. FRANKENRHINE, to match his vision and aesthetics. FRANKENRHINE could create a robot army, one of which could be the robot in the shape of a person with whom FIDO bonds. Just trying to tie up loose ends.
    I picture FRANKENRHINE as Eddie Izzard:…0.0…1c.1.11.img.aXSF-018P6M
    most notably his character in Mysery Men:

    ROBOT / FRANKENRHINE’S MONSTER – a human-shaped robot that somehow befriends FIDO, and acts as a double-agent for the GLAMPIRE until he eventually (maybe) turns sides for real. I picture something like Sonic’s Uncle Chuck in terms of personality, friendly enough looking but also potentially sinister.

    Diamond Dogs – “I encase them in my crystalline web, woven by the glass spiders.”~GLAMPIRE
    The original exploration team sent to Earth, the Diamond Dogs were taken and assimilated into the GLAMPIRE‘s forces and twisted into crystalline, misshapen charicatures of themselves.
    *****I think to avoid oversaturating the Lightning Dogs, additional characters should be considered for the original Diamond Dogs team. If not for marketing purposes (the Dinobots generation to the Lightning Dogs’ Autobots), perhaps these characters could be the subject of their own episode or season, in which it is
    not revealed that they are the Diamond Dogs until the very end. What a twist!

    Characters (not yet fully fleshed out or established)
    I’m taking the initiative here: STEVE THE GUARD…DOG. Caucasian Mountain Dog. The first to fall to the GLAMPIRE’s magicks.
    First off, look at this freaking thing:
    Imagine that crystalized and bipedal. There you go.

    Additionally, I think we should co-opt the TERROR TERRIERS into the Diamond Dogs, using the posited ideas in the latest episode that they are just freaking brutal.

    Miscellaneous dog breeds that are unused or could be used for the Diamond Dogs:
    Great Dane, Shiba Inu (perhaps ‘ninja’ spec-ops?), Husky, Great Dane, Greyhound (speedy type), Irish Wolfhound, Cocker Spaniel, Kanni, Coyote, Weimariner, Dachsunds, Golden Retriever, St. Bernard Character (suggested name Amadeus), Bull terrier.

    Hot Rods & Mobile Base – THE PACK.
    A series of kitted out vehicles for use by the Lightning Dogs. Taken from the rockabilly era and turned into something completely metal. Later on, variable modes of transport are accomplished. I call dibs on a gyroscopic, self-propelling frisbee weapons platform.
    I think the mobile base should be a giant, weaponized fire hydrant. I’m going to draw this shit up, but check out this architectural breakdown of a fire hydrant and squint REAL hard:


    Man, that was a mess to format.

    Tony, if you could clarify what you actually intend for the Lightning Dogs to look like, that’ll make my future work loads easier. Unfortunately I think it’d be easier for me to draw more doglike than human faces, but I’m trusting your judgment on this one.


    Syberian Husky with Russian accent…..and voiced by hex hahah would just be epic

    Arctic Banana

    I’m thinking one of Glampyre’s schemes to defeat the Lightning Dogs should involve an ancient Human device that uses sonic waves which force the Dogs into a blind berserk state. The device is a doorbell.


    In keeping with that train of thought, in this week’s episode Glampyre reveals a dreaded new weapon: The Vacuum Cleaner!

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    I’m thinking you might need a “special episode” where bacon-flavored treats are drug metaphors.
    Also what are the locals? We seem to have the Glampyre as the last true human and Beasthound’s race, but are there other mutant-humans or human-hybrids? Maybe cats or something amphibious?

    Nobody is normal, a normal person is just someone you don't know very well.


    @Trench that would be the best episode yet!


    I kind of have an idea where we have david Bowie surviving some apocalypse on regular earth, launching himself into space and coming onto the thunder dog planet, and then bam! He lands, opens up the space ship, and whatever fucked up disease or whatever was on his planet he finds out he is a carrier for, granting him insane Glampyre powers, and it spreads from his point of orgins, warping a percentage of the population into his weird slave zombies things, the Lightening dogs were a group of survivors that were immune and put into stasis as experiements so a cure could be developed. It ended up taking waaaay to long and the glampyre slaves ended up destroying the world and a good percentage of them dying out, and Bowie end ups getting more and more power, more crazy as time goes on. eventually the lightening dogs wake up and go nuts at their destroyed world.


    I was also kind of thinking this for the Diamond Dogs set up Like a GIANT mech suit with an Anubis head mask that can get knocked off to show the true face underneath. The true face would be this weird zombified face with a bunch of wires and what not.


    Ok. We all know what David Bowie looks like. But how will Glampire look? The answer is simple! Like Castor/Zuse from TRON: Legacy or Eckert from the ElecTRONica event.



    It is stated in the special features for Legacy that Castor/Zeuse’s look was inspired by Bowie.

    But of course, they can’t be spot on replicas. He’ll just look similar in color scheme and dress style. Maybe a few frayed edges to his cuffs and coat tales. The hair style, a must have for obvious reasons.

    Also, I was thinking, while they may be anthropomorphic dogs. They should keep animalistic builds on their bodies such as the inverted knees on their rear legs. Yes, its going into the Gargoyles realm. But from the way everybody was talking in the episode it did sound like you wanted to distance yourselves from the “dog head on human body” hand that these stories usually have. Also they should have visible signs of fur on any of their exposed body parts.

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