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    @Doug Oh right! Sorry, Benatar is my go-to 80s rock lady I’m sure there’s something quarrel-worthy there, but whatevs. Me and Joan just haven’t had much of a relationship outside of Weird Al parodies. Outta sight, outta mind. Either works for me.


    Don’t get me wrong. I love me some Benatar.

    Why she’d be an amazing choice for LIGHTNING DOGS – Exhibit A:

    The end of that song is pure ROCK.

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    I want Lightning Dogs to be a scripted or unscripted audio drama as soon as possible. Can you do this?

    For the Commonwealth!



    We’ve got to develop it more. But if the interest is still there – yes, yes it could very well come to that.


    Took some notes while re listening to the episode, here they are with no editing.

    Glampyre David Bowie
    Halloween Jack

    wolfman jack is the dispatcher
    dingo is the leader
    arf the beasthound who growls and has lazers (eyes)
    pierre the jive talking poodle

    epidose 1 and dingo was his name-o
    episode 3 is the mirror universe
    episode 5 dingo eats the baby

    The terror terriers

    samurai jack spin off (similar post-apocalyptic re-emergent world with mixed tech)

    “what is it beasthound? I see your lazer eye stare”

    opposed by the diamond dogs

    no looking back is the outro

    Distainfully, “Hmp, lightning dogs”

    “we ain’t never looking back”

    Glampire is their owner?


    lol thanks @Fodder


    To be fair, I think Twilight kind of started a glampire movement. Throw in some bright colours and crazy hair to go with the glitter and BAM, glampire. Honestly, I would have watched the movies if they had been about a few vampires using their glittery skin to start glam rock anew…

    Stop eating my sesame cake


    I would like to see the animation done by the fine fellow that do this.


    That’s a pretty nice mix of 3D with toon shaders and 2D. I love how the premise is both ludicrous and completely believable as something that would have gotten made in the 80s.



    New episode where we figure out their origin, create new characters, and get into powers and vehicles:

    AND I’ve added a page to be a one-stop hub for all things Lightning Dogs:

    Sage Zer0

    On the Pat Benatar/Joan Jett front, I say it’s a pretty tough choice. Though I generally lean more towards Joan, but at the same time also can’t go wrong with one Billy Idol either. Perhaps if licensing seems too much we could always get the Protomen or The Megas to emulate those styles.

    And to work against the Mum-Ra being the ancient sorcerer; Glampyre is an alien scientist (think the Mysterians or a number of TOHO films), that could work for his mutant armies or whatever.

    Perhaps also, The Masters (or what they call the humans) could have left ruins and/or clues kindof like the Chozo on their colonized planets.

    other possible breeds: Shiba Inu (perhaps ‘ninja’ spec-ops?), Husky, Great Dane, Greyhound (speedy type), Irish Wolfhound?


    Okay so I am going to vomit out some ideas that came to me that would stay in my head if I didn’t. Feel free to ignore,steal from,openly mock as you see fit.

    For your Master expert/Hacker you could have a female Kanni that is modeled after a Lara Croft/ female Nathan Drake. A Kanni is a dog from India so you would have the obvious tech support joke there. The dog is never allowed no be feral and is given as part of a dowry so you may play that up for the master expert. Also the name Kanni means unmarried bride so if you had her go on the mission to escape marrying someone it would fit, maybe it turns out to be one of the other lighting dogs. The name Connie sticks in my mind for some reason.

    Also would Dingo’s bark could work like the voice from Dune or the Thu’um from Skyrim. Speaking of Dingo, I had the idea he could from a family that is similar to the British royal family. No real political power but held in high regard. (Possibly called the House of Fenris.) They are believed to be directly descended from the first dog. This could turn out to be true with Lucile or whatever the dog Hex was talking about being the family scion. He kills his brother who would fit the crown prince role because of some plot the brother had. There is only circumstantial evidence later so the Bulldog general (a close friend of the family maybe) has to punish him because he committed the worst crime a dog could think of. He betrayed his pack/master. The general sends him on the mission because it could be suicide mission but if returns he would regain his honor. Thus Dingo is there as punishment but everyone else just assumes they sent a royal to be the leader.
    Also I see the bulldog as always having a cigar that he jabs at people when he talks, but because he drools it sticks to the cigar and gets flung everywhere.
    Finally what about a sapper character that’s a coyote. He is considered slightly off because he really likes explosions. Heck causing little ball lighting which explodes could be his power. It seems he can’t really control them but it may just because he is just nuts. He could the Murdock to the poodles B.A. Baracus.


    If you by chance need a Homeworld Redshirt Army I recommend Dachshunds, while they are notoriously difficult to train they were bred to be hunting dogs and are very territorial. Also, the thought of an army of those long bodys seems just crazy enough to work.
    You might also want to think about how/if you handle siblings since most breeds have litters of pups, maybe that has caused problems for a dog society?

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    You magnificent bastards. Wow.


    here is some ideas sorry if it’s a little rushed

    I have 2 ideas
    one Wolves as race: a race that live along side the dogs, but the the wolves keep to their own packs and unlike the Dogs they don’t believe that humans are Gods. For their beliefs the the Wolves traveled to the other side of the planet which they stated their own society. For many millenniums trained in all forms of combat in fear that the dogs might turn on them ether to take their land from them or force their beliefs on them. When word got out that the dogs found some machine that might be made humans, the wolves sent their best spy to check it out. While the Dingo and the other where teleported the Wolf was given the order to fallow the dogs to see where they end up.
    so when Dingo destroyed the machine and trapped the lighting dogs on earth it also trapped the spy there too and now has to work with the dogs to get back to their home.

    two the character of the wolf:
    name: unknown/ code name: Swift Blade
    sex: male or female
    power: invisibility
    weapon: swords, knives, and other blades

    It's about "SHOW TIME" so drop by

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 850 total)
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