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    Just a heads up: for anyone actually selected to do voice acting, I may need your help with some small parts of the theme song. It’s going to be done in true 80’s/90’s cartoon style (the specific request was to have it be Stan Bush-ish), and I’d like to maneuver the descriptive parts of the lyrics about the characters around the characters saying some of their typical aphorisms and witticisms.

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    @frozentreasure I feel that the jury is still out on that particular issue. We won’t really know what’s going to work until we start casting and working alongside the actors to create something. I think where @Doug is coming from is indeed a place of defending against stereotypes. I guess you could read what we were talking about as “no accents for the sake of accents.” Like, no one thinks of Garnet as “the British one”. In this case I think that dialect trumps accent, Garnet’s dialect is anything but stereotypical. At this juncture it’s imperative that we don’t prematurely set restrictions on what the cast sounds like by locking in voice types.

    My current thinking is that with the main cast especially there’ll be a focus on casting actors who can simply lean on what they’ve got naturally with only slight tweaks – like much of the lead cast for Adventure Time and Steven Universe. It enables more comfort in the role and more authentic performance. For example, we would not ask Tony to put on an Australian accent – ever. If we cast a noble Australian such as yourself, we wouldn’t ask you to do an American voice or conjure up a cliche Australian accent – the actor’s natural dialect is far more interesting. (And, Australian casting wouldn’t go to Dingo by default – in fact we might go out of our way to dodge that casting unless the performance really rocked us).

    We’re still a long ways off from voice casting. But rest assured, once we get that far along with the production you’ll be well looped-in. We’ll be talking themes, scoring, sound design at the same time as voice casting.


    @frozentreasure @cap You’re both correct. “Stereotypes” would have been the proper word. However, I don’t want to “assign” any accents before casting either.

    My fear is that a voice actor would read the character descriptions and then try to force an Australian accent for Dingo, or a French accent for Pierre just because of their name or breed. But don’t worry. We’re not going to “whitewash” the voices of the Lightning Dogs. They’re obviously not American any more than they’re Dutch or Greek. Road Rovers forced their characters into stereotypes and it was terrible. We need to avoid that as much as possible.

    Honestly, the entire cast of LD could have British accents and it’d be fine. As long as the performance stays true to our vision of the characters, I’m all for it.

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    I’m still going to be all the voices.

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    would you say Halloween Jack is the head of Glampire’s army and Captain Scrap is head of Glampire’s navy?

    It's about "SHOW TIME" so drop by


    Thus so far, Jack is the head of enforcement for Glampire’s immediate kingdom. There’s various dukedoms you could say, with other leaders operating under Glampire’s rule. I’d be hesitant to call Jack a general in a conventional sense, but he is at least from a local perspective of his gang. He’s very much an empowered head of a massive biker gang – take that to mean what you will. Pinning down that specific aspect is one of our next things on the to-do list.

    Scrap is more of a hired gun. He might operate as a key part of a seaside dukedom or something, but he’s a specialist. No one really has need of a navy because the oceans are so fucked. It’s in everyone’s best interest to keep clear of the open ocean, even if you’re a nautically-minded sea mutant.


    I had an idea of an air force like group which I did some sketches of character and aircraft ideas with some note.

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    Woah, man! I’m floored! These designs and concepts are all REALLY COOL!


    @Cap thanks

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    I’m going to a con this week and I’ll be in the back seat of a car for about 5 hours. So I’m going to redownload all the the Lightning Dogs episode and make some sketches of ideas for wildlife of the wasteland, the bad thing I already have 3 ideas and I already have names, Saberclaw, SandShark, and Deathjaw.

    It's about "SHOW TIME" so drop by


    while I’m waiting for the Con I’m at to start I’ll post the two idea sketches of for wildlife of the wasteland I did in the back seat of a moving car

    The first is a Sandshark a type of armor plated lizard that comes in different size and can swim through sand

    I change the name Death Jaw to Hook Jaw, I have better idea that should have Death in it’s name.

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    Those designs are awesome!

    If you want to reach my in-character profile as "General Manager" of the Ghostbusters, tag me using: @seven


    thanks @Doug

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    here is the the last of my con road trip sketches
    The bear like Saber Claw

    while hanging out with Clay Martin Croker over the weekend I had the idea to create a crazy Bug savage who might have a small tribe of other savages

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    A fan named Robert Likins recently asked about whatever happened to the Lightning Dogs 6-page comic we were working on back in 2013. The comic was going to be for A Comic Book, an anthology series A Comic Shop was publishing. The upcoming theme was going to be “TV” so we figured our would-be animated series was a great fit. Unfortunately the issue never came to fruition and publication of A Comic Book stalled out (they had a good run though). At the time, Lightning Dogs were still very early in development so we figured we create a story that could be told without us having more of the world and characters fleshed out. Only Dingo, Angela, and Pierre had serious work done on them. Though, outside of use of The Pack (a big tank vehicle we’re still on the fence about) nothing is particularly contradictory to what we’ve established so far.

    What you’ll see below is as far as we got in the process before it became clear the book wasn’t going to happen – a second draft script initially written by Doug, with some additions by me. This short story should be considered non-canonical, though aspects of it could appear in some form later on. We’ve been sitting on this too long so here it is; the first Lightning Dogs story we wrote:

    Page One


    A beautiful glowing CRYSTAL FORMATION grows naturally on the floor and walls of a dark cave. Some of the crystalline structures are growing out of the centuries-old skeleton of a car.

    A pair of gloved paws delicately reaches in and snaps a large chunk free.
    PIERRE (OFF PANEL): “This one is perfect.”

    A wider angle reveals the big three LIGHTNING DOGS: ANGELA, PIERRE, and DINGO.
    They carefully slip the crystal into a backpack.

    PIERRE: “Mark this location on the map. We’ll have to check back here in a few months.”

    ANGELA: “No offense, Pierre. But I plan on getting off this rock long before then.”

    PIERRE: “Hey, it’s like the computer said, the Far-Fetch won’t work until we have twelve more crystals this size. At the rate they grow, you better get comfortable.”

    DINGO: “Enough yapping. We’re too deep in Glampire’s territory to be casual. Let’s get back to base.”


    The front section of the cave is well lit from outside. The entrance is formed under the cement beam of a former elevated highway. Angela holds up a fist, signaling to stop.

    She sniffs the air.

    ANGELA: “Ambush up ahead.”

    DINGO: “Razorbats?”

    She sniffs again. Her eyes narrow, teeth bared in a hateful scowl.

    ANGELA: “Diamond Dogs.”


    Outside is Dingo’s “Hot Rod.” A high angle reveals that the Diamond Dogs are hiding just out of eyesight. Ready to pounce as soon as the Lightning Dogs emerge.

    PIERRE (OFF PANEL): “How many?”

    ANGELA (OFF PANEL): “Four.”

    She’s right.


    Angela and Pierre are in an obvious disagreement. Dingo stares pensively at their only exit.

    PIERRE: “I can handle three of ‘em, but what are you two going to do?”

    ANGELA: “Cute, Pierre. You know we can’t fight them head on!”

    PIERRE: “Doesn’t look like we have much of a choice.”

    DINGO: “Shh!”

    Angela and Pierre look to Dingo.

    DINGO: “I have an idea. Give me the bag. Pierre, you think you’re best in show? Show us how it’s done.”

    Page Two


    Pierre confidently strides out of the cave. Cracks his knuckles and looks up as the Diamond Dogs close in.

    PIERRE: “Hey, shiny mutts! Looking for me?”

    He takes a martial arts stance.

    PIERRE: “Let me teach you some new tricks, eh?”

    As they pounce, Pierre punches and kicks them with AMAZING SPEED. A whirlwind of fists. [Maybe there’s an electric discharge when they use their powers, or a noticeable visual cue?]

    Pierre does a leg-sweep, knocking one flat on its ass.

    PIERRE: “Sit!”

    He unleashes a kick that makes chin-shattering contact with another Diamond Dog’s jaw. (The heel of Pierre’s foot is specifically the part colliding with the Diamond Dog.)

    PIERRE: “Heel!”

    Pierre kicks two of them simultaneously in a Capoeira-like martial dance. He does a handstand, kicking out on either side, hitting the Diamond Dog’s chests. Ref:

    PIERRE: “Play dead!”

    The Diamond Dogs pick themselves off the ground. Emotionless, but seemingly confused.

    In that moment, Dingo RUNS out of the cave with the backpack, hops into the hot rod, and PEELS OUT.

    PIERRE: “Dingo! That’s not part of the plan!”

    Dingo points at Pierre and shouts as he drives by:
    DINGO: “STAY!”

    The Diamond Dogs immediately chase after Dingo, leaving Pierre in the dust.

    Once they’re gone, Angela exits the cave with the crystal in her hands.

    PIERRE: “They fell for it.”

    ANGELA: “Won’t do any good if he gets himself killed.”

    She looks to him.

    ANGELA: “Call the pack.”

    Page Three


    Dingo speeds his hot rod through the wastes.

    He skids to a stop near the edge of a cliff.

    He hops into the back, mounts the laser cannon, and waits.

    As the Diamond Dogs come into view on the horizon, he opens fire.

    The Diamond Dogs scatter, and eventually surround him. He can’t hold them off.

    He hops down from the hot rod. Paws in the air, apparently surrendering.

    Keeping his back to the hot rod, the Diamond Dogs approach him from the cliff’s edge.

    DINGO: “Oh woof, you guys totally got me.”

    Dingo smirks, then unleashed his THUNDER BARK!
    He sends them FLYING over the cliff’s edge to the river below!

    Dingo stands victorious. He looks to the horizon.
    Dust clouds in the distance signal that The Pack is on its way.

    Page Four


    The Pack, a massive tank-like vehicle, arrives. Angela appears from a hatch. Pierre climbs down.

    Angela seems angry.

    ANGELA: “That was stupid and reckless! You nearly got yourself killed!”

    Dingo folds his arms.

    DINGO: “If I had a biscuit for every time…”

    ANGELA: “But doggone it. It worked.”

    She reaches down to Dingo and extends her paw. They shake.

    ANGELA: “We’d be lost without you, Dingo.”

    Pierre leans against the hot rod.

    PIERRE: “We should get back. This time, I’m driving.”

    Page Five


    Glampire sits on his mirrored throne, seething. His features are covered by darkness. Of his face, only his odd, misbalanced dilated pupils and his gnashing teeth are seen. The Diamond Dogs kneel before him, their heads bowed down. The androgynous android, NAGEL, stands beside the throne and disgraced servant, Halloween Jack, skulks in a nearby window sill.

    GLAMPIRE: “Damn these worthless husks! They’ve returned with their tails between their legs – again.”

    Moonlight pours through the vacant, ornate window panes that once contained stained glass. The light illuminates an ominous, vaguely humanoid figure entering the throne room. He walks past the Diamond Dogs towards Glampire.

    GLAMPIRE: “I am… extremely disappointed, Nagel.”

    NAGEL: “They’ve proven effective on some fronts, Lord Glampire. Perhaps they can still be put to good use.”

    GLAMPIRE: “Perhaps. Nonetheless, the time has come for some new blood on the battlefield. A sharp mind that can put these brute forces to work, and these ‘heroes’ up against the wall.”

    From the chest down, we see glimpses of the humanoid figure as he strides past the Diamond Dogs. Their heads still bowed. One of them growls. Not thrilled with his presence.

    GLAMPIRE: “The Lightning Dogs may have you lot figured out…”

    The new figure stands before Glampire, flanked by the kneeling Diamond Dogs.

    GLAMPIRE: “…But they don’t know Scrap.”

    The figure strikes a match to light a pipe, revealing his face. CAPTAIN SCRAP, a sinister mutant terrapin swashbuckler with an eye patch over his right eye and a bladed robotic arm.

    Scrap calmly lights his pipe. Even in the darkness, we can see Glampire is smiling.

    Page Six

    Full page awesomeness of Dingo, Pierre, and Angela in the hot rod leading the pack back to base. The Caption Box V.O. should be portrayed as the Wolfman Jack CPU voice.

    CAPTION BOX: Can The Lightning Dogs escape back to their Homeworld?

    CAPTION BOX: Will they keep Glampire’s vampiric reach from extending to the stars?

    CAPTION BOX: And what uncool horrors will this new enemy bring down on our canid commandos?

    CAPTION BOX: Tune in next week, Lightning Lads and Lasses! Hawooooooooo!


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