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    Hey, I know I probably will not get a response from the guys from Flame On, but hey, gotta put a shout out to them about how their show as the sister of Nerdy Show has changed my view on nerds and the nerd community, especially as a straight man with a few gay/bisexual friends.

    First off, I was kinda on the fence with the gay marriage/adoption thing, but listening to Bryan tell his story about the marriage and all that, it just really hit home how much prejudice and evil there is in the world toward you all. I come from Minnesota, where most people are either hardcore against it/bible thumpers, or just don’t give a damn (me being on the don’t give a damn section). I will definitely represent in November when I vote down the state amendment to ban gay unions of all kinds.

    Secondly, their views on sex in tv, (from one of the early episodes) it very much is similar to mine. I don’t watch tv or movies to be tittilated, something that my ex actually didn’t understand, since I’m a man, she assumed I just oogled every woman on tv like they were a piece of meat. I’m not kidding when I say that quite often, sex scenes are degrading to women, especially since they are typically thrown in just for the fact that most men would go to a movie if they got to see some celebrity naked. Also I think more men need to be naked in movies, since it’s unfair to have mostly women naked.

    Third, Jarrod is awesome. I listen to NPR sometimes and his impression of Garrison Keilor is AMAZING! Also the q&a thing with Saruman and Gandalf was hilarious.

    Fourth, ORAL! You’re awesome, so is Q, I almost cried when you two were fighting, don’t fight again guys, you’re awesome.

    Fifth, It’s odd, listening to both Nerdy Show (the regular) and Flame On, only to identify on a personal level more often with you than the Nerdy Show Crew (no offense to Cap, Hex, or the late Mike). The struggle with identity you’ve had being nerds, and gay, I went to High School and got called that simply because I was awkward and didn’t have a girlfriend for the first two years. I relate all too well to the nerds being bullied, and for some reason I relate moreso with the gay nerds due to the identity crisis that stemmed from being called it for so long and being turned down by the opposite sex I wondered if I truly was, or not. Listening to you guys has helped me come to forgive those who hurt me, realizing they just didn’t know how to deal with their own shit.

    Seriously, all Nerdy Show deserves much love, but Flame On, you’re the gay sisters that are the crusaders for the less fortunate, it seems. Also, you got me into Jonny McGovern and back into Lady Gaga, so yeah, freaking great.


    What a nice heartfelt post DP (he he, DP…).

    I have to admit I haven’t listened to Flame On yet, just cause I’m slowly making my way through the old archives so I only listen to the main show and D&Doritos and try to eventually get through all the older / side stuff.

    Also, DP, I kind of agree with the part about nerds being social outcasts in some situations, especially the bit older nerds. That must make it easier to sympathize with other such groups.


    Very nice, DarkProphet, you basically wrote all that I wanted to write to FlameOn! but was too lazy to. It is good to see people, especially straight people, being clarified on such issues by their crew. It means that, quite simply, FlameOn! is WORKING. And that’s very good.

    Myself, I have a rather mixed background. I live in Brazil, a country that is a bit of a paradox, both very sexually liberal and very Catholic-conservative. The problem here is that we are very politically backwards, not in the sense that the conservative elements in our society push for regressive policies (like I often read about your Republicans) but that progress takes a long, grueling time because the legislative process overall is slow and ponderous.

    I have always had progressive views about homosexuality in the sense that it never crossed my mind why homosexual couples shouldn’t have the same rights as heterosexual ones. My problem is that, during my entire life, I have never had a friend or acquaintance that was at least openly homosexual (that’s more of my bad luck; I struggled oh-so-much to find a handful of nerdy friends), so I’ve never really had an opportunity to voice my views.

    I’ve listened to Flame On! since day one, out of curiosity, and have liked them since day one. All their personalities are just so outgoing and magnetic(something must be said about their voices as well. They’re all individually unique and compelling) that I just felt like I was listening to long-time friends of mine discussing their daily lives. I support them in whatever they do, and thank Nerdy Show with providing them this opportunity to be featured here. You guys, Nerdy Show and Flame On!, simply rock.

    The Fishwatcher


    If I recall correctly quite a lot of the conversations happen in the first few episodes (You Dry through Planet Diamond), though often in passing (save the marriage, which is a close to home topic). I’m glad I’m not the only one effected by the awesome of seeing my views collaborated by this show. Again, no offense to the original at all, they’ve done a lot to do the same, it just seems that they are often more focused on a specific issue than how their nerdiness(or other factors) affect their lives.

    And yes…I’ve gotten the DP thing for years…so yeah, it’s still kinda funny, but was never intentional.


    Thank you both for your comments on Flame ON! It really does mean a lot to me personally that we’ve been able to be both entertaining and informative, particularly about being gay and geeky. We’re always challenging ourselves to be a stronger show and dig into more of the social issues that affect our lives, so I’m glad to hear that, at least in our earliest episodes, we did so effectively.

    Stay tuned for some upcoming segments, especially the gender roles in media microsode that we’re putting together. Those should definitely speak to more of that, which still (hopefully) keep you entertained!

    "'Life' plus 'significance' = magic". - Grant Morrison


    Hey DarkProphet,

    I echo Bryan’s sentiments.

    But I strongly advise you add a sixth point that elaborates how much you like Eric, too. We don’t want him going all Phoenix on you like he did  the last fan who didn’t compliment him…



    Eric, god, how did I forget Eric. The man with the husband. Eric is the one with the sexy voice, well, when Jarrod isn’t doing his impersonations.

    Fun fact, typing this while listening to your Avengers Spoilers.


    …But they didn’t do an episode after they watched Avengers, did they?

    Because if so I WANT IT.

    The Fishwatcher


    @ghouleh That episode is Earth’s Draggiest Heroes, if I’m not mistaken.

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