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Is the server going to be updated?

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    Or… what? Are you waiting for a bukkit update or something of the sort? It’s been a week about now.

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    probably waiting for a Bukkit update. Remember that Mojang pushed out another patch to fix some bugs after 1.6.1 was released so any changes to bukkit would have to be redone for the new patch. You can still access the server by using the 1.5.2 version of Minecraft through the launcher.


    It turns out that Mojang also changed how a key attribute (Item Health) was stored, which broke almost everything in terms of mods in a very unexpected way, so Bukkit is probably taking longer than usual to update in part because of that.

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    I think bukkit for 1.6.2 is out. So….I don’t know why we haven’t updated


    It’s a dev build, which may nor may not be Jon’s cup of tea. Mojang didn’t just rock the boat with this update, they sort of ran it into a mine, half sank it, floated it and rebuilt it completely. Everyone else rather much has to put their mods up on blocks and recode them in kind. Might be awhile, and really, the horses aren’t that spectacular anyhow. At this point, Mojang is pretty much just incorporating old ideas from modders into the game, anyhow. I’m still waiting to see if they pull down half the ideas from the Voltz pack at some point.


    Hey guys, sorry for being late to the party on this. Things have been uber hectic for @Jon and I lately, for very different reasons. Word on any and all updates is they’ve got to be 100% final releases for us to do them. Though we’ve been disappointingly absent from server stuff, service is our goal when it comes to support. So we don’t want to change things until we an make sure we’ll have the fastest, most bug-free turnaround and get the server features fully functioning as soon as possible.


    I updated it the other day, not really sure what will work and what won’t.

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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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