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    As part of episode 135 it was mentioned that nerdy show wants to review more indie games but that the large number of them makes that task a challenge. I for one love indie games and tend to play them more often than AAA titles. They are cheaper and often have a more interesting or entertaining experience.

    I figure I’ll post a list of some of my favorites and if anyone else wants to share some of their favorite lesser known games we can all get some cheap fun to check out.

    I’m not planning on limiting myself to recent releases. If its good it doesn’t matter when it was made.

    Don’t Starve
    Platform: PC

    This is a recent release(April 23). This is a very well done survival game. You play as Wilson and you awake in a strange an hostile world. Gather resources from the environment around you to craft tools and supplies and scavenge for food. This is a wonderfully dark world which does an excellent job of creating a subtle feeling of paranoia. Starving isn’t your only concern in this game. The world is full of dangers which escalate over time and even things that are beneficial can be deadly under the right circumstances. For example Pig men can be bribed with food to help you and protect you from danger, but on the full moon they turn into were-pigs which will attack anything. They also change if they are given too much monster meat. When you chop down trees, there is a small(1.3%) change that a nearby tree will come to life and attack. In addition to hunger and health, you also have a sanity stat. When it drops you begin to hallucinate and see shadows, and if it drops too low they will become hostile and attack you. In addition to the sandbox default mode you can activate Adventure mode. Bring all five things(yes that is what they are called) to Maxwell’s door and you will be taken into another world with even more challenges and another 5 things and a door. Each successive world becomes more challenging. I could go on to much greater depth but this is enough to give you a rough idea. If you like survival games or are intrigued by the survival mode in Minecraft this is a wonderful execution of the genre.

    The Binding of Isaac
    Platform: PC and PS3

    This gem is brought to you from the creators of Super Meat Boy. It is a Top-down rouge-like shooter with the same Super Meat Boy style of humor and utterly addicting gameplay. Its very friendly toward casual pick up games as well. You can spend half an hour playing, or hours delving into the depths. The randomly generated dungeons and huge number of items ensure that each play-through is interesting and it rewards success with more content and challenges. I highly recommend you pick up the Wrath of Lamb expansion along with the original game as it takes an already wonderful execution and makes it even better. This is another wiki heavy game, as there are a lot of items and they can combine effects in interesting ways. I could also spend hours analyzing the mechanics and going into what makes it a great game. According to steam I have about 98 hours of gameplay on here and it still isn’t boring. I recommend this game for everyone.

    To the Moon
    Platform: PC

    This is the best argument for using games as storytelling I have ever seen. This game sets out to tell a story and it does so wonderfully. This isn’t a mechanics focused game they are there to pace and increase engagement to the story not to stand alone in any way. The advantage to this is they never distract you from the games focus. The music is gorgeous the soundtrack is worth every penny. I was sobbing by the end of it and often in the middle. I won’t go into to detail because the telling of the story is what makes this game. Just play it. Its worth it.

    Puzzle Agent/Puzzle Agent 2
    Platform: PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, and PSN

    Created by Telltale games and cartoonist Graham Annable they have elements of Twin Peaks, x-files, and Professor Layton. The stories are excellent and combine a fun sense of humor with the overall atmosphere of mystery and suspicion. Both games feature very similar game play and the second continues the story started in the first so I am going to lump them together. They are quite enjoyable and it has some wonderfully creepy moments. It pays homage to the IPs that inspired it but you don’t need to have watched them to enjoy this game.

    hmm, this is taking a while will add more later
    The Path
    Guns of Icarus/Guns of Icarus Online
    Atom Zombie Smasher
    FTL: Faster than Light
    Mark of the Ninja
    Section 8
    Triple town

    hmmmm, thats a long list

    Steam: Garayur


    Pid. Pid, Pid, Pid, Pid, Pid, Pid, Pid, Pid, Pid.

    There’s also Monaco, which came out a week or two ago. Ocean’s Eleven: The Videogame, as someone else put it.




    I’ve been eyeing Monaco along with Thomas was Alone, Papo & Yo, and The Bridge. Pid looks pretty awesome. reminds me of limbo and Machinarium. I also totally forgot to put Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP on the list, don’t know how I managed to overlook that one, so lets start this post with it.

    Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP
    Platforms: PC(windows and linux) android, iOs, Mac OS X

    This is very much an art game. It is an interesting experience and for best effect each chapter should be done in a single play through without interruptions. Its art style, while low res, is very carefully designed and complements the game extremely well. Additionally the soundtrack is beautiful and integrated with the experience wonderfully. Gameplay isn’t difficult, but rather part of the story telling. Its used in parallel with the story and helps reinforce the themes. This is an interesting experience and if you are at all interested in art games this is a good one.

    Platform: PC, Xbox Live

    This game is included for one reason, its combat. It did something I haven’t seen before and I love the idea. DDR RPG Combat. I want a multi-player adaption of this combat system so very badly. The game itself is fairly grindy, and the story is odd, but oh man that combat. You have 3 screens you switch between. Mana, Spellcasting, and Defense. You quickly switch between each of the three screens to interact with them as needed. Enemy attacks come down the defense screen, and each step represents damage you can block. the mana screen has a constant stream of steps which when hit restore 1 mana. And the spellcasting screen is how you attack and heal etc. You have a list of spells and when you trigger one, the mana is spent and a step sequence will come down this screen, if you miss any the spell fails. Gameplay is primarily switching between spellcasting and defending with brief trips to the mana screen during lulls. The game is quite fun and very challenging. Bosses have special fuck with you powers, such as inverting your controls, or the steps becoming invisible 3 quarters of the way down the screen. I rate this a cool idea and worth the price just to check it out.

    Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale
    Platform: PC

    This is a really cool game, its an indie japanese game ported over by an U.S. studio. It approaches JRPG’s from the other direction, the NPC. You play a Shopkeeper in a adventuring town trying to pay off the debt your father accrued in order to go out and fight dragons. You must by supplies from suppliers and customers who come to sell to you, and sell them for a profit. Each Customer interaction is done on a haggling basis and learning the idiosyncrasies of each customer will help you maximize your profit. you can customize your shop as well effecting who will come to visit. Its not all shop keeping though. you can hire an adventurer and go out dungeoneering as well. Combat is active and fun and each hero has his or her own unique play style. Items found in the dungeons belong to you and you can place them in your shop. Overall this is a very fun and interesting game. I highly recommend it.

    Forgive the song, does not represent the music in the game.

    Chantelise: A Tale of Two Sisters
    Platform: PC

    This fun and active game is made by the same studios as Reccettear. This game is combat driven and both challenging and fun. Its most stand out feature is the magic part of combat. I don’t think I’ve encountered one that combines spell casting and action quite so well. Striking enemies causes them to drop elemental gems which comes in 4 varieties. Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. Spell casting is done by picking these gems up and casting them as spells. They can be combined into a wide variety of effects, depending on the number used and the order they are combined in. Combat is often a rapid combination of dodging, attacking, and scooping up gems in the order you want for the spell effect you are going for. Its challenging and extremely fun. I would love to see more magic systems like this.

    Steam: Garayur

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