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In the Flesh – New Zombie mini-series from the UK

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    I only just caught the first episode of this last night and it was far better than I expected.

    The basic premise is, you guessed it, zombies. About 5 years ago, people started to rise from their graves and attack the living in their crazed hungry state. Eventually defeated by the efforts of the armed forces and the Human Volunteer Force after the usual amount of death and destruction you’d expect from a zombie holocaust, with the remaining zombies being rounded up and locked away. Then they develop a “cure” for the zombies and start to reintegrate them back into society and their old lives. Needless to say there’s a lot of hate on both sides, with a lot of survivors not trusting the “Rotters” to stay cured while the former zombies are resentful about the survivors just going around shooting them in their ill state, without a thought about trying to save them when they needed it. The whole story follows one sufferer of “Partially Deceased Syndrome” as he returns to his home and family in a small village, which still holds a a very strong hatred for all Rotters after all the deaths their area suffered when the armed forces didn’t offer them aid.

    The whole thing’s very compelling and it’s probably the only zombie-related media I’ve seen to date that’s made me sympathise with the zombies. Zombies may be a little overdone in some ways, but this is definitely a refreshing take on the topic. It’s a 3-part series with part 1 airing on BBC3 in the UK just last Sunday. Right now it’s available on BBC IPlayer in the UK and may be heading to BBC America in the near future (no date announced yet though). It’s well worth a watch.


    That is kind of a refreshing take on the premise. I think the only other zombie film I’ve seen that tries to get you to sympathize with the zombies might be Fido, which is sort of a 50s Suburbia where people keep them as pets with shock collars premise. Like all such premises, hilarity eventually ensues. It was worth a watch, I felt.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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