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    Gargoyles, Spectacular Spider-man, Young Justice, animated MiB, what more could you want?!

    Also what am I forgetting?

    As for specific content, I’m going to start by demanding lots of Steve Blum as the Green Goblin, and I prefer Young Justice after the time skip just because I loved the expanded cast.

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    The Weismanathon has won! It was a mighty battle! Thanks so much everyone!

    So… now we need to decide on up to 12 hours of Weisman…. Let me emphasize up to. Since as far as I know – ALL of Weisman’s work is TV (excepting the Gargoyles “movie”) 12 hrs of disjointed episodes might be a less cohesive experience than 12 hours of movies.

    Speaking of… I assume the introductory Gargoyles “movie” episodes are mandatory. We’ll need to select specific episodes of the series as well.

    Quite the curation task… so much to choose from. Plus, when possible we should make sure the rest of the community won’t have a terrible time finding the shows to watch along with us.

    Fortunately there’s this:

    All of Gargoyles on YouTube! Well-timed Disney!

    Our tentative date for the Movie Marathon is March 29th!



    Many Gargoyles and Speedsters died to bring us this marathon.

    Definitely should show “Awakening”. Didn’t know he worked on MiB. We should definitely air his DC Showcase episode, Green Arrow. Also his Flash-centric episode of Batman: Brave and the Bold “Requiem for a Scarlet Speedster!” and finally, his best episode of the original Ben 10 series, “Ben 10,000”. Then, basically, any episode of Young Justice will do because let’s face it, that whole series was absolute eye candy.

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    he wrote an episode of Jem and the Holograms as well and we know how much Cap loves that show.

    It would probably be a good idea to try to keep shows grouped together and in contiguous order as much as possible to keep things coherent. Skipping around episodes within a series might get a bit disorientating.

    Maybe divide the marathon into sections, Gargoyles, Young Justice, Spectacular Spiderman, misc, etcetera.

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    I asked Greg what his favorite things he wrote were… and he sent me a comprehensive list of his favorite episodes!

    Awakening Parts One – Five
    The Mirror
    Hunter’s Moon, Parts One – Three

    The Star-System Syndrome

    Liquid Dreams
    Funeral for a Friend

    Hercules and the Grim Avenger

    A is for Anonymous


    Ben 10,000

    Survival of the Fittest
    Opening Night

    Can’t Live Without You

    Independence Day
    Auld Acquaintance

    I haven’t clocked the times yet – but suffice it to say, we’ll watch as many of these as we can! If anyone want to determine the availability of these episodes – be my guest! We’ve got our hands tied until Nerdy Show Live is up.



    I hope this post isn’t coming too late, and I see that Greg Weisman has already sent a favorite list … but I had just listened to the last Nerdy Show episode to hear about the Greg Weismanathon. If you guys have anymore time in your 12-hour block, and as a Spectacular Spider-Man fan, I did want to suggest these two episodes:

    1. “Group Therapy”: Greg Weisman did co-write this episode alongside Spectacular Spider-Man writer Andrew Robinson; this episode comes right before “Intervention” and is a REALLY awesome episode!
    2. “Gangland”: You may not want to count this one since Wikipedia (which I’m going off of) doesn’t mention Greg Weisman as a writer for this episode, but this episode is also REALLY good … I mean he was the head writer, so he must have played some part in writing every episode I imagine.

    I would also recommend the season (nay, show’s) finale “Final Curtain” (again, Greg isn’t credited to writing this episode on Wikipedia), but it kind of spoils the experience if you haven’t seen the rest of the show in it’s entirety. Of course, I may be assuming wrong Cap that you and the rest of the Nerdy Show Crew haven’t watched the show … have you guys? I wouldn’t be surprised: this show was simply amazing and ended way too soon 🙁 (although I suppose that’s the story of a lot of the shows Greg Weisman has written).

    The other 3 episodes he does mention look to be the only episodes of the short 2 season show that he may have single-highhandedly written, in case you’re curious.

    Of course it’s ultimately up to you guys, I just wanted to post my 2 Spidey Cents.




    I haven’t seen Spectacular at all, actually. But @tony is a big big fan of it. Not sure who all else has watched it. We haven’t hammered out the final list yet, so this is well-timed dude! Thanks for the suggestions!



    Spectacular is a great show, definitely my favorite animated Spidey. (And not just because he’s allowed to actually throw a freaking punch!)

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    You’ve been missing out man. Hopefully the Spectacular Spider-Man episodes during the Weismanathon will pique your interest 😉 (it honestly far surpasses the 90’s series, as short as the series was)

    Sadly my own Weisman knowledge is mainly based off of a few Gargoyles and (now) Young Justice episodes, as well as (obviously) Spectacular Spider-Man. I myself have a large backlog of Greg Weisman-written shows to watch 😕



    Little over 4 hours until this thing kicks off!

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