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    They are actually great in voice acting and narration. Heard also one of the podcast and I am impressed on how they perform voiceover. They seems to be a product of voice agency experts just like, where most of famous and professional voice actors came from.


    I’ve been listening to:

    ·Welcome to Night Vale (a sort of fake community radio news show set in an Area 51-like town)
    ·The Star Wars Minute (watch all the star wars films in 1 minute increments and talk about it with guests for about 20)
    ·The X-Files-Files (watching x-files episodes with guests and discussing)
    ·Shark Liver Oil (entertaining book reviews)
    ·Exotic Tiki Island (a guy plays selections from his personal collection of hawaiian and exotica music-basically a Strange Record of the Week experience with a laser focus. I’ve heard 20 episodes and still can’t place the host’s accent)
    ·I Was There Too (interviews with memorable extras from great scenes in cinema history)
    ·James Bonding (two guys named matt watch every bond movie with guests)
    ·How Did This Get Made (people watch bad movies and discuss how bad they are)
    ·Warrocket Ajax (comic and pop culture reviews and interviews; where Adam Warrock came from)
    ·Movie Fighters (the hosts of Ajax watch bad movies)
    ·Carcast with Adam Carolla (Adam Carolla talks over guests and tells stories about his Datsuns mostly. I’m not sure this one will stay in my rotation even though I am a repeat Datsun owner with opinions on racing them)
    ·Grassroots Motorsports Podcast (a guy from Grassroots motorsports magazine talks about various things. it is interesting and sincere, but the update schedule is odd)
    Wizards of the Coast podcast (used to be a cool resource for behind the scenes design discussion in 4th edition, but lately it is more something they drag out to promote a new product. they did just interview my former boss about Sword Coast Legends, which was entertaining to me)

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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