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    I work at a computer all day and end up listening to a lot of podcasts, one of the most recent I started listening to is the Talkin’ Toons with Rob Paulsen podcast where he interviews other voice actors/actresses. Every one I have listened to has been fantastic. It’s really great when they break into one of their many voices. One of his guests for a recent podcast was Mark Hamill. I thought I should share, hopefully you’ll all get a kick out of it. Mark even talks for a moment about George Lucas’ wife talking him out of replacing Anthony Daniels voice which was something cap brought up in one of the podcasts. Also I was hoping we could all share what podcasts we listen to regularly outside of the nerdy show family. I’ll start.
    The Nerdist
    NPR:Planet Money
    IGN: Game Scoop
    IGN: Nintendo Voice Chat
    We’re Alive – A “Zombie” Story of Survival


    I don’t really listen to much outside of this, but there is the Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality Podcast. Its more along the lines of weekly installments of an audio book, but its still an awesome story and the guy does an excellent job.

    Harry Potter and The Methods of Rationality – The Podcast

    For those of you not familiar with HPMOR. It is a fanfic which, in my opinion at least, is much better then the original books. It starts a little slow, it takes about 5 chapters before it really finds its own. It features a super nerdy and rationalist alternate reality version of Harry Potter. I’ll just leave you with a small excerpt from the story.

    (Ex tempore speech given by General Potter to the Chaos Legion, immediately before their first battle, on November 3rd, 1991, at 2:56pm:)

    My troops, I’m not going to lie to you, our situation today is very grim. Dragon Army has never lost a single battle. And Hermione Granger… has a very good memory. The truth is, most of you are probably going to die. And the survivors will envy the dead. But we have to win this. We have to win this so that someday, our children can enjoy the taste of chocolate again. Everything is at stake here. Literally everything. If we lose, the whole universe just blinks out like a light bulb. And now I realize that most of you don’t know what a light bulb is. Well, take it from me, it’s bad. But if we have to go down, let’s go down fighting, like heroes, so that as the darkness closes in, we can think to ourselves, at least we had fun. Are you afraid to die? I know I am. I can feel those cold shivers of fear like someone is pumping ice cream into my shirt. But I know… that history is watching us. It was watching us when we changed into our uniforms. It was probably taking pictures. And history, my troops, is written by the victors. If we win this, we can write our own history. A history in which Hogwarts was founded by four renegade house elves. We can make everyone study that history, even though it isn’t true, and if they don’t answer the right way on our tests… they’ll fail the class. Isn’t that worth dying for? No, don’t answer that. Some things are better left unknown. None of us know why we’re here. None of us know why we’re fighting. We just woke up in these uniforms in this mysterious forest, knowing only that there was no way to get our names and memories back except victory. The students in those other armies out there… they’re just like us. They don’t want to die. They’re fighting to protect each other, the only friends they have left. They’re fighting because they know they have families who’ll miss them, even if they can’t remember now. They may even be fighting to save the world. But we have a better reason to fight than they do. We fight because we like it. We fight to amuse eldritch monstrosities from beyond Space and Time. We fight because we’re Chaos. Soon the final battle will begin, so let me say now, because I won’t get a chance later, that it was an honor to be your commander, however briefly. Thank you, thank you all. And remember, your goal isn’t just to cut down the enemy, it’s to make them afraid.

    Steam: Garayur


    As I’ve said before, the only other podcast I subscribe to is Jovem Nerd, the #1 nerdy podcast… In Brazil. So I really don’t recommend it if you don’t speak Portuguese. So… Yeah.

    The Fishwatcher


    I was totally thinking of starting a topic like this when I woke up.

    The Australian Gamer Show
    Cane and Rinse
    Comic Vine Podcast
    Digital Gonzo
    The GA Podcast
    Giant Bombcast
    This Is Only A Test
    8-4 Play (hosted by Giant Bomb)




    Great minds think alike.

    The we’re alive podcast is actually a radio drama similar to an audio book. There are sound effects and music to go along with the voice acting. It sounds like the “Harry Potter and the methods of rationality” podcast is in a similar vein.


    I’m something of a Podcast addict…

    Non-Updating podcasts with worthy backlogs-
    RetroForce Go! (Dtoid retro gaming podcast, look for torrents)
    Retronauts (Got to 100, before being overhauled into something less exciting, still on

    Current, gaming-
    Giant Bombcast
    Rebel FM
    The Electric Hydra
    KritzKast (TF2)
    And OCAD of course.

    Current, nerd culture-
    Comics Conspiracy

    Current, other-
    The Comedy Button
    Good Job Brain!
    Ghostbusters Resurrection

    Not that Hex. Yet.


    Oh, right: OCAD and Wha-Chow. I always forget them since I listen live.




    I do like OCAD on occasion, I just have a hard time listening to them because they aren’t very focused when they record, which can sometimes be pretty awesome but a lot of time is off-putting to me. It also doesn’t help that the quality of their recordings isn’t the best. If the quality of the recording isn’t very good I find it really hard to listen.

    I also used to listen to retronauts, it was really good. It seems like it went away for a while. I haven’t listened to it since it came back, I might have to pick that one up again.


    It came back as “Retronauts Live”, which in theory would have a live call-in segment every week. That doesn’t seem to have happened though. I loved the original show because the cast were all ludicrously knowledgeable, while still being entertaining. Hearing the stories of single-print run cartridges and such never stopped being fascinating.

    Not that Hex. Yet.


    Way too many.
    Talkin’ Toons
    VA Mastery – Crispin Freeman does biweekly short episodes.
    Hollywood Babble-On
    Jay & Silent Bob Get Old
    (Will be adding Fatman On Batman, when he gets it going)
    The Glory Hole
    Convert To Raid
    The Instance
    Rooster Teeth Podcast
    WTF W/ Marc Maron
    This American Life
    Stuff You Should Know
    Film Sack
    Get Equipped With Podcast, in its rare appearances


    Oh, god, had totally forgotten Get Equipped With Podcast…

    Not that Hex. Yet.


    Secret Identity Podcast
    GateWorld Podcast
    Gallactica Quorum
    The Pokemon Podcast: It’s Super Effective
    Yea, I Said It
    No Apologies
    Geek Syndicate/Geek to Geek/Small Press Big Mouth/Dissecting Worlds/Tim and Max Solve All The Problems with Popular Culture/Timelore/Good Morning Geekdom
    Just A Couple of Gs
    The Covert Cast
    Happy Hour
    Slacker and The Man

    MjollnirMK86 on the Server of Awesome. Formerly Polysics.

    "I'm just breaking the laws of physics. It's no big deal."


    I just recently discovered a nice podcast trilogy

    They purchase and produce short stories in SciFi, Horror, and Fantasy respectively.
    PseudoPod and PodCastle are spinoffs of EscapePod which has been around since 2005 and has been releasing about 1 short story a week so there is quite the archive. Its good quality and a really fun listen.

    Steam: Garayur


    This American Life
    Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show
    A Funny Thing
    Metal Injection
    Radio Free Hipster
    Real Time w/ Bill Maher


    Stuff You Should Know
    Stuff You Missed in History Class
    IGN-Daily Fix
    Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

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