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Gimme Back My Amazing Salsa Shoes – D&D Fan Campaign #2

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    It’s been too goddamn long coming – but it’s happening. We’ve recorded episodes 2 and 3 of D&D (with episode 2 coming out in about a week) and episode 4 will be Salsa Shoes.

    One problem, which I’ve been fussing over trying to remedy for months now – we lost the postings where the plot for the two topics that combined to become Gimme Back My Amazing Salsa Shoes, as well as the conglomerate thread outlined the story. I’ve dug through my files looking for where I may have archived it, we’ve dug through code trying to find it – no dice (pun intended).

    Here’s what I remember: The party finds themselves in a town turned topsy-turvy. There’s some kind of mischievous Gnome or Imp cursing people and causing chaos. Our party gets involved and gender-swapping and body-swapping happens. There’s some kind of magic item in the form of salsa shoes as well.

    Really… that’s enough to go on and Ruel has already been working on adapting our recollection of the story for months now, but I wanted to rez this and make sure we haven’t forgotten something juicy. So… what are we missing?

    Thanks again to Team Salsa City: Kaosubaloo, berto.el.con, Big Bad Shadow Man, Rob Beaver, Finakechi, Hexual, Ross Butler, Zargonof, Trench88, The Roosevelt Sniper, Been, Andrew Minton, Joshua Hammer

    And Team Shoes: Arkais, Trench88, Caitlin Krueger, Ethan Krueger, Big Bad Shadow Man, Ross Butler, Dumpstat, Been, berto.el.con, Andrew Minton, Joshua Hammer



    I found part of the original posts for the two different topics on the Wayback Machine:

    The combined topic isn’t there though, maybe reading those can jog someone’s memory.

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    @bertoelcon DUDE! That’s awesome! I’d tried that site for some reason came up blank!

    Okay so the two original topics…

    Gimme Back My Shoes:

    Originally posted by Arkais – The gang runs across an old beggar desperately asking for their help. After something goes spectacularly wrong. Disappointed with their apparent lack of teamwork, the old beggar reveals himself to be a wizard, and curses them. Now they are randomly swapping bodies with each other and must retrieve a powerful magical amulet from an obviously dangerous dungeon without killing each other in the process.

    And The AMAZING Adventure of Salsa City:

    Originally posted by Kaosubaloo – (Combining the short and long descriptions) This adventure takes place in the city of Salsa. The party does what they whilst but upon waking up see that the town has been thrown into chaos over night. Strange statues have spontaneously erected themselves, including a MASSIVE statue of a Gnome riding a grasshopper and statues of the D&D party. Strange though these statues are, the real trick to the panic is that 2/3rds of the population has swapped gender, including the party!

    Soldiers round up the party on suspicion and taken to the king of the region who is now a cricket. He demands that the party fix this or they’ll all be locked away in the dungeon. The party learn that this curs is the result of the King having slighted a gnome mage named Amazo – a braggart with an ego the size of a planet who revels in his own infamy. Also hot on the trail of Amazo is a group of Gnomes seeking to reign Amazo in, lest all gnomes be given a bad name by his mischief.

    So… my memory of the combined topic wasn’t too off! Yay! I’ll give Ruel this info and he’ll remix it. My guess is that the “Salsa Shoes” will somehow sub out for the “magical amulet” MacGuffin from Ark’s pitch. If anyone has any other memories of what was intended for the combo pitch – let me know!



    From my end, it sounds like you hit all the key points. For bonus points, make sure the Gnome is around for the shenanigans!

    Guess who, it's Kaosubaloo!



    It is DONE! The episode was recorded earlier today. It went long enough it’s very likely it’ll need to be a 2-parter, but it’s in the can… oh yes. At long-last.

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