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    Ghostbusters rpg resources are few and far between on the web.
    Here are a few GB resources that I thought Ghostbusters rpg GMs might find some use for.

    GB RPG Campaign sites:
    Unholy Toledo
    More like the rpg as published than Resurrection but a good example of using the local environs for your franchise setting.

    House Rules
    link to 23 page doc of one campaign’s house rules

    The Shadow over Yonkers- Adventure

    How Dry I Am – Adventure

    The Collect Call of Cathulu – Adventure

    The Pizza Problem – Adventure

    The Ooze Brothers – Adventure

    X-Files Stats for GB RPG

    Google Communities GB RPG Page

    Ghostbusters Wiki

    Utube movie edit of the GB Video game, for those who didn’t play the video game and want all the canon material
    Pt. 1
    Pt. 2

    Sound Files
    Playable but not at this time downloadable sound files if you want live effects for your game.

    A lost addendum article to the Tobin’s Spirit Guide supplement is included in this 1989 pdf magazine ($1.99).
    It has four additional ghosts:
    1. Spirit Sword, a bloodthirsty possessed weapon/ectoplasmic weapon
    2. Offenguffen, a elemental possessor spirit who embodies the spirit of Sloth
    3. Badajoz, a kind of odd funerary guardian who acts up when funerary rights aren’t done properly
    4. Mouldenkurdl, a spirit of material corruption who specializes in food

    Ghostbusters: Prima Official Game Guide (usually $2.00 or less used)
    This guide to the game has well written illustrated entries on the gear and Tobin’s spirit guide entries from the video game as well as the usual maps. It is almost a sourcebook to the video game but not quite, still at two bucks you don’t have much to lose. Most if not all these entries are available for free but not so nicely graphically packaged or indexed on the Ghostbusters wiki.

    Gurps All-star jam 2004 (downloadable from Steve Jackson Games for $7.99)
    Has a brief but quite well done article on Ghosts and Ghostbusting, all stats therein are for 3rd edition Gurps. I still recommend it,as it nicely adds detail to the Ghost classification system from the Ghostbusters RPG with more on ghost types and the past history of ‘busting in “reality” and fiction. Essential? No, and by no means all inclusive but good and concise. If price is a deal breaker it is available on Amazon.

    Haunted Places: The National Directory: Ghostly Abodes, Sacred Sites, Ufo Landings and Other Supernatural locations
    by Dennis William Hauk, (usually under a $1.00 on Amazon used or for a ridiculess $14.39 in E-format)
    If you are basing your Ghostbusters game in the United States this state by state listing is a cheap and convenient one stop for your locale’s haunted history, at least up to 2002. Think of it as book of story seeds for your game. The same author did an international version of the same book the”The International Directory of Haunted Places ” which is skimpy and doesn’t do any kind of justice to the British Isles, Japan or any of the other countries there in.

    Haunted America, Haunted Heartland etc. (available cheaply at Amazon)
    By Michael Norman and Beth Scott
    Another even more inclusive set of State by State ghost reports. Not as easy to use as the “Haunted Places Directory” but has multiple volumes and has many, many anecdotes. For the price it is a cheap resource for a time constrained GM.

    The recent unofficial Ghostbusters 3 live Fan event script
    A labour of love by uber fans some of whom are working entertainment professionals

    GB Video Game lost entries
    These are some of the Tobin’s Spirit Guide entrys of effects and entities that were meant for the GB video Game
    But didn’t make the final cut. Maybe they could spark some ideas for GB Gms.
    * AUTHOR: Paul Rudoff


    There are 109 entities listed in the data files on the game disc, but only
    93 entities in the game. The following 16 entity entries were removed from
    the game.

    * Adhesive Memo Zombies
    * Avatars
    * Ghost Hunting Tome
    * Gozer
    * The Initiate
    * Inter-Dimensional Cross-Rip
    * Kitchen Conglomerate
    * Mannequin Wisps
    * Marshmallow Hoppers
    * Office Wisps
    * Phantom Matter
    * Protective Psychokinetic Barrier
    * Psychokinetic Manipulation Event: Museum Implements
    * Terror Dogs
    * Unassuming Demons
    * Will O Wisps

    Name: Adhesive Memo Zombies
    Desc: I’ve come to call a certain collection of phenomenon the ‘conglomerate
    effect’. This is when several smaller, seemingly mindless animated
    entities come together and generate a collective intelligence and form a
    larger body composed of the smaller parts working in tandem. Most of these
    conglomerates have focal points that act as a central nervous system as
    well as a weak point. I feel that if one were to disrupt these points, the
    being would be forced to disperse.
    Note: One of the most peculiar conglomerates I’ve seen is composed solely of
    paper. This material doesn’t make for a very effective defense against our
    beams, but they are very light and evasive creatures.
    Ability: Melee Attack
    Tips: Seeing animated objects taking humanoid shape is always a little
    unsettling, even when it’s something as relatively harmless as paper. If
    you want to trash these guys, use the Blast Stream and burn them down to
    their weak points. After that, tearing these apart is as easy as wrangling
    and slamming those points.
    Class: Class 2 Organic Physical Conglomerate

    Name: Avatars
    Desc: There are beings in this world I’ve come to call “avatars”. I believe they
    are merely puppets that walk this world under control of greater forces.
    These forces are fathomless, external beings that seem to choose random
    people and play games with them.
    Note: I’m not certain what Tobin is talking about in this entry. I do believe
    that this account is a precursor to some of his controversial and harder
    to find epistemological works where he ponders the “players of the game”
    and whether our world even exists when they aren’t watching.

    Name: Ghost Hunting Tome
    Desc: Any great supernatural investigator will need to equip himself with
    every resource at his disposal. This includes a library of books written
    by the stalwart hunters of years past. The written word is our best way
    to transmit knowlege to future generations of investigators, spreading
    the word as far as the printing press reaches. I hope that in writing
    this book I have done my part in securing humanity’s future.
    Note: With the advent of digital media and the BBS, we can transmit crucial
    ghost hunting information across the nation in a matter of minutes.
    When it comes to fighting the forces of evil, my work ethic mandates
    the dissemenation of information over hoarding and patenting. Peter,
    on the other hand…

    Name: Gozer
    Desc: Gozer was a deity that rose to prominence in Sumeria around 4000 B.C.
    He was known as Gozer the Traveler, Gozer the Gozerian and Gozer the
    Destructor. During each of his manifestations in the material plane
    throughout history he would enter through a portal and choose a form
    designated by the worshipers who were present. Sketchy accounts and
    records mention his choice of a “Giant Sloar” in one instance and a
    “large and moving Torb” in another. I’ve tried to cross reference many
    tomes to decipher just what these were and have only been able to
    definitively conclude that they were not pleasant things at all.
    Note: Despite his impressive shape shifting abilities, Gozer never really
    reached a widespread following among Sumerians after his peak in
    4000 B.C.E. This potentially angered him and sent him into a brooding and
    plotting spiral that we’ve recently seen the repercussions of here in the
    20th century.

    Name: The Initiate
    Desc: Of utmost importance in our profession are the initiates to the craft.
    The passion of the newly indoctrinated helps to fuel the jaded
    practicioners who’ve seen many years of disappointment and ridicule for
    fighting invisible enemies. The enthusiasm of new recruits also helps us
    gain new perspectives on our work and ensures our fight will continue to
    subsequent generations.
    Note: New hires are important for us to expand the Ghostbusters franchise.
    Peter sees it mostly as business expansion but Ray and myself agree that
    the more of us there are, the safer humanity will be. Unpaid interns were
    flaky and ended up costing us more through property damage anyway.

    Name: Inter-Dimensional Cross-Rip
    Desc: Every so often the world of the abyss spills over into our world through
    some event, either intentional or by happenstance. When this occurs
    there’s usually an intense amount of energy released as the opposing
    dimensions collide, hence the term ‘rip’. There have only been a few of
    these recorded in known history, and time the very foundations of our
    reality have been threatened.
    Note: Having witnessed one of these events firsthand, I can attest to the
    intensity Tobin speaks of. In our case the cross-rip occurred through
    some form of ritual magic and was closed by an ill-advised experimental
    use of our protonic equipment. Reality has been ostensibly preserved,
    though I cannot speak for any minor details that might have rippled out
    from the eipcenter. It’s entirely possible that a handful of people in a
    20 mile radius might have had their identities switched.

    Name: Kitchen Conglomerate
    Desc: I’ve come to call a certain collection of phenomenon the ‘conglomerate
    effect’. This is when several smaller, seemingly mindless animated
    entities come together and generate a collective intelligence and form a
    larger body composed of the smaller parts working in tandem. Most of these
    conglomerates have focal points that act as a central nervous system as
    well as a weak point. I feel that if one were to disrupt these points, the
    being would be forced to disperse.
    Note: I’ve seen one of these form out of cutlery and various pots and pans in a
    kitchen setting. The primarily metal composition of this thing made it
    particularly dangerous.

    Name: Mannequin Wisps
    Desc: More powerful spectral manifestations have the ability to not only
    levitate objects, but to imbue them with a temporary sense of life.
    This is usually done to effigies and statues with discernible body parts,
    but more exotic variants have occurred based on the proclivities of the
    animator. These creations are usually easy to disrupt and are only a
    serious threat in large quantities.
    Note: The dismembered mannequins creep me out but believe me, it beats having
    real body parts hurled at you.
    Ability: Flying Ram
    Tips: The Shock Blast is your best choice here, especially when facing several
    at once.
    Class: Class 4 Psychokinetic Manipulation Event

    Name: Marshmallow Hoppers
    Desc: Some destructor manifestations of gods have been known to spawn smaller
    minions from their bodies. These creatures carry out menial tasks and
    terrorize the denizens of an area while the destructor form goes about
    its business leveling the architectural structures. They are often weak
    and travel in large numbers to overpower their prey.
    Note: One of the minion forms spawned from Stay Puft had a cylindrical form
    that I swear looked just like giant marshmallows. This is possibly a
    psycho-resonant associative pattern imprint carried over from Ray’s
    perceived relationship between the Stay Puft character and the
    marshmallow confection. Fascinating.
    Ability: Suicide Charge
    Tips: These critters de-animate once they make contact with a human, but don’t
    wait for that; use the Blast Stream to melt them to goo before they can
    reach you.
    Class: Class 3 Destructor Manifestation Homunculus

    Name: Office Wisps
    Desc: Often times, in the vicinity of a ghost with strong psychokinetic
    abilities, certain small objects will seem to take on a life of their own,
    moving at the behest of the controlling spectre. It’s important to make
    the distinction between these objects being remotely manipulated and
    having an actual spectral presence inside them.
    Note: Offices have a lot of small, seemingly harmless implements lying about the
    place. This environment makes the perfect haven for a telekinetic ghost,
    giving it many places to hide as well as a nigh-endless supply of small
    things to fling at its pursuers.
    Ability: Flying Ram
    Tips: Sweeps of your Blast Stream can take these out rapidly even when spread
    out, but if they clump, don’t be afraid to send ’em a Boson Dart and take
    them all at once.
    Class: Class 2 Psychokinetic Manipulation Event

    Name: Phantom Matter
    Desc: In areas of high spiritual activity, objects can partially slip across to
    the ethereal plane. In most cases some aspect of the object’s physical
    properties will remain behind. This can result in an object that is
    visible but intangible or invisible but quite solid.
    Note: Phantom matter can be quite a nuisance, as there’s no way with our current
    technology to alter it. Invisible walls can sit obstructing passage for
    years. Ray has been keeping tabs on an intangible toilet in Grand Central
    Station that’s claimed many an embarrassed victim.

    Name: Protective Psychokinetic Barrier
    Desc: A few spectres I’ve dealt with have honed their skills to focus on
    personal protection. These entities can generate a barrier of PK energy
    to shield themselves from potential disruption. The few times I’ve managed
    to breach one of these shields required a high level of energy and
    disruptive trauma. In most cases, the collateral damage almost outweighed
    the benefit of dealing with the offending manifestation.
    Note: Fortunately we’ve developed a variety of means to deliver high levels of
    disruptive trauma. The most effective thus far has been the Boson Dart.
    It may build up heat quickly, but it takes care of these PK barriers very

    Name: Psychokinetic Manipulation Event: Museum Implements
    Desc: More powerful spectral manifestations have the ability to not only
    levitate objects, but to imbue them with a temporary sense of life.
    This is usually done to effigies and statues with discernible body parts,
    but more exotic variants have occurred based on the proclivities of the
    animator. These creations are usually easy to disrupt and are only a
    serious threat in large quantities.
    Note: A storage room is a good location for a manifestation to find lots of
    loose objects to throw around. It’s inconvenient that these are usually
    the kinds of places we end up hunting them.

    Name: Terror Dogs
    Desc: Zuul and Vinz Clortho were minions of Gozer around 4000 BC. Zuul was a
    demigod in its own right and had many followers among the Hittites,
    Mesopotamians and Sumerians. It is said that should Gozer return to the
    world of mortals that these two would herald that return, acting as
    key master and gate keeper to consecrate a ritual of sorts that would open
    the door to the abyss and let Gozer walk among mankind once more.
    Note: Every word in Tobin’s here actually occurred here in New York not that
    long ago. He did fail to mention how the terror dogs would first choose
    human forms, and that they’d smell like burning animal hair after being

    Name: Unassuming Demons
    Desc: There are certain paranormal beings I’ve come across that are not
    manifestations at all. In fact, these creatures seemed to be flesh and
    bone, having walked through some portal leading from their parallel
    plane of existence to ours, veritable demons on earth. This is usually the
    result of some sort of summoning, and as such these beasts are extremely
    hard to get rid of. What little damage I have seen dealt to one seemed to
    simply anger the thing, altering its demeanor to an even more terrifying
    Note: One of the more unusual ‘demon’ species my associates have encountered was
    one that was completely unassuming at first. It exhibited no hostile or
    even fleeting behavior upon contact. Once this thing was damaged, however,
    it became highly agitated and relentlessly assaulted the team. These
    things are best left alone, or if they must be engaged, do so one at a
    Ability: Passive Nature, Melee Attack
    Tips: These guys prefer to sit and watch the action, but if you accidentally
    (or not-so-accidentally) burn them, they’ll come after you in a hurry.
    Either leave them alone or make your first hit a good one, such as a
    Boson Dart.
    Class: Class 3 Demonic Manifestation

    Name: Will O Wisps
    Desc: Phantom lights are among some of the oldest of witnessed supernatural
    events. They’ve been known to lure people off into forests and swamps
    where they were never seen or heard from again. I believe these
    manifestations are a way for a spectre to affect the physical world with
    as little energy as possible. It can then use this minimal effort to lure
    in a human victim that it could potentially drain for energy to then
    manifest in a more coherent form. I have yet to witness this energy
    transfer process.
    Note: Most of these occurrences can probably be explained by piezoelectrical
    potential built up in certain materials abundant in the areas where the
    “will o wisps” have been witnessed. I’m certain there are some cases,
    however, where malformed psychokinetic entities wander aimlessly about,
    their energy burning off haphazardly as light in the visible spectrum.


    And, for those who haven’t seen it before:

    Near the bottom of the page, you have full scans of the Ghostbusters/GBI sourcebooks and five packaged modules (Scared Stiffs, Pumpkin Patch Panic, Lurid Tales of DOOM!, Apokermis Now!, Ghostbusters II: The Adventure).


    Wow! That’s a lot of data! Back when I was first starting our game, it was so difficult to find anything useful. I’ve actually seen some of those links before, but it’s been a looong time. I disagree with a lot of those homebrew rules, though. For example, the “Ghost” on a Ghost Die should always be on the 6 side. Not the 1 side. This makes a big difference in roll totals for the ghosts AND the Ghostbusters. I think the less rules there are, the better. If you want a more combat focused or “detail oriented” game, the Savage Worlds mod seems to satisfy a lot of fans.

    There are other sites out there, but @Cap and I would like Nerdy Show become the “one stop shop” for all things related to Ghostbusters RPGs. We’re always interested in hearing your opinions on what you’d like to see us offer. Whether it be expanded rules, original adventure sets, or more tools to help play the game.

    Yes, of course we’re serious.

    General Manager of the Central Florida Ghostbusters
    We're ready to believe you! | (321) 209-2020 | Twitter: @GBResurrection


    I hope I didn’t overstep by posting the list but if you search across the web the biggest complaint for the RPG is a lack of resources. As for the home brewed rules I make no claim on them, just presented them for people to look at and use or ignore as they please. I always like seeing what other people are doing with the game.

    If you’d rather it not be here that is more than cool and no worries should you remove it.

    Have you read the second edition of the game? It is less free form and more codified and lost some of the fun.It did have one feature that I liked though. Ghosts can have some or all of the Brains, Brawn, Moves and cool stats as chr.s which can be useful when you have a ghost of a known individual. As an example, an adventure I’m working on now has the team displaced in time. The team members in the future are working with the ghost of Albert Einstein on figuring out how to undo it. So since there dealing with him as a surviving personality and intellect I gave him a Brains score. No reason you couldn’t just roleplay it of course.


    “Overstep your bounds?” Good sir, this is Nerdy Show. Don’t take any of it down! The more info that’s out there, the better!

    And yeah, I’ve checked out the “GBI” upgraded rules. They’re cool, and I’ve used some of them when creating Ghosts for Season 2. I’m pretty sure we’ll be hosting some of those original PDFs as well, if we can get any that aren’t watermarked or in low rez.

    General Manager of the Central Florida Ghostbusters
    We're ready to believe you! | (321) 209-2020 | Twitter: @GBResurrection


    I noticed that we didn’t have a link for Tobin’s Spirit Guide on here, and since that puppy is currently selling for $100+…’s%20Spirit%20Guide/

    Btw, you Random Encounter fans might like what you see on page 61…

    (One of my personal favorites is on page 50)

    "You'd be surprised how many calories hedonism burns."


    Just to be clear, GB is a dead game (pun intended) no longer published right?


    According to Wikipedia:

    “As of 2006, Ghostbusters and all of its supplements are out of print.”

    "You'd be surprised how many calories hedonism burns."


    I was about post some of these modules when I found your thread. Wow. @Redmenace, are you a god?


    No, but it is always good to say so anyway.


    Several of my players are absentee tonight so I’m running “Ghostbusters! And the case of the Sinister Mini-Golf course!” tonight for those who do show up. I very much appreciate your posting the adventures.


    Do tell us how it turns out!


    and post the golf scores


    It turned out well. Only two regulars and one new to roleplaying friend showed up. The regs played their Pcs and the newbie played a pre-genenerated npc, the franchise secretary. She threw herself into it and was very funny at the table. The regular pcs aren’t the “Egons” of our game and they made the scenario a bit harder than need be on themselves by declining to bring a slime blower with them. Since there were only two ghostbusters they reasoned they’d both need to take Proton packs to be able to capture a ghost which is understandable, I guess. When they actually started encountering phenomena one player had a streak of ghost die rolls that kept the game interesting/frustrating and got the players so POed at the spook that they never really considered actually playing golf preferring to go for blood and ectoplasm. They had caused a lot of damage anyway. All in all it was fun.

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