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    I don’t watch it much, but off and on I tune into X-Play and/or Attack of the Show (and of course the Ninja contests, and Campus PD). Due to them running repeats the last couple of times I tuned in, I was surprised to discover last night that Adam Sessler had left X-Play. And while looking into it, I also see that Kevin Pereira is about to leave AOTS (and G4), too.

    Adam SesslerKevin Pereira

    Not a big fan of either of them, but they fit their shows and they were shows that have been around a long time. Adam was the longest running gaming show host on TV. Kevin has decent nerd-cred. This only leaves Morgan Webb as a long-timer on G4. Perhaps it’s the beginning of the end of an era.

    I’d be interested in other opinions on G4’s relevance, hosts, etc….


    That’s actually pretty depressing. Adam and Kevin were pretty much the only thing that was left from the G4 that defined my younger years. I remember watching, Portal, Cheat, Blister, Judgement Day, and X-Play growing up. It’s sad to see that the only 2 ppl still giving them credibility are leaving. Sessler has a really good understanding of how the game industry works, and is definitely one of the few knowledgeable ppl on G4. Kevin also seems to be a pretty nerdy guy from his interviews I’ve listened to through “The Nerdist.” I remember first being introduced to him on Arena. With these 2 gone though who is left to take over? Does Geoff Keighley still work for g4? Also, just to spark an old nerd fight, Laura Foy is way hotter than Tina Wood.


    These two were last strings holding G4 (or should i say FX2) together. I loved Kperr and Omun, but once Omun left i was pretty much disinterested in watching attack any more. And I didn’t want to watch X-play because i can’t stand Morgan Webb. But Adam definitely made the show bearable.

    I mean seriously Adam has been with G4 since i think 1999? I could be wrong but know it was for a long time, and according to the article on Kotaku it wasn’t a very amicable parting of ways. At least he’s moving onto more personal projects. Hopefully this will be a very fruitfull venture for him.

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    X-Play is the only thing on G4 I have bothered to watch lately. I have generally boycotted the station since it bought out TechTV and (essentially) axed all the other shows.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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