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    This is the list of available bbCodes for the forums and signitures. All you have to do is Remove the * or Asterix from the ones listed below


    • [*b]bold[/b]


    • [*i]italics[/i]


    • [*u]underline[/u]


    • [*url][/url]
    • [*url=]WordPress[/url]


    • [*img][/img]
    • [*img=Code is Poetry][/img]


    • [*quote=”NAME”]Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet[/quote]


    • [*color=”red”]named red[/color]
    • [*color=”ff0000″]hex red[/color]
    • [*color=#ff0000]hex red again[/color]


    • [*s]striked this out[/s]

    Center Text:

    • [*center]center me[/center]

    Font size:

    • [*size=10]10px font size[/size]

    Unordered lists:

    • [*ul][*li] Item [*/li][*/ul]

    Named Spoiler:

    • [*spoiler=two plus two]four[/spoiler]

    Unnamed Spoiler:

    • [*spoiler]Boo![/spoiler]

    It should probably be noted that you can do a lot of that stuff automatically using the visual editor box for replies and new posts.

    For example I just block marked this sentence and hit the “B” button to get bold. (Ctrl-B works, too.)
    And the “I” button here to get italics. (Ctrl-I works, too).  And there’s STRIKE THROUGH there.

    And center justification

    and right justification ….

    And  if you use the “kitchen sink” button on the right you get more buttons, like colorful fonts and underline.

    Even big headings.

    Who needs codes?   🙂


    Mostly just needed the images and urls. Spoilers and quotes work as well. I can’t get html images to work.


    testing something…


    ok… the img button above the text box uses the HTML “img srs=” code which… seems to get entirely erased (Displays nothing when the post is sent, and is missing upon trying to edit the post).

    Might have something to do with the HTML tag for images not being allowed?;
    You may use these HTML tags and attributes:
    a href="" title="" abbr title="" acronym title="" b blockquote cite="" cite code del datetime="" em i q cite="" strike strong

    EDIT; Side note, shoudn’t HTML tags within the code tags not be parsed? I had to remove the “less than”s and “Greater than”s


    Add to the list of text tags that don’t work:
    – blockquote
    – lists
    – I have no idea what the “insert more tag” is supposed to do but it doesn’t do it


    The thing is a little tricky about it too, as some things will work in the text editor that you format your posts in but then not show up once the post has gone live.

    Guess who, it's Kaosubaloo!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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