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    I have been having a argument with my nephews who are playing Five Nights at Freddy’s game. The argument is about the limited power:
    Does the game explain why you have a power sourse that runs out?


    I chalked it up to environmental responsibility. PETA for example only harms other people, but when they need animal products for medicine or stray euthanasia they like to make an exception – not this guy, he’ll take some personal risks for his cause.


    I didn’t understand any of that. I didn’t play the game I just got the tutorial but I was talking about the power countdown.
    If you answered the question then I need more explanation I am a little slow



    Well… Yeah… I mean, the game doesn’t get into details too much but the introductory phonecall seemed to imply that the power savings are due to an energy savings policy IIRC… Therefore I sorta chose to assume that the power meter is the heros environmental consciousness, he’s willing to take a face-first dive into blender (the death is implied to be from being violently stuffed inside a robot exo-skeleton) to keep the energy expenditure down.

    Ice Abyzz

    My answer is completely a fan theory but I always just thought they had a generator. That’s why it’s limited in energy (fuel runs out) and I like to imagine that the bosses are skimping on the fuel on later nights.

    I once heard a great theory about FNAF that I absolutely love and I feel like sharing today 😛
    Those animatrons seem weirdly blended of impossible future technology stuck with the visions of the past and it supports the idea that FNAF happens in a economically challenged cyperpunk future. The reason why it’s no problem for them to risk your life just to save their expensive robots is because it’s capitalistic future where money rules above lives. The crap pay and the fact you return after the first night is because even a job that risks your life is better then slowly starving to death, which is what will happen if you quit.

    It’s just a fan theory but I just love how much it fills in the blanks of the game.
    Running your business on a generator? Power is expensive in the future.
    Skimping on fuel? Money is more important then lives.
    Animatrons are weirdly life like with ideas? Future cypertec.

    Also I’m just a sucker for cyperpunk and like to imagine it everywhere I can. hehe.


    I don’t really get it either, especially when there’s such an obvious, non energy consuming option that makes more sense than being forced to rely on a finite power source. Since the animatrons want to stuff you in a machinery filled costume because they mistake you for a robot out of character, why not just supply the security guards with a normal mascot costume to wear during their shift? That way both you and they would be able to wander the building freely without worrying about a grisly end. IDK, maybe there’s an explanation why that wouldn’t work later on in the game, since I got bored of watching let’s plays of it before the third night was halfway over. If there is, it probably has to do with that “Possessed by the missing dead children” theory or whatever.

    The theory about a cyberpunk future is actually pretty close to the only partially reasonable explanation I could think of for the battery limitations, except in my version it isn’t so much about money being more important than lives as it is limitations in renewable energy technology. In my version, the pizzaria is completely off the grid, possibly because there is no more power grid to speak of in the first place. Instead the building relies on solar power to run everything, and while that works fine during normal business hours, it’s not going to work during your midnight to 6am shift. They can charge up some batteries for you during the day, but considering the energy consumption it must take to run a business plus four remarkably high tech robots, you should really be more grateful for what you do have than complaining about what you don’t.

    In any case, without the limitations on power actually being explained or addressed, the entire setup is pretty bullshitty if you ask me.


    @m I want to hire the man who after discovering the threat still chooses to work there

    that is a cool fan background, thanks for sharing. I too figured it was a generator but the didn’t say so it still bothers me

    a friend of mine said it was solared powered as a joke but your theory makes me believe it

    thanks all for your support in this, didn’t want to think I was aline in this thinking


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