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    Most people like batman, superman, xmen, spider man, and the avengers. But I want to hear about favorite obscure superhero!
    I’ll start mine is vibe, he is a justice leaguer from the 80s when aquaman was leading the justice league. His is Latino superhero he break danced. His powers he shoot energy make this shake and brake. He was Alice very long but they did bring him back in the new 52.


    The Jaime Reyes incarnation of the Blue Beetle. I’m not sure if you would count him as obscure since he showed up in young justice and that is how I got into him but he is obscure enough for me. There is something just fun about having a psychotic and overpowered exo-suit dedicated to enslaving humanity under the control of a basically good kid trying to do the right thing.

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    My working knowledge of comics is largely limited to the early 90s, so heroes I was super into at that time may or may not have gained in popularity/recognition. I was really into Darkhawk back then, I hear he showed up recently in that Hunger Games: Avengers thing. I think probably because he reminded me of The Silverhawks, a short-lived cartoon to promote some toys that I thought was the business. I also thought Maverick was super cool when he’d pop up in the X books, but I don’t really know if he caught on or not either.


    My favorite obscure hero was the Maxx. I can’t say much about him other than the crazy dream/reality benders that came out of nowhere and made a big impact to an impressionable youth of the 90’s. I really wish my older brother didn’t steal all my issues.

    The Maxx


    @max, I remember the silver hawks, or at least I remember my silver hawk toy with the awesome detectable Mechanical hawk.


    I also have a soft spot for Bravestarr. He Was a Marshall in a space western that was raised by native space Americans to channel various totemic animals to get situational powers (eyes of the hawk, speed of the puma, strength of the bear, etc). He has a horse named 30-30 that transforms into… A man-horse that he adventures with. Kind of a combo of Trigger and Bowler from Brisco County Jr.


    How is there an America in space? (Other than the Earth being in space.)

    Since no one actually said it has to be a comic book superhero, I kind of dig Garo.
    It’s goofy as hell, sort of adult Power Rangers with titties and blood and stuff.

    I wouldn’t actually call it obscure as it got very popular and keeps getting couple of new spinoffs each year, but maybe somewhat unknown outside Japan and japanophiles…

    I think they’re importing the anime spinoff of the show to US but that’s skipping over about a decade of live action series… one or two of them even good.


    In the Wild Card series, there’s this woman named Cameo. She channels the spirits of the dead by touching stuff that was important to them, but she can’t control her body when this happens. She can use their superpowers, but also their regular skills. For example, she has Coco Chanel’s sewing machine and channels her spirit to sew clothing for her.

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    I have not watched Garo but I have been meaning to since about 2008 and watching Mark Musashi fight Keith from Henshin Justice.

    But that reminds me that there is a obscure youtube Tokosatsu hero I like:

    Gun Caliber (Warning: Redband trailer contains naked breasts.)

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    I’ve seen few shows and few internet released clips with Mark Musashi. He can be a funny guy if they let him speak, and typically where there is Musashi there is awesome choreography. As for Garo, he’s in the first show which not so coincidentally is also the best one.

    In fact, screw it, Mark Musashi is my favorite obscure superhero!

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