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    You guys did it! You’ve made the Jamela puppet a reality. 100% funded! Now I’ve been asked to collect some of the best Jamela moments for the puppetmaker so she can really imbue the puppet with the character. I know what’s happened in the D&D continuity, but I don’t really know where or when, and I guaran-damn-tee you guys know that better than I do!

    What are your favorite Jamela moments? And, if you know – which episode and when so I can send clips to the puppetmaker!


    Fouler Deeds at Cool Ranch- when Jen’ifer talks her into murdering the old man in the basement, and when out on the road after the monster appears she just gives up and decides to go get drunk at the spicey buffalo

    Greetings from Corney Island- When Barty throws his shirt on Jamela, the shirt that Chair had thrown up on.

    Any time Jamela fails to contain her inner monologue

    Any time Jamela attempts to have a moment with Jen’ifer

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    Jamela being consoled by Lefty – Episode 13: Trial on the Isle of Mages – 14:30

    Gah, countless others.


    Pretty much Jamela’s entire dialogue on Episode 19: Endless Bummer. Specifically, the molting and jail scenes.

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    “Any time Jamela fails to contain her inner monologue”

    @Trench- Especially during the Endless Bummer one at the beginning where she shouts Overruled! at the Gm.

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    I’m in the camp of “any time she fails to contain her inner monologue”, which is entirely an awesome creation by you guys.

    Unfortunately, being behind as of Wizard in the Wasteland (partially this is avoidance, as it was Mike’s last one and the last I’d listened to, and partially this is just due to lack of time), I’m not brushed up on her entire catalogue of quotes.

    Considering that only Hex is able to be dressed up, does this mostly limit it to her interactions with Vimak, or are the various recreations independent of anyone else? If it’s primarily interactions with Vimak, although it’s been a while, I think (though my memory is hazy) their first adventure, that time with the Birds when they were talking about CHAIR’s weirdness, and (as I recall) when they picked up that medallion. Moments of awesome include Vimak and Jamela created the perfect assault with their power during D&D-Day.

    Otherwise her temporary infatuation with Barty ended pretty abruptly by the vomit-soaked shirt-to-the-face, and… you know, what, I’m just going to say go with Trench’s suggestions, and huduvudu is entirely correct: “countless others” indeed.

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    The Jamela/Lefty Experiment

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    I second @Arkais and would like to point out the pretty princess Jamela moments.


    I’ve sent off a package of date to the puppetmaker, text, the comic(s) pictures, and for audio so far a jumble of clips from Trial on the Isle of Mages, Endless Bummer, and Return to the Ironback Mountains. So she’s got a good scope of modern Jamela moments. If anyone has anything else – please do let me know and if you can include time codes or estimates that’d make it all the easier. As it stands, I’m sure she’s got what she needs. Lady loves dragonfolk.


    Just bumping this up the current events. I am curious how this is going.

    After a good marathon of Dungeons & Doritos, I would have to add the completely maniacal laughter that occurred in Chapter 4 :: Mid-Day in the Maze of Mischief.


    @Anduin Oh, it’s going pretty good…

    I posted a bunch of progress photos to our facebook:

    Jamela has been in my possession for a few months now, but she’ll be making her big debut this month at MegaCon. With videos to follow. Reason it’s taken so long is that the puppeteer wasn’t also a costume maker, so I’ve been getting Jamela properly decked out for public appearances. (She’s not about to go out in public all a-tatters after all).


    That makes complete sense how I didn’t know this, I boycott FB in general. I may need to reconsider that philosophy on account of peer pressure.

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