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    So here’s a fact: Eureka Seven (Pronounced properly and not in the butchered way that the dub inflicted on us) is literally my favourite tv show. Things I tend to look for in television include Mecha, (well-done) romance, and strong, character driven stories, which as you probably know is pretty much a point-for-point list of all of E7’s strengths (plus also great animation and great music). Needless to say, I have a LOT to say about its sequel, I think now is a good time to get the discussion train going!

    That said, I’m also very good at reading where a plot is heading and fully intend to drop some serious spoilery bombshells here (And encourage others to do the same) so in the interest of those of who who’ve unwisely entered after the initial spoiler warning, I’ll wait until my SECOND post to REALLY start spoiling things.

    Guess who, it's Kaosubaloo!



    Seriously, this is your last chance.

    Okay, spoilery theory-crafting time! There’s a lot of older theories that are important but first I want to jump RIGHT into something that is from this week’s episode: Where the where this new Eureka has come from.

    Now clearly, this is not exactly the same Eureka who gave birth to Ao, but it might be the same person; To elaborate, I figure there are 2 possibilities here:

    1. It’s the same Eureka from different points in her timestream. This new Eureka is actually the Ao’s mother Eureka when she was young and in the process of planeshifting she also jumped the time-barrier. This is pretty straight forward and would certainly be interesting, but seriously raises the question of where this Eureka got herself a Gekko-go and Nirvash Spec 2 (More on this later).

    2. It’s Eureka from yet another plane of Earth-like existence (Making, what, at least 4 or 5 now?) This would explain where Eureka got the tech that she just plain shouldn’t have, but it does raise its own questions. If more then 1 world planeshifts to Ao’s Earth then what the frack is causing all this! (Again, I’ll get to it later). More importantly, I like the other theory better, this I think this on is the more likely direction for Bones to go into.

    Now, with that stuff as a framing device, lets get into the older theories of mine that these tie into. First the big one: This is all happening within the Scub Coral. We know the Scub Coral can literally absorb other beings into itself and host them in its own self-contained world. We know that it was dispersed to “out-there” and is on some level likely responsible for all these AUs. This also ties in quite well with the whole Truth subplot and would let handily let them break all the reality they damn well felt like (not that Bones really needs an excuse for that).

    Next up! The Nirvashs. So far we have seen 2 different Nervash, 3 if you count THEEND under the Tower, and none of them have been the original. Despite this they have all looked (A double cockpit like on the Nirvash is a structural impossibly in any other LFO; though this is something to watch out for. Ao’s Nirvash is a 1-seater) and acted pretty much exactly how I would expect the original to act. This further lends itself to the Multiple Universe theory, as if there is 1 thing that the E7 Multiverse likes turning out more then visually-similar characters, it is Nirvash redesigns.

    Guess who, it's Kaosubaloo!



    Now to wrap this up, we will move away from general theories and onto bold predictions of events to come. I predict all of the following based on current forshadowing:

    * At some point Ao will make a trip to the other (original) world
    * There will be at least one more Nirvash variation before the series is over (That is in addition to whatever happens with Ao’s Nirvash)
    * Renton will show up at some point (Possibly not in person though)
    * Child Death Count: None of the main or extend cast (Read: No one that works for the corporation). Probably some civilians.
    * Adult Death Count: hehehehehahHAHAEHEHAHAHHEAHAHAHEAHH! (You bet your ass at least 1 more major supporting character is going to die. My money is on the Chief, but the President is a likely second choice)

    That is all for now. I’ll probably have more predictions (and I’ll definitely have more to say about my theories) next week.

    Guess who, it's Kaosubaloo!




    I did, and it is in fact what prompted me to make this topic. He mus-pronounced Eureka atrociously (Not entirely his fault; the otherwise pretty good English Dub is to blame for that one), but otherwise had what is in my opinion a fairly accurate summary of the show thus far.

    Guess who, it's Kaosubaloo!

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