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    So earlier today someone had mentioned something about something being wrong with the enderman farm. I used the warp, and then my game crashed. I had other things to do, so I took the crash as a sign to do those other things.

    A few minutes ago, I logged back in. I had forgotten about crashing upon loading the End earlier, so it took me by surprise that I was there (Initial reaction: “WTF happened to spawn?!?!”). Once I figured out where I was, I was left with only one conclusion;

    The enderman farm is (temporarily?) no more.

    Oh, there’s bits and pieces left, but it was ripped a new one. And I caught the perpetrator at the scene of the crime. His username? “Enderdragon”. It seems that the dragon was spawned either by an admin, or through the process of updating and patching the server. And it had not been killed. So when the next unsuspecting user felt like grinding some XP on the many endermen that gather at the bottom, the enderdragon joined in and did what he does best – end things.

    So until another kind soul repair/rebuilds the farm, the warp “endermanfarm” is a deathtrap, and should not be used.


    So yeah, any rate, I went ahead and rebuilt it. It took a few hours, and it’s not *PERFECT*, but it’s a basis upon which to improve. So, should any of you lot wish to dive on in and tweak it, my feelings won’t be hurt. Until then, enjoy punching Endermen. Feel free to reset the warp to these coordinates, or just TPO to me in the next few minutes before I bugger off and find some chow.

    Coords – x279, y56, z0.66260

    Michael Goguen

    There is an enchanting area in the EndermanFarm area again.

    I’ll try to see if I can take a look at the EndermanFarm this weekend to make it work a little better.


    I did a bit of tuning, but there’s work left to be done. Just need to tweak the drop heights to get it back to one-punch status. Right now, it’s about one or two swipes of a diamond sword, even though the top drop is exactly 42 blocks. Maybe these endermen have been working out, saying their prayers and taking their vitamins.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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