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    Hey everyone!

    We just goat approved for another year of E3 coverage, once again co-representing Bleeding Cool.
    We’re planning to change up how we do coverage a bit and are still in talks about what we’ll be doing.

    We want to know what YOU FINE FOLKS would like to see and hear in E3 coverage. Lots of sites have the good ol’ new feed, but there’s much more to E3 than that and that real fan, hands-on side of things is what we aim to deliver.
    Each year it’s an expensive and stressful endeavor to pull off, so we want to make sure you guys get the stories and insights that you’re most interested in.

    In the past we’ve done daily podcasts, some streaming on Nerdy Show Live, and focused heavily on creating video packages. So let us know what kind of coverage YOU’d like, whether it’s something we’ve done before or something totally new.

    For reference, here’s our previous years’ coverage:


    I would very much like to see a return of the streams of the conferences.


    Are all the press conferences typically held while the show floor is open, or beforehand?




    I would say streaming live commentary with the conferences would be cool, but most of the coverage is doing that. Floor time is key, you shouldn’t do anything that cuts down on that.

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    That’s why I was asking about when the conferences are on; don’t waste one to two hours getting information marketed to you when you can spend five minutes after the fact reading a bullet point list.




    In what way does this involve a goat?

    For the Commonwealth!


    I kind of like what you did last year. Gameplay footage is dime a dozen of the majority of games, what I really liked was the personal touch you guys did with the interviews. I especially liked the coverage of the lesser known, but incredibly awesome games. I don’t think I would’ve ever heard anything about Hell Yeah if I hadn’t heard about it on Nerdy Show.


    The conferences are usually beforehand, except the Nintendo conference which is the morning of E3 day 1. Every year their timing is a bit different. So for most of them, they’re definitely good opportunities for a stream-along. Worst thing last year was that every streaming source had a different delay, so we might need to endorse one particular stream that we can all use.


    Obviously I want to know all there is to know about Pokemon X/Y. I’m really hoping the game will be like Story Mode on Colosseum and XD for the Gamecube.

    Extra points if you pitch the idea of Grimrock, a fire/rock type Pokemon based on a Tyrannosaurus.

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    I like that you guys ask a little more in depth nerdy questions about the games.

    Plus you spend more time on some of the smaller stuff.

    I remember you were one of the few who actually spent a decent amount of time on Telltale’s TWD (and look how that turned out).


    I screwed around on the E3 site for a while checking out the Star Trek trailer on Namco’s site, saw Nintendo of America’s broken link under the exhibitor’s list, found no Bioware and scoped out a bit of Capcom without any real yields. I’ll just have faith in the Nerdy Crew to tell me what nerdy things I should care about coming up at E3. Go get ’em crew. ūüôā

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Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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