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D&D: The Salsa City Switcheroo/ These Boots Were Made For Swappin'

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    The new D&D is here!

    Part 1 of the Support Drive campaign brought to you by @kaosubaloo and @arkais!



    YES! I have waited so long for this moment!!

    Guess who, it's Kaosubaloo!



    Now that I’ve A. Listened to the Episode and B. Slept, I am still pretty damn happy. Gnomes are still the trouble makers! Although this episode mostly only covers things from my half of the chaos, so I have to assume that Ark’s half is going to be more heavily features in part 2.

    I also want to give big props to Colin for pointing out the Gender/Sex issue instead of going for the obvious joke. That was honestly probably one of my favourite parts of the whole thing.

    Guess who, it's Kaosubaloo!



    Yeah, that was a great episode. Definitely looking forward to part 2, where (hopefully) everything gets worse and hilarity ensues.

    "You'd be surprised how many calories hedonism burns."



    It was a fun episode, but I felt vicariously frustrated for all the shutdown’s @colin was experiencing every time he tried to do anything. It felt a little like Barty was the only character that didn’t get the memo about how that session was supposed to play out, so everything he tried to do was wrong. I could just be projecting, that used to happen to me a lot when I played more regularly.


    Colin Peterson

    @max – Yeah, sometimes Barty breaks the story (as I’ve found out later) and this episode he couldn’t really make that happen, try as he might. ­čÖé But ultimately, it was really really fun to play. Though, if you thought Barty was limited this episode…just wait till the next one. I ended up not knowing what the fuck to do at all with what I ended up with… HA. But it was still a ton of fun.



    @maxacree Honestly, aside from knowing that we’d be swapping a bunch of body parts, we knew very little to “lead” the story per-se. (Except Ruel of course). Barty just has a weird bunch of urges that usually put him on the outs with… most things. Kill it, take it, bed it. Not that any of us are free from these vices, but ol’ Bart is the most wily for sure.



    This was amazing. I loved Righty and Jemellad (God that is awful but I don’t care). Your reactions both to your swaps and each other was hilarious.

    That said I have an honest question. @hex what the heck do you eat? Honestly, I have no clue as to what remaining foods are available for you to eat. Do you eat nothing but regular cheerios and empty tortillas?

    PS – Shemak is hilariously calm about all this, and Barta is just frighteningly optimistic. Love all this.

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    Colin, you get a thumps up for thinking ahead in taking advantage of thier current situation, using the swap to keep hidden from his enemies.

    Cap, loved your interaction to Righty (I support this new title). By the way does switching to Jamellad (I support this new title) help saving your throut when talking in character.

    Hex, I can sympathise with you dislike for spice and chocolate. Though i can eat chocolate it isnt my sweet of choice, spicy is an annoying additive to me, but since marrying a Thai woman i found that i had to develop a resistance to it, which helped me taste new good things. My point, though you dont need to I recommend developing a resistance.

    Lefty, (if she actually reads this) so pleased with your character take on the switch.

    Ruel, good call blaming gnomes as for the pure corn chip. Could they however bribe the dock master to allow entrance, Pirates style?



    I was a little creeped out by Jamela’s “private moment”, but the “I hate it!” comment was such a hilariously bizarre reaction. Kind of reminds me of Galdap’s out of left field comments that really make the character.



    I vote for coining the term “Pulling a Jamellad” as being “waking nude in an unfamiliar place and your first reaction is to masturbate without regard to the possibility of on-lookers”



    @anduin: I see what you did there



    @max: Yeah, its a corney hole where my mind dwells.



    @cap I was fairly sure that this one wasn’t scripted out. It’s just one of those things that can happen to certain members of an adventuring party. It used to happen to Chair as well, but in those scenarios I didn’t really care because I didn’t care for the way Mike played that character. I’ve always tended to roll Barty-esque characters and play that way, doing impulsive things to break out of Deliberation Stagnation and just make something happen. I give Reul credit that even though he obviously doesn’t want something to go a certain way, if the roll is good enough he’ll let it happen.


    Shaded Spriter

    I really liked the episode and I hope that Berta and the pirate get their wish and remain cute.

    I am glad that Hex was back for this episode because like you said during the panel you need a stabilising force in the campaign.

    I am hoping you can get another player into pok├ęballs of Stealix to play this part…because I don’t think Percy Pokewitz is up to the task.

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