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    D&D Book III Chapter 3 is here!

    Unsettling things continue to unfold on the island. We made a heck of a mistake going there. Fortunately, we have some unexpected help.


    Just finished it and may i say…I missed it. Cant comment on all that i want till at least a week though, giving everyone else a chance to get it.

    I will say on a comment Colin made, all Torpedoes are Torpedoes of death.
    That is all


    @pseery80 Hopefully no one will come here to discuss the episode without having listened to it first. I think it’s fair game, dude!

    Ice Abyzz

    An absolute riot! Dean is just such a fucking great character and I feel that is a mean thing to say it with so many great characters. Don’t worry guys, he’s just rare, I’m sure I’d get tired of him if he was there all the time (I wouldn’t, Dean for live!) The last two episodes are such a testament to the necessity of Vimak’s guidance 😀

    Have to give you guys props for the Roleplaying in this one, I felt legitimately sad for… was his name Chuck? sure. I felt bad for him and I got a little worried about the aftermath. There are too many great things to comment on in this episode but all in all, a great episode.

    One thing I found super interesting was Ruel talking about what they could have done to “fix” things without all the slaughter, I think it would be super interesting to hear Ruel talk about some of the other things the gang messed up. Actually I think it would be super funny to listen to his side of some of the episodes where you guys went so far of the beaten path, like in season one, I think the episode was called Cool Ranch… one sec, I’m going to listen to it again. Ahh, such a great episode. Back on point. In it seems like you guys go way off path but he makes it work in the end. I would love to hear Ruel tell the story from a DM point of view.

    Best sentence of the show: “I think I might loose these guys, I’ve got HUUUUGE leg muscles. It’s ridiculous, I’m like a horse.
    Had to stop working to keep from loosing it.


    So happy to see Deen back, not just for his hilarious idiocy, but because it offers hope for the return of Izzy and Ryllatrix.

    In regards to the other ways the situation could have been handled, I don’t think there was ever really a chance this group of people would be able to solve the matter peacefully. In fact, all things considered I suspect that this might have been the best possible outcome. Between the Princess looking to kill you guys and Baelin looking to kill the entire village, not having all the information about what you were up against, and lacking Vimak to act as healer/battle coordinator, there seems to have been no way you’d get a happy ending out of this. The only two people that seem likely to be willing to to try a diplomatic solution would probably be Izzy or Vimak, Vimak would lose patience almost as soon as the first shots were fired, and Izzy can’t really be expected to hold the rest of the team back. Killing most of them, but not everyone was really the best that could be expected.

    Also, in regards to my outlandish theory that there is some connection to the islanders here and the ones on Corny Island, I realized there is another similarity. The natives that had accompanied Captain Corney when he went to greet Jamela and Jenn’Ifer in the jungle were described as also having skeleton facepaint on, though none of the other slaves did. A remmnant of whatever same tradition causes the Chosen to wear the bone faces perhaps?


    Happy to see the return of Dean as-well-as the awesome Ness that is War Machine (now armed with sexual frustration).

    Conclusion was well set, I always run into such problems with my games (more often than I should) with similar story arcs.

    Also i believe Dean, once he befriends one normal person, will ultimately name his Steve no matter his name or gender. Which also turns them into official Red Shirts, so the mark of Steve will end in that NPCs death.

    For Steve!!!


    I loved this episode. Dean was great and it was awesome to see Jemala kick some arse.

    Steam: Garayur


    It was so amazing to listen to this. I already shared with a few friends. They we’re pretty amazed when I told them I got to be the voice of Steve.

    I love Jemala and Dean. Everything that comes out of their mouths is just pure gold to me. Especially when Dean talks about his muscles. I can never stop laughing.

    My other name is Rosswell


    Poor Steve. You will be avenged!!

    Shaded Spriter

    I think what I liked the most about this episode (and I only just listened to it yesterday) is how much you were “Only slaughter the bad ones” and trying not to go along with the Paladin’s plan but as soon as you were in the battle – You just killed everyone.

    It will be interesting how much Jamala is effected by this episode…If she is going to be more reserved in future episodes or not. (Lefty and Bartie won’t be effected by it and Dean is too stupid to remember.)

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Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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