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    Hey gang! Been a long time since we’ve done a Fan Love contest and this time, the lens it turned to us!

    Since we started up D&D, fans have been sending us awesome bits of fan love. Just check out the fan art page, there’s cool character portraits, illustrations, heck even some sculptures. We love when you guys send us stuff, so we thought we’d put on a fan love contest to reward the incredible tributes you make to us. Now’s the time to show your Dungeons & Doritos pride. Glorious prizes await!

    We’ll accept any medium – stories, art, songs… Draw us a a comic, write some fanfic, make a low-budget fan film, recreate scenes in LEGOs, Minecraft… ANYTHING. Just show your favorite Doritodonians some love.

    DUE DATE: Sunday, August 12th 11:59pm

    Click HERE for the full prize list and rules! We’re likely to add some additional stuff. Get ready for D&D episode 21 – it’s almost ready!

    If you want to share your entries, post ’em here! And if you’ve got any questions, just ask.


    I already have my Vimak Minecraft skin done- time to do the others.

    For the Commonwealth!


    I already have an idea. I must get home and get to work.


    This is going to be a busy few weeks for me! I have big plans for this, but I have 0 time!


    I haven’t had the chance to join into the community since my submission to the D&D episode naming contest. I’m excited to start working on my project, whether it is a winning submission or not!


    Oh I know of just the thing I need to do for this.

    Nobody is normal, a normal person is just someone you don't know very well.

    Kevin Wise

    I just spent so many hours typing. For reals.


    Hey guys, there’s been a couple updates to the prizes!


    There goes the rest of my free time.

    I didn’t see it in the rules but what is the word on multiple submissions or multi-part submissions (there is something I’ve wanted to do for a while but it’s not very creative so I want to combine it with something else) should I choose just one?

    Also known as: Randomguyoncomp on Minecraft


    After hearing about this I’ve had big plans running through my head all day. Big, grand and wonderful plans. Unfortunately they were all scuppered by the fact I can’t draw my way out of a paper bag. So I’m mulling over something far less big and grand, but hopefully still quite wonderful. We’ll see what happens with it.


    Looks like I started checking back just in time. Now what to do… Would you be willing to take pieces in progress? I don’t wanna give too much away right off the bat, but I have an idea.


    @Oberlok Good question! It’s been added to the rules.

    CAN I SUBMIT MULTIPLE ITEMS? Yes! But keep in mind – only one can win! Just one winning piece of fan love per-person (we’ll pick the best). If you’ve got limited time for your projects it’s probably best to just devote all your time to doing one exceptional project.

    Choosing whether or not to do just one it up to you and how much time you can spend, really.

    @Been Did you see the part in the rules where you can commission an artist? (In that case we grade on the scope of the concept)

    @Matasm It’s okay to send in incomplete works, but if it’s going to be finished at some point, might as well hold off for the finished product. We will accept partially-finished stuff if it’s down to the wire.


    Listened to the new episode this morning and, since hearing of the contest, I’ve had an idea for a story percolating all day. Hopefully I can get it written before the deadline; I also have a pesky thesis to write.


    If anyone wants to collaborate on a short story or anything, drop me a line. I don’t care about the prizes, I just want to show love for the show and the community


    I’ve added a bit of info to the contest page.

    Just want to make sure that everyone submitting visual stuff feels free to interpret the character designs in your own style. We use Tony’s character designs predominantly with our visuals, but ultimately most of D&D happens in your imaginations while listening. I don’t want anyone to feel like you’re confined to adapt them to our reoccurring designs unless you want to.

    Have fun!


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 49 total)
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