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Dungeons and Doritos: Doritomon Colosseum

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    Okay, so I think I noticed a pattern in the last few Dungeons & Doritos campaign ideas, and god knows I love a bandwagon so let’s go!

    “Doritomon Colosseum” a Dungeons and Doritos and Pokemon role playing cross over.

    The DnD crew is wandering about as they are like to do, when the come across a temple, a la Midday in the Maze of Mischief back in Book 1. Turns out the local pantheon of demigods are having a gigantic argument over which one of them is the very best, like none of the others ever were. Obviously, the only way to decide this is the same method as all great and multi-faceted problems. Forced Gladiatorial Blood Sport. After conversing with the angry and mentally unstable gods, the party is captured and placed in some spherical crystal cages, before being dumped in an arena.

    Here is where I think this could go a few ways.
    1: The Party are given strange orbs of brilliant colourful stone allowing them to summon strange beasts.
    2: The Party themselves are forced to fight as champions for one of the gods, maybe even give bonuses based on which god/gods they choose.
    3: The Party must fight as is the case in 2, but the cages have transmogrified them into strange and monstrous versions of themselves.

    Chaos, Panic, and hopefully hilarity ensue as the party has to prove their worth and escape the Colosseum.

    I also imagine the gods themselves being as the Pokeballs of Steelix Party, like Ju-Manji the Goddess of Gluttony and Jam-See the God of Pestilence, Impotent Rage, and Abject Failure.

    Hope you guys like it. I’d love to see what the community thinks!

    My other name is Rosswell


    I also think that this might do with a better name. Although, it does kinda fit the suggested adventure.

    My other name is Rosswell


    Jam-See the God of Pestilence, Impotent Rage, and Abject Failure really needs to happen at some point

    Steam: Garayur

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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