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    Colin Peterson

    Holy balls, book 2 is finally over…


    What’s up with Ryllatrix’s accent?


    I think she more of a french accent. I like it honestly.

    And I really really liked this episode. Good way to wrap up the book.

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    I thought it was weird that she suddenly had an elvish accent, but it fits her character. Overall, what a great episode, I laughed my ass off and loved the conclusion. Great job, guys!

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    The accent was great. It really made her character stand out from the others in a good way. Awesome episode! Really have enjoyed the entire series fellas!


    Great episode with a solid conclusion. The end hit me right in the feels…


    *sits massaging his temples*

    Warmachine…… That was awesome.

    @Korrik I also got a solid hit in the feels from the ending.

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    @codemonkey85 & co.

    ‘Trix’s accent was something Ruby was doing off and on in previous episodes, she just finally got it all the way in this one. In previous adventures she was cursing in Elvish (French) and an accent would bubble up. In her first appearance I think she forgot she was gonna do it and then retroactively started adding it in.

    Downward Spiral

    Wow, so Book II has finally ended. Man, that was an awesome conclusion. I have a number of thoughts, which I’m going to put in bullet points for no particular reason except that I like bullet points.

    • WAR MACHINE (I think it should always be spelled in all caps) is my new favorite thing ever. I don’t know which was more hilarious–the idea of Barty and Jen’Ifer riding on Dean’s shoulders into combat, or the fact that it actually worked pretty well.
    • Yeah, Ryllatrix’s sudden elven accent was a bit weird to introduce in the last episode of the book. I do like it, but it seemed to kind of come out of nowhere.
    • Damn, Ruel is good at tying these plots together. I know from comments on the last episode that this whole finale did not go according to plan at all, but he really made it seem like this was were the plot was going all along. Hats off to you, man.
    • As Galdap mentioned, I’m really curious as to what will happen with the remaining members of the B Team. I know it was really hard assembling all these people, but I’ll definitely miss them if they go their separate ways.


    I was sad we didn’t get more Brian and that Wolfbear wasn’t around, but under the circumstances I understand.


    I have a number of thoughts as well:
    Against gnolls, Chair was swell
    Against orcs, Lefty is too
    And Barty does well against old dudes

    Now, we just have to wait and see
    Against what will Jamela a badass be?

    Thoroughly enjoyed, but with one minor complaint
    The effects and music made the dialogue most faint

    Stop eating my sesame cake


    10 minutes in…

    Oh my word! Mentioned on D&D! Again!


    hashtag nerding-out-forever!

    Glad you enjoyed the terrible fan art!

    … and it looks far more awful scanned than it did in real life!

    … which is extraordinary, as it looked terrible in real life! XD

    (And ugh, those eyes. I really wish I could redo it, but… it’d probably be just as bad. ;D)

    I can’t believe that Lefty now has a feather in her cap, just because of that hideous picture!

    The offer still stands, by the way, if you’re ever in Ocala!

    EDIT: Oh, how awesome! That ending! Or rather, both of them! Pre- and Post-Galdap!
    EDIT 2: To clarify a sentence that used confusing syntax.

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Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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