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Drift Stage game or Forza: Blood Dragon

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    Anybody else psyched about Drift Stage? It’s an indie racing game with Dreamcast-era 3D where you can count the polygons and the same kind of neon-vomit texture work you saw in Blood Dragon. Hand crafted, non-dithered gradients abound, looking something like a “Welcome to Florida!” t-shirt from the early 80s. There is an alpha demo available to play on PC, and a few videos. The soundtrack is kind of royalty free Joe Satriani type stuff, though I wish it were more of a chiptune vibe. It kind of looks like they just built the one wedge-car model, and skinned it to be all the classic wedge car shapes of yore regardless of whether their performance puts them in the same category or not. In the demo you can only play the Lotus Esprit, but in the promo art I’ve seen a BMW M1, an AE86 Toyota Carolla, a Ferrari 308, and what appears to be a Dome Zero. My best time in the demo is 1:24:829.

    drift stage

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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