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    IT’S RPG MONTH! We’re releasing episodes themed around tabletop roleplaying, hosting an RPG podcast panel at MegaCon, and now that Call of Cthulhu is recorded, holding a NEW RPG $upport drive where YOU choose the next system we play. Find out how to get involved here:

    Dresden Files has been a big contender every time we’ve done this. Could this be its time? It uses the fate system which Brian vouches for so much, that’s what they’re building the Atomic Robo RPG on! For more info on the system, go here:

    Next week we’ll be posting Hex’s pitch for the character he’d like to play in the Dresden U.

    If you’ve got aspirations of us taking on Dresden’s take on the modern magic fantasy – this is your place to stage the battle!


    This is just a really cool system and the world is super adaptable. It not only lets players add details to the world and characters it rewards them for doing so while never becoming abusive. Its super adaptable allowing a large range of character types and none ever feel under powered. From pure mortals, half-fae changelings, champions of god, emissaries of power and much more they are all awesome and none ever feel under or overpowered. It is a super flexible system with a really cool world. To give you an idea, I play in a group that has a Kung-Fu Wizard, a mortal Gun-slinger with an artifact, an Emissary of Power to the Gods of Metal, A Pyromaniac Wizard, and a Pure Mortal spy.

    Steam: Garayur


    I think we all need more Dresden in our lives. May 27th feels like a long way away for Skin Game.


    Hex has entered the character pitch fray with his wandering wizard, Fisher. He’s a dude with a tragic past and demon-sensitive battle scars.

    Read Fisher’s bio here!


    I’m playing in a dresden game right now actually. Super fun system. I love it to pieces. Even if i don’t know much about the Dresden universe, whatever is happening in this game sure as heck makes me want to read them. (helps that my DM is a fanboy for dresden anyway XD)

    I’ve got smooth talkin Ladies man lady alchemist whose tagable aspects include “Sucker for a pretty face” “It was supposed to do that” and “Granny’s gotta go”

    "Your not a failure, your ideas are just silly and dumb!"

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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