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Doctor Who: Old Who vs New Who, Who's Side Are You On?

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    Yo dudes!

    Again the gears are starting to turn at Nerdy Show. Over the past few weeks we’ve been talking about doing a large compare and contrast article, a versus article. The first battle, comparison, or whatever you would like to call it is between Pre-Reboot Doctor Who and Post-Reboot Doctor Who. We have several writers, myself included that will be working on the article, I don’t want to reveal who the others are just yet, unless Cap gives the okay.

    What we want is we want to know where our Nerdy Show fans stand. Are you like myself, exposed to Doctor Who sense you were a small child and grew up watching it? Or did you become a fan with the 2005 reboot? It doesn’t matter and truthfully there is no right or wrong answer. But there is a lot of passion in the fandom. A debate is always fun, so we pose this question…


    Seriously give us our reasons, the article is going to be our thoughts and opinions on why we feel that one is stronger than the other, or if they are both equal for a variety of reasons. I am writing from the stance of Old Who was better and what I want is for everyone here that is a fan, new or old to question me, agree with me, argue with me, tell me I’m right, wrong, I don’t care. We want to know what you guys think. We also want you guys to ask questions, is there something you’ve never understood that you’d like to have explained by one of the article writers? Or is there something you could enlighten the rest of us with?

    Depending on the responds we might bring it a step further and I can’t say yet what that might be, but it will be fun. We want to include the fans in more projects and this is one way to do it. If you want to go, “I don’t know Briggs, I think you’re lame and your obsession with spectral tigers immediately discredits you…” wait don’t do that, but if you want to challenge anyone, DO IT!

    Post your view points, questions, and why you feel that way! Post them here and when the article is out comment on it!

    I’m wanting to get the article posted around the sixth or seventh episode this series, so it will give us plenty of time to get your opinions!


    I never watched the reboot that much so its hard to be too fair about it. Definitely old series for me, though, I’ll do the older version of this argument and say its the doctors 4,2,3 and 1 for me, not those … other guys. But at least I still call them doctors, these new guys scared me off the series before I could really get into it; weird, young, beautiful, socially adept doctors who suddenly find humans vastly younger than them attractive. (Kinda like you falling into love with a newborn rhesus monkey. And yes, I’m ignoring that one time the first doctor appeared to fall in love with a senior citizen, it was weird ancient south america and he was getting a bit senile.)

    But yeah, other than the new doctors seeming sort of “anti Tom Baker” and the companions having magic superpowers and them giving Sarah Jane a spinoff show, I can’t really say much about the series itself. I got biased already BEFORE properly watching it.

    To me doctor who is at its best when he really seems like an outsider, Tom Baker did a great job at it. The new ones kind of seem and act like they were regular humans, just they come with weird sparkly magic, and I always preferred the doctor to be alien by his behavior, not his gadgets or that weird sparkyly stuff. Then again, the series keeps changing so completely between each doctor so its kind of hard to complain.


    As someone who got into Doctor Who with the reboot I would say that of what I’ve seen of old Who (which was a few scattered Dalek episodes, the multi-Doctor anniversaries, and the Trial of a Time Lord arc) is pretty good. From the new series I’ve been pretty okay with it, it has ups and downs but it hasn’t turned me off yet.
    I also watched all of Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures, and K9 and I’ve realized that Doctor Who isn’t the best Doctor Who show, Sarah Jane Adventures is. It’s fun and a bit childish at parts, but gets just dramatic enough to hold suspense without being grim and gritty (looking at you Torchwood).

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    I’m right there with you, M. I was introduced to the show with Tom Baker’s Doctor. He is probably my favorite, nostalgia has a lot to do with it. I’ll go into more detail but you are right, the Doctor is alien and in the olden days the less we knew about him, the better. The mystery has all but vanished and that is one of my biggest issues with the reboot, we know too damn much.

    Shaded Spriter

    I was introduced to the show with the previous attempt to reboot it. (The eighth Doctor) but only really got into it with the new series. I have never really watched old-who (Maybe 4-10 episodes over the course of my childhood) and I have decided to not go back because there is so much new shows I want to watch going back to watch old who is too big a back log to go through – because if I am going to watch some episodes – I would have to watch all of them – It is basically the same reason I haven’t watched gone back to watch Star Trek.

    (and I do take that seriously – I am currently 104 Episodes into a Korean variety show…because I have to watch all the episodes to get the “characters”/running jokes.)

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    Don’t worry, you can’t accidently watch the entire doctor who – some of the show is lost and gone.
    The show is also wildly different depending on who’s playing the Doctor.

    1st – kids show, takes turns teaching you science and history (aka. he goes to past and future on every other episode).

    2nd – gets more properly scifi, also has “that 60’s thing where the companions are kinda hot and wear catsuits and stuff for no apparent reason”.

    3rd – he … is Austin Powers now.. for some reason. Does not actually feature TARDIS travel as much as sitting in britain being a secret agent or something.

    4th – the famous one, super fun, has couple of episodes written by Douglas Adams… DOUGLAS FRIGGIN ADAMS! If you want a peek at the show at its glory days get some of those.

    5th – special needs Doctor, wears padded knee pads and everything.

    6th – the Doctor is … evil now? Also dresses like a clown… possibly the Joker. I actually kind of was into the “potentially sinister Doctor” attempt to bring back some mysticism to the character but everyone else hates him.

    7th – Aging librarian Doctor hangs out with a chubby troubled (read: obnoxious) companion, pretty standard fare but felt pretty soulless to me already. Probably closest you’d get to the new series (except he’s not dreamy).


    M is right. It would be exceedingly difficult to accidentally watch the entirety of the show. And he is also right in pointing out that it takes massive tone changes from Doctor to Doctor. I really like the originals namely because they were salty, angry old men. They weren’t afraid to commit genocide to make sure something worse didn’t happen.


    Anyone else have anything to contribute? Do I have to start insulting the show to get you guys talking? Hahahaha…haha……..ha?


    @Briggs: No one will respond to your taunts. Many of use have fine tuned the ability to travel through time in one direction, and as a result, have completely ignored your comments.

    That being said. I am a new gen Who-vian.

    Mostly because I had not access to the show until the reboot showed up on Sci-Fi. If it wasn’t for the darker, semi- X-files vibe I wouldn’t have kept watching when the lighter episodes appeared. There are many things I would state to contradict those that prefer the older Doctor, compared to the new, but in short, they are the same. Just different directions, and different questions. The phases for each incarnation links to a different personality, with their flaws and strengths, and different perspectives.

    Sure there are a few story arcs where the Doctor plays around with love, but not really.
    The 3 cases I can think of now are…
    1. The PTSD doctor and Rose (There is flirting, but I think that is as much an experiment by someone trying to cope with what is essentially genocide of his species)
    2. The 1800’s love story (The doctor actually became “human” through the use of that pocket watch thing, so it doesn’t count)
    3. The Matt Smith doctor got married (but it was a long distance thing, and she did have some time lord DNA so it wouldn’t be bestiality technically, if it was ever implied, which it wasn’t)


    The FIRST doctor flirted with an aged native South American in past-earth so the “horny doctor” is not entirely a sin for the new series alone.

    However, I always preferred the weird asexual doctor (he’s not supposed to be a human, c’mon) or at best when he got just slightly flirty with another timelord. Both of these were done great by Tom Baker, the best doctor, with throwaway lines like “you’re a beautiful woman… probably”. His flirtiness probably was simply the fact he was actually married to his timelord co-star Romana II (Lalla Ward), who is now married to Richard Dawkins because… err… Great Britain is basically just a long episode of Friends or something.

    Citizen Stu

    I think it’s hard to get into a discussion of new who vs. old who with out it turning into a discussion of which doctor people prefer.

    My earliest memory of watching Doctor Who is with the 7th doctor. I know he is not the best doctor but he was ‘MY’ doctor. The one that introduced me to the show. I remember having my mind blown as a child which watching Remembrance of The Daleks.

    I think the other important things thing to consider in any new who vs old who discussion is Russle T Davies vs. Steven Moffat. Russle T Davies era had its goofie episodes every now and then but I still found them enjoyable and I thought he did some great series long story arcs/mysteries. There were some amazing episodes. Seven Moffat on the other hand (in my opinion) is running the series into the ground. Anyone who has seen the recent ‘Kill the Moon’ and ‘In The Forest of the Night’ might know what I am talking about. The writing has become lazy (to the point that it feels like it is insulting the viewer intelligence). The climax of each Moffat series so far have always been such a let down and they have been all over the place in terms of tone and pacing. This is surprising since in the past Moffat was responsible for some of the best episodes (Blink comes to mind).

    For me I like Old Who. I like New Russle T Who more but I am starting to hate New Moffat Who (to the point that I started to get slightly angry writing this).

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