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    Crunchmastime is here again! Thanks to the inspired campaign suggestion “Perchance to Dream” from @omnig-sage0 and @frozentreasure.

    This episode has everything! Weird hijinks! Old friends! Amazing new score from Ryan! And our first Crunchmas single since 2011!

    Listen to the episode here:
    Download the score and the single:

    What Doritos do you want for Crunchmas this year?


    This was AWESOME! Very well done!

    So how much did the players know of the situation before going into the game? How much meta was used to enhanced the story?

    Also: the most loyal of Lefty’s crew have now been killed, leaving only the most weak-willed, cowardly, and/or self-serving. 🙁

    I didn’t know what this was going in (and was somewhat confused at first), but as soon as Christopher was mentioned, I knew what was going on (more or less). Very well put-together thing. (It helps that I pulled something similar, although somewhat different and less blatant, with my own players once.) Great story, well executed.

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    @tacticslion Glad you dug it, man!

    All we knew going into this was that it would be a dream (based on the campaign topic) where our fantasies would be indulged and that it was set during Crunchmas. Some or all of us submitted our characters’ deepest desires to Ruel (which of us actually did this I don’t know for sure) so he’d have a basis for what to play to. Also I wrote “Crunchmas Without You” ahead of time, gave Ruel the premise, and asked that we find a place to work it in somewhere.


    Seconded this is one of my favorite episodes. It was so much fun to listen to. We are used to the characters struggling toward their goals, often at odds with each other and it was really cool to see what it might be like if they succeeded and got along more. Not that I am complaining about business as usual that is awesome too. Its just cool to see a bit more of the other sides of the characters and what a happily ever after might look like for them.

    I loved “Crunchmas Without You” and it was awesome to hear Brian singing his part as well.

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    I do not remember suggesting this.




    Ha! @ frozentreasure – You’ll have to take it up with @omnig-sage0! He’s the one who credited the idea to you.

    Ice Abyzz

    Don’t want to just another voice in the echo chamber but what else can you do when faced with such a splendid piece radio. Great episode, but I think I might have had my best laugh at Deans expense. When he had his little anime moment and noone got it, How LEWD of Jemela, I couldn’t stop laughing because I’ve had these moments with less nerdy friends of mine.. those uncultured swine. hahaha.

    Also, Vimac’s part in the Crunchmass song… straight to the feels. Just perfect you guys.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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