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    BTW – If you’d like to watch the raw, unedited D&D Q&A it”s up on our Google + Page:

    We’d intended to have the full video up quickly, but with the Skype connections being unintelligible from Hangouts we’re going to have to edit our studio audio over the Hangouts video and this could take a bit of time. So here’s the show as it was aired – even better version coming soon. Also a podcast, perhaps even sooner.


    Well I am happy I messaged my questions. I have only checked out 30 min thus far and found this as rough, but still enjoyable. That night I called my game early to try make it to the call-in but missed it.

    Thanks for answering the questions not asked Cap enjoyable ofyou talk to Ruel next tell him I tip my GMing hat to him and his open world ways and are looking forward to see what else he has in store for you all.
    On a connected note to building something and the players changing it the night of your Q&A my players were giving a scenario that would have challenged their abilities as was the intent and they went ahead and called in a boon they received from a power evil dragon to accomplish their task for them. I knew about that boon but figured they were saving it for something more superficial or whatever, damb their clever (and lazy) asses

    Hope Colin’s and Klye’s audio is salvageable so we can get their responses a little better but really don’t do edit this raw feed. It shows character and teaches us all the problems of broadcasting that aren’t as easily explained in books or blogs. It is still enjoyable.

    And another thank you to Ruel on asking about Cythuloo, I have been wondering that myself

    so I am almost done and I have say I can’t wait for the audio to clear cause I really want to hear Kyle’s answers.

    To Ryan: Thanks for your understanding of my carding you, also for your descriptive answers but i am sorry for putting u on the spot about the rescoring the previous seasons. Though I can’t believe you read sword of truth and not wheel of time (swords better older brother)

    To all: Thanks for reading through most of my questions. I asked so much not just for my benefit, u figured these forum questions were filler and I wasntseeing a lot so i kept on asking. (Loved hearing my name drop so often) hope it helped


    @pseery80 You asked lots of great questions, dude. And the studio audio we have is as pristine as any episode of the show and will be released as a podcast.

    The only trick is how time consuming will it be to salvage the video using the studio audio. Sometimes separate audio and video devices record at different rates and can de-synch over time. So we’ll have to use some finesse to get it working.


    So I heard the question about recording do u think u can post on the podcast the equipment you mentioned, hell or even have a quick how-to cast episode.

    But good to hear about the audio can’t wait to hear it


    Videos with restored audio are still in-coming, but the D&D Q&A podcast is out!


    Yeah full audio! WAR MACHINE!!!

    man this was a great cast.
    I dont agree with Colin though, it shouldn’t be up to the other players to say if Barty is picked on, Barty should have a say too.


    this was highly entertaining, and made me want to take up the fanart calling again. I have a really fun idea I’m going to try and carve out time for based off of something that happened in this Q&A, hopefully it turns out how I want it.


    Please let it be Deens workout or heavydevils “Gob”Stopper.

    Oh and C, if you read this, i am going to use your Saw opening in a modular game at Megacon next year using the Dresden Files Rpg. If that is ok with you?


    I’m only halfway through the recording, and this is already as good as an episode by itself. Grats on five years of D&D! May you never be redacted.


    The more i listen to @ruel-knudson answers about his favorite trap or how the players went off script I find it hard to believe that he is as hands off with what his favorite things he put in the game. I feel that way cause you can hear how he is slightly disappointed how his NPCs get schooled constantly. Now obviously if he didn’t want them hurt he would have given them story armor however he commented on how if he remembered what all abilities you all had he would make the challenges to almost counter or will have the situation not be impeded by the characters abilities.
    Not judging his abilities as a GM especially if he is really sincere about what he spoke about, as a GM who have made throw away games for conventions and knowing those are as much for the player to be as entertained as much as possible, I still am giddy when they are confronted by the challenge I built for them to attack and I have had some good ones (for me) and was sad that the players were able to beat it

    Last note about this then I am done talking about it, I have listened to this 3 times, mostly for the name drops, but I need to be done with this personally.
    After Ryan gave his nerd accomplishments, which really wasn’t a thing i just wanted to know more about him (stalker habit), all were sound but it wasn’t till that final fantasy bit that I said “He’s Legit” everyone played magic and liking fantasy books doesn’t scream nerd unless he cosplayed or made a screen name after a character, but having such strong feelings for the Playstation rogue maneuver that was it for me.
    needed to be said, enjoy the show everyone

    Ruel Knudson

    I hear what you are saying. However, I feel like the characters have faced some enormously challenging encounters, some where they were stumped, others where they had to basically retreat, and others where they very nearly died. I am not disappointed because the NPCs got schooled easily in any given encounter. When I am disappointed is when that particular encounter was shut down by something the players thought of. There are a pretty random bunch of ideas that suddenly pop into an encounter. For instance, I never expected them to throw the torturer at the behold. But, thems the breaks, so that fun little character got dead.

    Sometimes I hope for character’s to survive or for encounters to go a certain way, but then they don’t. With Sagas every hit is potentially fatal, especially with NPCs where you don’t expect them to be stabilized or healed in combat while the PCs are throwing nasty little eldritch blasts, devastating light attacks, or Barty’s seemingly uncanny way to throw a dagger very successfully only when it absolutely matters. Having magical armor, or even better armor or weapons won’t really help. Sagas is not like most RPGs where gear is an important part of your ability to survive. Better gear just improves the character’s ability to do something they are already doing. Having a suit of armor that absorbs light might help against Jamela, but it won’t stop Lefty from beating you like a like a cheap piñata, or Vimak from sticking you to the ground.

    Also, in the nature of the radio drama (and generally for my own tastes) I don’t like to build encounters or enemies to fit the group. I think of it more organically and basically think of what that person or encounter would look like without character sheets. If I was writing a novel and someone else was going to right in the hero parts, but I didn’t get to know anything about those heroes then this is how it would look. In most cases the opponents don’t know they are about to deal with our merry little band, and so are not as well prepared as say the Man in Black was or how Pepper Jack has already proven to be. The Man in Black learned that his enemies were these particular baddasses and so he hired his own baddasses to go after them, all the while kidnapping a key member of the group and messing with their own little worlds to try to stop them. Most of the other enemies really didn’t have any idea what was about to hit them until it came full speed at them.

    Anyways, that’s my point of view. Glad you are enjoying the show.


    @ruel-knudson, happy to hear from you and thanks for your input.
    But when I mentioned armor, I was referring to story armor as in the gm had created superseding in the near death of a non by creating and even escape route or a believe able “bullet hitting the badge moment.”
    Still I am satisfied with your expressed opinion. With that though I feel for you that you might not have your reoccurring bad guy unless you make him unbeatable or untouchable at first and include him in a face off later on.

    With my last thought, I would recommend you read (unless you already had) fate system’s Dresden Files section on being taken out, (I.e. killed or nearly killed). To summarize you and the player who lands the killing blow have a conversation about how to end the bad guy which doesn’t always means death.

    Hope to hear from you about a question I sent you


    Also, in the nature of the radio drama (and generally for my own tastes) I don’t like to build encounters or enemies to fit the group.

    Having played sessions where the GM considered that his best option to increase the difficulty of encounters, I’m glad that’s not how you do things. Those sessions aren’t fun to play, so I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t be fun to listen to.

    Sagas is not like most RPGs where gear is an important part of your ability to survive.

    That’s one of the reasons I want to give Sagas a try someday actually. Overall I enjoyed playing Pathfinder, but with the way the system assumes that your party members have a certain gold value equivalent for their items when factoring the Challenge Rating for encounters, fights that should be of mild to moderate difficulty become a lot more challenging if you have a GM like one I had that had trouble balancing how much loot he awarded and tended to stay on the stringent end of the spectrum.

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    The first 5 parts of the D&D Q&A video stream are live! Better late than never, right?

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