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    JOINING THE D&D Q&A ROSTER: Composer of the D&D Original Score – Ryan McQuinn in his Nerdy Show debut! Ask him about music, or his other career, punching sharks!

    Really excited Ryan is joining us for the D&D Q&A! Ryan’s been our sole composer for Book III. Just wait til’ you hear what he’s done for our Call of Cthulhu show – it’s unholy.

    Pregame on his sweet tunes:


    I can’t make the show sadly, but I’ll toss some questions out here!

    What really happened to Jamela’s mace?

    Barty has really taken it on the nose in book 3 – Loving that, by the way – Was it karmic justice from the end of book two, or destiny?

    Who holds the record for biggest single hit on an enemy, er, it could be Barty so let me rephrase: who holds the record for biggest single hit on a target? Bonus points if you mention where and when!

    One more thing, from the nerdy show/real congregation crossover last week: Could the Man in Black really have been Joe Camel the whole time? Ok now I’m just being silly.
    It’s not like the first time we saw him, he was giving hyenamen the satisfaction of smoking out Wizard Chris from the tower.
    It’s not like Joe Camel is a wizard of cool, more than capable of entrancing lovely ladies.
    It’s not like he promised the B Team a bunch of swag if they just bought what he was selling.
    It’s not like Jen’Ifer was a red herring, and the fires of Tolay we’re started by cigarette butts.
    It’s not like having control of Doritodonia could mean starving the flow of Doritos, leading the populace to turn to addictions such as cigarettes. Nope, nothing to see here.

    Oh shi-


    Two things!

    1) Have any questions for your favorite dragonborn? She’s interested in hearing from you about your live life, fashion, and other advice stuff!

    2) DEEN! He’ll be with us! That dude is jacked!

    More info on our new episode:


    So Deen the mighty will be there, or will Krondor Kyle be there?


    YEAH!!! Got my first stupid question answered.


    Hey gang,

    It seems to me as though your individual avatars have developed a fair bit in the course of their adventures. I was wondering if this is something you’ve ever reflected on, and if so how you would describe these changes in your own words — I.E. how have your avatars adapted, and why?

    On that note, have you noticed changes in the personalities of each others’ avatars as time has gone by?

    Ruel too — would you say that your style as a game master has shifted at all as a result of the A and B team’s adventures?

    Ryan, I don’t have a question for you, but just wanted to say thanks for all the music. The energy you channel into the experience is really something, and I’d feel remiss if I didn’t take this opportunity to express my gratitude for your contribution.

    To all of you collectively, thanks for the good times. See you on the flipside.

    All best,


    Will I be able to call in on Skype or something? International call fees aren’t exactly desirable.




    @frozentreasure 100%! It’s Skype and phone. Skype name is more deets momentarily.


    I have a question for Jamela.

    My wife and I have two jobs and two kids. We don’t have a lot of time (or energy) for sexy times. What are your suggestions for keeping our love life stimulating? Thanks.


    I should clarify: when I said “momentarily” I meant it. However, no sooner had I wrote that then the Internet in our area crashed. It’s being serviced presently. I prefer to not think of this is a bad omen for tonight, but rather as a promise that our Internet signal will be perfect when the time comes… I hope.


    So, do we just call in then? Join a conference call? Will we be able to listen to the event in any way after today?

    My other name is Rosswell



    The official post is up! Hopefully this will answer all your questions on how to join in, etc.. If not – just reply here.
    The above link is where you’ll get access to the stream!


    Hey Jamela, Why ARE you called mistress of the steam tunnels? I’m with Vemac I thought you just you know made it up.


    Ruel, was Christophers character meant to be a nod at Doctor Who or was he purely meant to be a Deus Ex Machina?


    How’d it go?
    Did anyone extra make it?
    So where can we watch this after-the-fact?


    Thanks everyone for a wonderful time! We’ll have the show in both video and podcast form up as soon as possible.

    We had some tech hiccups, most of which we got sorted out by the end of the show. On our end Skype sounded fine (and recorded fine) but for some reason Hangouts garbled it horribly. Trying to figure out why so it doesn’t happen again – didn’t happen during any of our tests.

    We actually had so many questions we couldn’t even answer them all in three hours! So we’re going to answer all the ones we didn’t get to here!

    Questions from @pseery80:

    Q: In the first episode of the B-team (Shadows of Opposition), there was a section between freeing Deen and the party getting to Toley that sounded like character filler to show what the people were doing in that time. Was it just that or was there more to those scenes? If it was made as filler, do you think it was truly necessary?

    A: As I remember it, there was going to be a jump in time. Ruel basically said “it took you [duration of time] to get to Tolay” and we decided to have the cast improv some antics to fill the gap. So, no deleted/ extended scenes – that’s just the cast having fun. Necessary? No, I suppose not – but it was a lot of fun and not meant as “filler” it was just in the spirit of the crew.

    Q: Book 1 Episode 4 – Mid-Day in the Maze of Mischief, the session was GMed by Hex and you guys seemed more chaotic than before or since. This is my favorite episode because you all seemed to have the most fun – but were you all that crazy simply to give Hex a hard time or was it another reason, like that Brian had come to visit?

    A: At the time we’d had a short lag from D&D. We’d recorded the first 3 episodes monthly and were scrambling to get a recording done due to scheduling problems. As for a reason we were crazier than normal… I think it was the time off and that as the series was getting going we all were starting to get ideas about what we wanted to do with our characters. We were starting to realize who they were and were eager to explore what we could do with them. It was the first episode we played without a board to confine our movements. It was a chance to stretch our limbs with unconfined roleplaying and also to give our characters room to grow.

    Q:Does skyping someone for a recording really sound that good over the microphone or is the sound filtered through another device?

    A:Everything you hear on an episode is exactly as good as it sounds to us in the studio.

    Q:How did you find the talented Ruel? Did you change Gms from Aaron to Ruel due to the change of system, or did Aaron have other prior engagements?

    A: Aaron was having trouble scheduling with us and also, as a 4th edition GM, wasn’t up for taking the game to another system. By Erotic Pangolin we realized that being confined to 4th Editions tile-based move set and reliance on figurines wasn’t making for great radio. We knew we could do a better show if we didn’t use that stuff. We set out to find a GM who was proficient in a system that was all in character sheets, dice, and the theater of the mind. After some really fruitless efforts a friend told us that she knew a guy who’d made his own system and he was really good. Sounded a bit sketchy and maybe even too good to be true. Turned out it was neither. Sagas was EXACTLY what we were looking for and Rule (obviously) is an amazing storyteller. We’re super fortunate to have found him. D&D could have died then and there if we weren’t able to find a capable GM who could keep up with us.

    Q: Who do we have to thank for introducing us to the fun Cleveland sport of Surf Baiting?

    A: It’s been a while… But I think that’s me. We were working on the character profile pages (which is where a lot of our character’s origin material first surfaced. We didn’t know hardly a thing about them when we started playing, so we created it after the fact. Brian was tied up with something, so he and I bounded some stuff around. I really don’t remember the process. I just remember that somehow I settled on this joke name sport as a thing Jen’iFer did back in the day and he signed off on it for some damn-fool reason. The stuff with the cats came later.

    Q:Is there a map set up to give you a sense of direction or placement? Cuz it doesn’t sound like it.

    A: No, there’s no formal map. There’s a map Mike drew back in the day (see here) that I uploaded at some point ages ago. It was made while he was working out what would happen in the origin comics. However, while there’s no formal map, I’ve been keeping one in my head. Creating a formal map could limit our imagination. Creating stuff on the fly is fun. If we ever wanted to make a map we could make it all work. We’re vague enough. But I tend to obsess over these things, so I have been keeping mental tabs on it – maybe Ruel has too.

    My mental notes mostly involve proximity and climate. For example – Corney Island and the unnamed island from Book 3 Chapters 2 and 3 are both tropical. So much of our adventures on the ocean must take place within a similar equatorial space. All events between the comics and Tolay take place on the same continent. Everything from NO MEN DIE and Christopher’s tower is on a remote continent – far removed from anywhere else we’ve been. The Isle of Mages is in the middle of nowhere – a huge expanse of ocean. Our current adventures from the end of Chapter 25 to present don’t necessarily take place on the same continent as the one we started on, but it’s super nearby I imagine it like the apex of Europe/ Northern Africa/ Western Asia – a cultural melting pot near the equator where the cradle of Doritodonian civilization sits. There’s easy access to the ocean and a mild equatorial climate isn’t too far away.

    Q:In the process of making a character, both on paper and acting it out, the creator usually by accident or design puts a piece of themselves in the character. Example: Vimak doesn’t like Barty, and Hex and Colin have a rivalry. Does your character have something that mirrors its maker? Same goes to the GM, which of the NPCs thus far are a reflection of Ruel. (please say it is Chuck).

    A: Speaking personally, there’s not much of me in Jamela. That was by design. She’s very tragic, she’s very emotional – I’m not either of those things. There’s things about her that I like or can relate to in a distant sense, but they’re not really aspects of myself so much as things I admire or that I find interesting. Part of her was based off of my perception of the characters of Jem – before I’d ever watched the show. Basically “glamor, glitter, fashion, and fame”. I really love that aesthetic, but it’s not mine personally.

    Q: Who created the Lefty Character, was it Lefty Lucy herself, coached by Ruel after telling her of what was to come on Corney Island, or did someone create the character and send it to her leaving her to name the character?

    A: As I remember it, we knew we wanted Lefty to be in an episode, so we came up with Corney Island as a nod to her being Miss Coney Island. But everything else about her was Lefty’s design. She chose to be a pirate, she chose to use her own name. Some of her backstory I think comes from Ruel’s campaign. We didn’t intend for Lefty to be a part of the main party, but that’s the beauty of improv storytelling.

    Q: What are you most exited for about the game? If you had more available time on your hands would you participate in RPGs outside of recording this show?

    A: I really enjoy roleplaying. If for some reason we weren’t recording anymore and there was a chance I could game with the same people, I’d still be doing it for sure. In a world where we turn our adventures into epic radio plays though… I don’t really see the point in not recording things to take it to the next level.

    Q: At what point did you feel you had achieved a good grasp of your character?

    A: I think at Cool Ranch I’d finally felt like I’d figured out Jamela and what made her fun and functional.

    From @heavydevil:

    Q: When and how did you start playing tabletop rpg’s, and before you played them what did you think of them?

    A: Dungeons & Doritos was my first. I’d toyed around with roleplaying in the mystical realm of AOL’s Rhydin (or whatever it was called back in the day of open chat rooms) but that was the extend of it. I’d also ALMOST played VTM in high school. Probably for the best that I didn’t. I’d never hung out with anyone who regularly gamed, but it always seemed fun – even though media didn’t portray it in an awesome light. Nerds can smell what’s cool for real.

    Q: To Cap: You have some of the most entertaining and heartfelt performances both in DnD, Pokeballs of Steelix, and just about everything else, so how do you enter a character, their personality and mannerisms? Do you prepare before hand, finding the voice and character first? On the fly?

    A: First off – that’s extremely flattering and gratifying to hear. I do try to put some thought into the characters I do. Going all the way back to Jamela, I practiced voices beforehand – mostly while in the car. Not a ton of work, just enough to get a starting point, get a feel for what I’d like to attempt. With all of them though the proving ground has been in-game. Only in the trial-by-fire environment of recording has the full scope of their character and voices really developed and come through. Jamela, Tark, and Percy all had some limited gestation – just figuring out a comfortable place for their voices so they’d at least be someone what consistent from the start. Who they were came from gameplay. With Hunter from Paranoia – I tried out a few things beforehand, but since we didn’t have control over the aspects of our players I had to make something up on the spot. Cyril from Call of Cthulhu is perhaps the most work I’ve put into a character beforehand, as you’ll soon hear.

    From @dumpstat:

    Q: How much of the story arc is scripted? Is it more like an outline, a complete story or just a vague ending you’re reaching for?

    A: The goal for D&D is for it never to be scripted. However, as writers, things will inevitably happen and we’ll get ideas. This leads to rough outlines of possible directions. So nothing has ever been scripted in that something was tailored to go down in a particular way. With the B-Team, we thought it would be cool to introduce adversaries who would pursue us that would be PCs – hence the silhouettes at the end of “The Fight to Free Tolay” – but we didn’t know anything about them or their motives. That was all Ruel’s doing. When Brian told us he’d have to step back for a while we asked Ruel to invent a way to keep him with us but also take him out of the story. When Ruel told us we’d be taking a trip back to our origins and hometowns we gave him what info we had developed and he worked with it. (I, of course, complicated that by having developed a lot for Jamela’s origin issue). On rare occasions we’ll get small ideas about “wouldn’t it be cool if something like this developed with X character”, feed it to Ruel and see what happens. For the in-between episode stuff, like the deleted scene of what everyone was doing between the Book 3 Prologue and Chapter 1, we brainstormed that via e-mail because we thought it would be helpful to know before diving back into an adventure.

    From @delphi:

    This isn’t so much a question as it is a proposition, but would you guys be open to doing a sort of Sagas Exhibition match? What I have in mind is a simple fight of whoever would be up for this against some generic mooks, but with complete transparency for the listener. Every combat round and dice roll broken down so you know was stat was being roll, what it was compared against, and when exactly in the timeline it’s happening. Obviously this wouldn’t be something to be done in the call in show, but I wanted to suggest the idea and see the reaction to it, and if reactions were favorable, well I’d gladly put money towards a microsode to eventually make it happen. It may also be that something like this would best wait for when updated character sheets are released.

    A: I’d be down for that. @ruel-knudson?

    From @tehmsu:

    Q: Who holds the record for biggest single hit on an enemy, er, it could be Barty so let me rephrase: who holds the record for biggest single hit on a target? Bonus points if you mention where and when!

    A: I have no idea. If I had to guess I’d say Chair or Lefty. That’s kinda why we made the Nerdy Show Wiki, so there would be a designated place to archive all the factoids, plot threads, etc. that us player folk can’t keep tabs on.

    Q: From the nerdy show/real congregation Musical Version of War of the Worlds Crossover: Could the Man in Black really have been Joe Camel the whole time?

    A: I’m not going to say you’re right – because frankly Joe Camel is too cool to ever even look at me, so I don’t know the guy… buuut it seems like you’ve got a pretty solid theory.

    Questions specifically for @ruel-knudson (feel free to chime in on any I’ve already spoken on)

    From @pseery80:

    Obviously you needed the Man in Black to bleed to set in motion the finale of Book 2, but in when you created God-level NPCs are they designed with the possibility of being killed or only for sake of story?

    In The Temple of Gloom and Hearts of Darkness you set up the players in a situation that they had only one way to get out of it, (or hypothetically two if they just left the island.) What was your goal with this story – just trying something different for kicks or doing that would be intentionally difficult without Vimak?

    How much cannon did you receive about Doritodonia when they switched to your system?

    In the Book 2 episode, Viva La Chaise, did you set up the Chair/tree table scene for Mike to use his Furniture talk to gleam info, or was that an on the spot decision?

    Is your game system so versatile that you can create a whirlwind attack on the spot, or is that done to liven up the game play?

    From @laurencehonderick

    Q: Would you say that your style as a game master has shifted at all as a result of the A and B team’s adventures?

    Questions specifically for @musical_jinn (feel free to chime in on any I’ve already spoken on)

    From @pseery80:

    What was your inspiration when developing Barty’s character? Do you feel that he doesn’t get enough of a chance to be a proper Gleeman?

    From @heavydevil:

    To Barty: What the hell is Chin Music, and who the hell is “Brody?”

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