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    As announced in the latest D&D episode ( we’re going to be doing a live call-in event. Ask the D&D crew anything! We’ll have at least myself, Colin, Ruel, score composer Ryan, and Jamela on hand to answer any Dungeons & Doritos questions you might have. Whether it’s in-game or behind-the-scenes!

    We’re looking to start at 7pm EST and details are still coming in on where you can tune in – watch this space, or our feed for a formal announcement posting.
    You can call in at 321-332-7906

    BUT – if you won’t be able to call in then, or would prefer to not have your voice recorded – just ask your questions here!


    what if i cant call in but want my voice recorded?
    This isnt a legitimate question, i just wanted the honor to ask the first stupid question.

    The following are my questions if I can’t call in. Please answer whichever you wish though I would like it if Ruel was able to answer the ones I have for him.
    Legitimate question.
    To Ruel: In GMing do you have no-win situations that they players are giving details about but decided to challenge it, possibly forcing you to revamp the situation to make it winnable? (i.e. the Gholam fight at the alchemist tower on the Island of Mages)

    to Ruel: Obviously you needed the Man in Black to bleed to set in motion the end events in season 2, but in your creation of God or powerful NPCs are they designed to be killed or only for sake of story.

    ro Ruel: in the 3 chapter of book 3 you set up the PCs in a situation that they would have had only one way to get out of it, well two they could have left the island. What was the reason or goal for this episode chain just for kicks or doing something without Veemak?

    To Ruel: How much cannon did you receive about Doritodonia when they switched to your system?

    To Ruel: What was your inspiration for the death of chair? Were there other drafts for that scene?

    to Ruel: What Type of GM tools do you have (if any) to combat the randomness and spontanious actions of you unscripted players?

    To Ruel: the episode in season 2, Viva La Chaise, did you set up the Chair/tree table scene for Mike to use his Furniture talk to gleam info, or was that an on the spot decision?

    To Ruel: In the first episode of the B team, there was a section between freeing Dean and getting to Tolle that sounded like character filler to show what the people were doing in that time. Was it just that or was there more that was released as a perk, and if so do you think it was truly necessary?

    To Ruel: Is your game system that versatile that you can throw a person to do a separate attack, create a whirlwind attack on the spot, or is that done to liven up the game play

    To Colin: was Barty’s addition to the cast in part so they can reintroduce the story and cast.?

    to Colin: What were your inspirations for creating Barty? And do u feel that he doesn’t get enough of a chance to be a proper Gleeman?

    to Colin: Do you feel that Barty is unjustly picked on by the group?

    to Colin: usually how long is an episode before editing? What was the hardest episode to edit?

    To Cap: Season 1 Episode 4, the session was GMed by Hex and you guys seemed more choatic than before or since. Now this is my favorite episode cause you all seemed to have the most fun but really were you all that crazy cause of Hex to give him a hard time or other reason, (i.e. Brian has come to visit, mayhaps you all were in very good spirits, etc)?

    to Cap: Does skyping someone for a recording really sound that good over the microphone or is the sound filtered through another device?

    to Cap: Though trial and error it takes time to really get into a character but i noticed you kicked up Jamalla’s feminine side with the intro of Lefty. If that is an accurate observation please elaborate.

    to Cap: How did you come across the talented Ruel? Was the reason to change the GM from Aaron to Ruel due to the change of system, or did Aaron have other prior engagements.

    to all: Who do we have to thank for introducing us to the fun Cleveland sport of Baiting?

    to all: Is there a map set up to give you a sense of direction or placement? Cause it doesnt sound like it.

    To all: In the process of making a character, both on paper and acting it out, the creator usually by accident or design puts a piece of themselves in the character, a look, comments, believes. Example: Vemak doesn’t like Barty, maybe Hex has a thing against Colin. Does your character have something that mirrors its maker? Same goes to the GM, which of the NPCs thus far are a reflection of Ruel. (please say it is Chuck)

    To All: Who wrote up the Lefty Character, was it Lefty Luci herself coached by Ruel after telling her of what was to be on Corney island, or did Someone make it up and send it to her leaving her to name the character?

    To All: For the actual recording sessions, are they on set times of the month and are recorded no matter who is able to make it, if so do you try and keep the sessions to single part episodes? Do you get a tally on who can make it and schedule the session accordingly leaving a better chance of having a continual story flow?

    to all: What are you most exited for about the game? If you had more avaible time on your hands would you participate in RPGs outside of recording this show

    To All: At what point did any of you get a good grasp of your character?

    to Ryan: First of all I want to see your nerd card. I want to know if this is just a job for you or are you a true nerd, please provide example (making music for a nerd show doesn’t count as showing your nerd side)

    To Ryan: Now that question is out of the way, how much of the score is practical instruments and how much is sound bytes?

    to ryan: With the job you did for the 3rd season will there be any scores by you to rework the previous seasons?

    To Kyle: Happy you are able to be here. So Deen, is he a creation that is no different from any other characters you had made for RPGs or is his style and actions created for an audience? Would you play this awesome character without the chance others outside your gaming group would hear it?

    To Kyle: Where you specifically asked to guest star in D&D or did you answer a gamer want ad?

    To Kyle: Was Deen your first choice of character?


    Please let the show run long. I’ll be farming till 9pm EST and would love to call in.

    Sailin' about port to port, Smokin' 'em out fort by fort,
    Stealin' their loot ton by ton, Takin' their ships one by one.


    Dang, right after my holidays, I’ll probably be sleeping at that time.


    I’m almost certain I’ll miss the call-in show, 7pm EST is 4pm PST where I am, and prime working hours for an elementary school tutor, so my one big question is about character races. I know that the official Players handbook for Sagas doesn’t include any premade character races, with information on creating your own available in the GM Lodestar booklet, but I’d like to know what you guys did for transferring the racial attributes of your D&D 4.0 characters into the Sagas system, as well as if there were any differences in creating the racial attributes for characters like Deen or Izzy who originated within the system. It’s my hope that we could use those stats as sort of official unofficial racial templates for the Sagas system. Any stories you recall about the character transfer process would be good too.

    Also, this isn’t so much a question as it is a proposition, but would you guys be open to doing a sort of Sagas Exhibition match? What I have in mind is a simple fight of whoever would be up for this against some generic mooks, but with complete transparency for the listener. Every combat round and dice roll broken down so you know was stat was being roll, what it was compared against, and when exactly in the timeline it’s happening. Obviously this wouldn’t be something to be done in the call in show, but I wanted to suggest the idea and see the reaction to it, and if reactions were favorable, well I’d gladly put money towards a microsode to eventually make it happen. It may also be that something like this would best wait for when updated character sheets are released.

    Which reminds me, how’s DPnP going for Ruel? Not really pressing for a release date, just curious about its progress.


    If there’s a consensus that a later show would be better, we can certainly consider changing time. (Though it’s not impossible that we could go as late as 9). In addition to asking questions, we’ve probably got a week before we 100% confirm the time, so let us know! If you just want to watch, we will be recording and archiving it. Even though it was a joke question – if you WOULD like your voice recorded but can’t be on, send your audio question, recorded in the highest quality, to subject: D&D Q&A.


    Dammit Jim, it’s on a wednesday, my game night! oh well, hopefully i will have enough questions to be answered.

    Will it be a video stream, or just a pod cast?


    ok i just thought if this. Awhen you say leave question here, did you mean this specific post, or somewhere else? I only ask cause i flushed this epsection with several questions and didnt want to have them lost.


    As in here, in this thread. Ask a question here and it’ll get answered on the show!


    Well it looks like I’ll be available to listen to the live show in person after all, so I’ll try and be available to call in my questions myself.


    I am really not sure if I can make this, with a time change and some other complications I won’t be able to listen until 10:00pm Florida Time. Still, maybe I’ll pull something crazy and get there before the end. BUT, if I don’t I’d love to have any of the following questions answered.

    To All: When and how did you start playing tabletop rpg’s, and before you played them what did you think of them?

    To Cap: You have some of the most entertaining and heartfelt performances both in DnD, Pokeballs of Steelix, and just about everything else, so how do you enter a character, their personality and mannerisms? Do you prepare before hand, finding the voice and character first? On the fly?

    To Collin: The Great Hex and Collin Tron Debate: How can one movie create such a beautifully crafted mutual hate such as yours, and is it still worth it?

    To Jamella: What would you think if you found out that your life was being dictated by a bunch of guys playing a game and recording your never ending plight for the amusement of others (Like in the Fan Love Contest Story)

    To Barty: What the hell is Chin Music, and who the hell is “Brody?”

    Hope to ask these questions live, but if not thar’ you go.

    My other name is Rosswell


    Hope we get some steamy love advice questions for Jamela.


    Hi Guys, This is something I’ve always had trouble with but Besides the obvious answer of you do it for the podcast, how do you manage to keep the group together and interested in the game? It’s like pulling teeth to keep a gaming group together up here but between Ruel, Doug and the rest of you it runs very consistent. Please share the voodoo you performed to achieve this 😉

    Also how much of the story arc is scripted? Is it more like an outline, a complete story or just a vague ending you’re reaching for?

    Thanks for taking the time to interact with the listeners, you guys are the best!

    Ps. I’ve heard tales of this RPG about a Robo of an Atomic nature… any plans?

    Wherever you go, there you are


    @dumpstat I’ll answer that last question right now (and answer it again during the show) YES. In fact, we’ve already recorded some of the Robo RPG. Don’t know when it’s going to come out, but sometime in between the Call of Cthulhu and Star Wreck release cycles.


    Not to stop on your question dumpstat but I don’t have a problem with consistent games. The secret is find friends with no life or who love to game more than life. I am impressed though that they can actually run smoothly off scype, I would be running more games if my but hole friends would just scype.

    I think they stay interested cause they change the scenery so often and they just play to have a fun. No real goals just good times.

    how is the call of game coming along? Last time I checked you were working on the music

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