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    i for one think that Colin should get handed the gaming ball for that session, he really got into the character and in the end, went with what he felt was right for his character whether or not he new what was going to happen.
    the fact of the matter is Barty loves to prove himself and when there is a lady involved or if he pride is hurt he will do whatever he thinks is right at the time just diving right into a situation and worrying about the price later.

    loved Lefty’s response to the princess’ comment about killing her farther, Bangerang Lefty, all hail The Pirate Queen.

    I am happy that we actually got to see an impending consequence these players have skirted without a permanent wound of any kind and if this is something that Barty contracts and holds on too, i say good for him. Lore wise, considering the source of the infection is being administered through this corrupted city should have a say on how strong or different he will be. If the infection is there to stay maybe the change is weaker outside the city and so on.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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