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    NEW D&D!

    Our heroes are in dire danger! Ever since Vimak, Jamela, and Lefty broke their comrade Barty out of prison they’ve been pursued by the nefarious bounty hunter, Black Pepper Jack. Jack’s got some serious beef and Barty’s got a whopping bounty on his head, but now that the party is under the sword, things have taken an unexpected turn. Some explaining is in order!

    Diplomacy isn’t the D&D crew’s strong suit, but they’re under the sword and unprepared for this delicate predicament. Will Barty’s sordid history finally catch up with him? How far will the party go to evade Jack’s smarmy clutches? Their mission, should they choose to accept it, will take them on deadly ground – deep into the heart of Doritodan, capitol city of the land, where something has gone very, very wrong.


    The Norvegian Santa was indeed (or at least sometimes hung out with) W?den (aka. Odin, aka. Gandalf). Also those pagan traditions were also related to stuff up here sometimes. The old pre-santa variations were occasionally a bit hardcore and somewhat horned and might have also been drunken students agressively demanding food.

    This proto-santa may have been hunched figure around good meter high to up to 3+ meter creeper with two people standing on eachother’s shoulders. At least no one’s sleeping on christmas night.

    Due to Gandalf being a proto-wizard, is Galdap also related?

    Update: This was very entertaining episode, well done. BPJ feels different from before but still awesome, would love to see him around more regularly.


    FYI, you open the Japanese Doritos bags by tearing the corner instead of ripping them like American chip bags.
    You can then reshape the bag to stand on its side while you are eating.

    Just think of how you open a small fruit snack pack (ie MLP gummy snacks).


    Finished the episode and now I’m so hyped for the rest of the season! And it’s not like I wasn’t already enjoying it, but I even got a lesson in medieval architecture; how was I to know I wanted this? Add that in anytime. Everybody was so on their game this time, it was great.
    But seriously, Galdap, just say No Fangs.


    This discussion of proto-santas and the origins of things we take for granted reminded me of a blog series Dave Noonan (formerly a D&D designer) did where he delved into the origins of party roles and where that idea comes from. I found it really interesting, but his blog pretty much fell off a couple years ago. He did another one where he found the first occurrence of the Blank of Blanking naming convention for magic items that was cool too.


    Excellent episode crew! Werewolves, vampires, treasure and ladies? Don’t feel bad Barty, I’d be lured in too.

    Thanks for the Maple Syrup endorsements too guys. Sounds like you enjoyed it. With your help Love’s Sweetness will be the Ovaltine of our age. The release of this episode was pretty timely too since Holstein’s Maple Fest will be happening next month, so maybe some of your Ontario listenership will head our way. Really ambitious Americans and Overseas tourism is obviously welcome too.

    I would’ve posted my appreciation of the episode earlier, but I’ve been busy poking holes in trees for the past week. While snowshoeing I’ve been able to enjoy the episode about a half dozen times. I snicker at ‘The Duchess of Holstein’ each time. It was completely unexpected. 🙂

    I was left with one question though: What kind of silly hat WAS the game master wearing?

    Sailin' about port to port, Smokin' 'em out fort by fort,
    Stealin' their loot ton by ton, Takin' their ships one by one.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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