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D&D Episode 20 :: Back to the Steam Tunnels

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    The new D&D is out and Jamela is in for a terrible trip…

    Share your thoughts here!


    Listening to it now

    Nerdy Show's Nefarious Community Manager & Summoner of Eldritch Horrors from Cyberspace


    I’m really liking the addition of the different npcs. Especially Raja.

    High Priest and Pope of Hexianity. Praise be to Hex, and may Mike always bring us Courage.


    That episode got quite intense.
    Even in audio form, that much I could sense.



    Colin Peterson

    I freaked myself out with the possession effect, listen to that section with headphones for the full effect… Plus it scared me because it’s Hex talking so close in my ears… Twice.

    Colin Peterson

    Might I also say that I’ve missed Mr. Baldini’s artwork for the DnD episodes, glad you’re back!


    that was a great episode

    It's about "SHOW TIME" so drop by


    I like how Barty litterally did nothing the entire episode except flirt and find a replacement for his rapier. Also, ending sequence was nothing less than win.

    Nerdy Show's Nefarious Community Manager & Summoner of Eldritch Horrors from Cyberspace


    All the new music from this episode is now up for download!

    Get the score here!

    The tracks that become a part of the main D&D score cannon are in the primary album, and tracks that are likely to remain episode specific get their own albums.

    You can get the tracks for free, but anything you choose to pay goes right to the composers, Stevo and Ryan McQuinn.


    I agree with @Trench
    also loved Galdap this episode

    It's about "SHOW TIME" so drop by


    I’m listening to the episode right now and I’m confused who is voicing which dragon-born. Could I get a who’s who?

    Colin Peterson

    @ViralDemon — Hex is Keemba ; Colin is Amara ; Luke is Rahja ; and Glitch is Ssanah. It was fun when Vimak and Keemba had to talk to one another and Hex had to jump voices, consequently burning out his throat. It was a fun night.


    Okay, here’s my two Doritos on this episode.

    While I love Dungeons&Doritos and would up and waste a kid for it, I must say that this episode was painfully average. Let me elicit my reasons:

    -The ambient sounds were great. You guys have pretty much nailed the whole ambience aspect down. It wasn’t the most memorable, but it was still great.
    -I must say how good it is to see Jamella and Jen’ifer getting at each others’ throats(and pants) again.
    -It is VERY good to see how you are speeding through each character’s birthplaces and whatnot. I feel that there could have been more to the Steam Tunnels, but it was good nontheless.
    -I don’t quite remember the name of the dragonborn trap that Barty fondled, but the hilarity level was off the charts, there. Tony, pal, there MUST be art of this.
    -It was difficult for me to tell what was going on at the start because I thought I might suffocate myself from laughter at the whole “Vents” thing.

    -The dragonborn characters were all over the place. It was very confusing for me to make sense of who was saying what, and I wonder, was it really necessary to include so many of them? Couldn’t you have done it with just one? What’s more, do you need that many characters when there is really no conflict in the episode? But I’ll discuss this in my next point.
    -There was no conflict in the episode. Sure, there was the whole supression thing, knocking snake-men off the ceiling, off the bridge, water-shields and whatnot, but I never got the sensation that the characters were in any danger whatsoever. The last episode, in Cleaveland, didn’t have much conflict either, but it was done so well that it more than made up for it.
    -Although possessed Vimak is always good, the whole last-minute exposition thing felt a bit rushed.

    I am by no means saying that this was a bad episode! No no no no no. But there were some points that felt like they could be easily improved.

    The Fishwatcher


    Since when does conflict need to be life-threatening?

    Guess who, it's Kaosubaloo!


    I think this episode was a bit of a build up for the next ones and the GM is working in how the story has evolved from the start (can’t say 100% though). By comparison to Endless Bummer (the later half, Chair’s fight story can’t be compared to), I enjoyed this episode more only because it felt less scripted by comparison. I have no complaints about the show feeling scripted though, so don’t take it that way. I understand it is a product of everyone experimenting with new character interactions, keeping the story interesting, and how all the players are accustomed to the GM’s play style and expectations.

    All in all, keep up the good work.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 33 total)
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