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    Yes, it’s true – we’ve recorded the long-outstanding fan created D&D campaign “Give Me Back My Amazing Salsa Shoes” and now once again we turn to the community to put our heroes in peril.

    dnd drive 2

    What does that mean? If you love Dungeons & Doritos, want to support the show AND be a part of the mayhem – This is your chance! All donations to the Nerdy Show Network this month give you the chance to CREATE A ROLEPLAYING CAMPAIGN FOR D&D (or back your favorite)!
    Also – we’ve got a bunch of D&D-related stretch goals.

    The official rules page is here:
    I’ll be reposting the essentials here – ask any questions you’ve got in THIS THREAD and post your campaigns in THIS FORUM when you’re ready.

    WHAT MAKES A CAMPAIGN PITCH? These campaigns are for stand-alone, monster-of-the-week style episodes. Well, there doesn’t have to be a monster, but it’s a one-off episode. Essentially, you create a setting and conflict for our characters to endure with as many or as few details as you like. Campaigns should be at least a paragraph and include a snappy episode title. The title is very important as that’s what people will see and inspire them to read your pitch and potentially back your campaign. Please be sure that your campaign fits within D&D’s medieval fantasy setting. When submitting a system please take into consideration a premise that is fun and entertaining – It can be funny, it can be serious, just make it awesome!

    HOW TO WIN: All contributions to a campaign stack and donors are credited to which campaign they’re sponsoring. If you really want a campaign to win, we encourage talking up your pick in the forums.

    CURRENT BIDS & TIE-BREAKERS: Current campaigns are displayed prominently on the right side of the page and all active bids are shown above. Every campaign and all backers will be logged on THIS page. In the event of a tie during or at the end of the drive, the contenders will be notified and the person willing to make the highest bid, chooses the final subject. However, crazy stuff can also happen – like that time two campaigns tied and agreed to be merged into one amalgamated plot.

    ADAPTING THE CAMPAIGN: Our Game Master may need to modify the scenario to fit within the storyline he’s already working on, and you never know what the D&D crew will do when they play it. We reserve the right to change any aspects of the submitted campaign to better fit in with the Dungeons and Doritos universe and current plot threads, or to make the most entertaining show possible.


    If I sponsor someone else’s topic, does that mean that I’ll get to voice an NPC too? No, to make it simpler, only the original bidder gets to contribute his or her voice to the episode. However, we’ll acknowledge your amazing contributions in the episode. However…

    My campaign won, can I choose someone else to voice a character? Yes! If the winning bidder chooses, he or she can allow anyone else to participate in their stead. It could be another contributor, it could be a Nerdy Show host, it could be a friend.

    I contributed quite a bit to a campaign, but am not the original poster – can I contribute ideas to the campaign pitch? The original campaign sponsor holds the cards. It’s fine to open up a dialogue with them if you’ve got a really good idea and if they like it, you can collaborate with them. Ultimately, they have the final say. Please keep all contact courteous.

    Can I submit a campaign pitch from a previous D&D support drive? If the pitch has already won, no. If the pitch didn’t win then, YES! However you must be the original poster of that campaign, or have their written permission.

    WHY WE DO IT Your support is the only sure-fire way we can continue to run the Network! Without your support we can’t afford to produce the show. You guys rock.


    What are this month’s perks and stretch goals?

    NEW THIS MONTH 15 minutes of deleted Dungeons & Doritos scenes and outtakes from “The Temple of Gloom“
    UNLOCK AT $600 – A script-to-page breakdown of early scenes from issue 2 of the D&D comic
    UNLOCK AT $800 – 15 minutes of State of the Empire outtakes from episodes 159, 164, and 176
    UNLOCK AT $1000 – A digital copy of our 8-page preview of issue 2 of the D&D comic
    UNLOCK AT $1200 – We’ll record an out of continuity “what-if” episode of D&D – chosen by the community.

    That last one is particularly cool. @rankine-xero sent me a suggestion inspired by the out-of-continuity / alternate reality episode 25 of D&D. If we hit that goal what we’ll do is start a discussion on the forums between the community and the D&D crew that will end in a poll where you guys will decide from several possible pasts/ futures.


    For the first adventure, I give you Dungeons and Doritos: Resurrection!

    I haven’t donated yet because I’m running a virus scan ATM but once that is done, assuming my computer is clean, I’ll throw down a token amount. Unfortunately, I can’t currently afford more than a token amount, but hopefully people will realize my idea is awesome and throw money behind it.

    Guess who, it's Kaosubaloo!


    I don’t really have a pitch in mind. What I do have is a vague concept that months ago occurred when I thought to myself, “It has been a LONG time since DnD’s last one shot, and they’re due for a new support drive. What would be cool?” I like to call those kind of thoughts idea monkeys, and monkeys is a very appropriate name in this case, as something I want to see is “Vimak and the Holy Monkeys.” If you don’t know why I would suggest this I advise you pay more attention when Hex attempts at avoiding colorful language. I don’t know why, but that strange idiom has come up more than once. As I said this isn’t really a pitch yet, as I don’t know if these monkeys are friend or foe, or anything really outside of, “Hey there are some monkeys considered to be holy, go check ’em out.” I almost wanted to call it “Brody and the Holy Monkeys,” but the reasoning behind that expression seems more like a story of its own, and that title totally sounds like a surf rock cover band. If someone has ideas on fleshing this vague notion out feel free to suggest them, in the meanwhile I’ll just be trying to string this into a serviceable fanfiction.


    @delphi If you want to see some holy monkeys chewing on Vimak’s giant ears, or Vimak bowing down to the revered Holy Monkeys… I’m sure Ruel would oblige. Feel free to post a spec topic!


    ONLY 2 DAYS LEFT! There’s lots of fantastic campaigns in the running and many stretch goals on the horizon – you know what to do!


    When this is all over will you share which campaign your team was most interested in running if you, not the audience, picked


    @pseery80 I kinda feel like it’s not up to us to have a a definite opinion on the matter. Each of them have their merits. If the team tried to come to a consensus on one campaign above all others I think we might be pretty torn over it.


    Not that I’m that cruel, but for future notice, how are ties resolved?


    “In the event of a tie during or at the end of the drive, the contenders will be notified and the person willing to make the highest bid, chooses the final subject.”

    Of course… this has never happened before that there wasn’t some kind of crazy scheme. So we’ll see – but that’s the ruling.


    I might be that cruel.

    Courage TFM


    Took a little doing to sort out all the last-minute moving pieces but here’s the results:

    Support Drive total: $483 – You guys rock! Thanks so much!

    ’s Warnings were not heeded and he successfully sniped Perchance to Dream into the winning spot at $143
    Ape of a Thousand Dicks was very very close at $131
    And thanks to a last-minute contribution from @Twomper Law and Disorder sat at a solid 3rd.

    With the way we’re formatting D&D we’ll be able to record this sucker promptly. It might even be the next episode we record. After next week’s episode the previous winner (Gimmie Back My Amazing Salsa Shoes) will air – it’s a 2-parter. So… there’ll be chances to steer the fate of D&D again very soon!

    You guys rock! Thanks for being truly awesome and supportive for our craziness.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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