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    Okay, so after years of saying I would do it I am now seriously looking into purchasing a Capture card, with which I will record the games on the TV to my computer and stuff.

    However, I find myself somewhat at a lose as for what to actually choose in this regard. It turns out there’s quite a lot on the market, many of which are optimized to certain tasks. So I thought I’d ask here to see if anyone had some recommendations.

    Here’s the list of things I need:
    – I need to be able to record from an AV composite cable, as many of my consoles are old enough that this is the only option.
    – I would prefer to also be able to record my PS3 in 720p, though it’s not the end of the word if I can’t do this
    – I need it to be external to my computer, but actually support the hardware.
    – I would prefer if I can send the output to both my PC and my TV while it is in use.
    – As an addendum to the previous thing, I need the TV output to be AVI, as the TV I have access to put beside my computer is not HD
    – Obvious I also need to be able to get it shipped to me, though this will probably not be an issue.

    The main thing I’ve been eying is the Blackmagic Design Intensity Shuttle. However, in my research it has come to my attention that it doesn’t have exactly 100% chipset support, and I have some concern over whether or not it will get along with my Motherboard (ASUS P8 Z68-V/GEN3). Furthermore, ignoring the potential chipset issue, while it is true that this capture device would do just about everything I need from it I question whether or not I really need this high-end device. It is very possible that a (much cheaper) SD device that I am unaware of would provide all of my required features.

    So yeah, that’s about where I am right now. Please help me out?

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    I’ve heard good things about the Hauppauge HD PVRs, but I don’t know if they do the passthrough to the TV in component (or composite) or just HDMI.
    You could look into some of the older Pinnacle stuff for a cheaper SD only version.

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    I have looked at the Hauppauge brand and as far as I can tell it only supports HD machines, both on input and output. This means that it is totally insufficient for my needs. It is also nearly as expensive as the black magic alternative, so, ignoring the comparability issue, I would be more inclined to buy the Black Magic first.

    I will look up Pinnacle, though. Hopefully that will put me more into the direction I’m looking for.

    Guess who, it's Kaosubaloo!


    Here’s the list of things I need:<br>
    – I need to be able to record from an AVI component cable, as many of my consoles are old enough that this is the only option.<br>

    I’m going to assume you mean an AV composite cable, the classic red/white/yellow. Which is not component. And also not AVI, which is a container format for videos.

    The Hauppauge HDPVR2 will record composite, you didn’t look hard enough. It will also record composite badly; I don’t know what the quality of BlackMagic’s products are for either HD or SD; a lot of people use AverMedia products as well.

    – I need it to be external to my computer, but actually support the hardware.<br>

    What hardware? Your computer? Your consoles? Be clear about what you want.




    I’ve worked with the Hauppage HDPVR, and by default recording through composite does look horrible. A bit of tweaking and some deinterlacing in post works wonders can though, as can running through S-Video when available. My only issue with the Hauppage stuff really is that OBS and other open source stuff can’t really support it. I hear praises sung about the Avermedia and Elgato cards. Also, hi. I’m back. 😮

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