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    @michael-2 Hey dude! Easy answer: Nerdy Show may be a charity case, but we’re not an actual charity, therefor we can’t sign up for Amazon Smile as that’s for charity donations. We are, however, Amazon Affiliates. So all you have to do is follow or copy/bookmark our links at and everything you buy through there will automatically give a percentage to us.




    Ah! That makes sense, thanks for the help Cap!



    Oversized Mouse Pad,
    Kung Fu Graphic Novel,
    Nerdy Video Game Artwork for a Man Cave

    All gifts for friends whose parents were obviously in a good spirits for the New Year and led to their late September early October births. Best of all, I am also able to gift some of my good tidings to the Nerdy Show crew. Keep up the good work.

    Cerebral Paladin



    Just got one of my sisters some mario odyssey amiibos for Xmas

    and got myself a new D&D player’s handbook and a monster manual

    It's about "SHOW TIME" so drop by



    Good Day Nerdy Show!!!

    It was an Amazon X-Mas this year. We ordered a bunch of items both before and after the holidays, but figured I’d share the nerdy highlights. Here’s hoping my holiday spending helps keep the lights on in the studio.

    Nerdy Show Logo Shirt (Black)
    Hot Wheels Star Wars Spaceship Model 12pk
    Fluxx Card Game
    Ray Bradbury DVD Complete Series Set
    Clue on Blu-Ray
    Rat Queens Volume 4
    Xanathar’s Guide to Everything (5th Edition D&D Sourcebook)

    Cerebral Paladin



    after are last lightning dogs handout I got the art of Shin Godzilla art book and oh man their is a bunch of freaky stuff in it.

    It's about "SHOW TIME" so drop by

Viewing 6 posts - 31 through 36 (of 36 total)

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