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    Announcing our next Book Club title, Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits by David Wong. It’s a dystopian future – but THIS TIME it’s an absurdist comedy. As announced in Book Club episode 14!

    We’re targeting early 2018 for a record time, so get your feels posted up by New Years Day.



    This was a pretty good book. Forgive me if I get some of the spellings wrong I listened to the audiobook version.
    While I enjoyed the book it never really let me get comfortable with it. Some books its really easy to slip into their world but this one always left me uncomfortable with the world and it’s characters. Which is probably a good thing and it’s intent.

    Arthur Livingstone is a gaudy shallow egocentric asshole who profits off of human trafficking and worse with questionable taste in decor but has just enough of a human side that he isn’t a complete caricature. And lets face it, how many of of wouldn’t want at least one of his mansions over the top indulgences. I could go for a ball pit room or personal theme songs myself and I appreciate that he made sure his front door hinges would make noise on opening.

    Molech was made an effective villain because he was just so awful and you find people like him on the internet all of the time. As horrific as he was he was still believable.

    I rather liked Zoey. She wasn’t perfect and never really tried to be. She generally acknowledged her weaknesses and didn’t really have a magic I’m going to be a bad ass moment. Her points of character strength and growth were more I’m tired of being a victim moments. She tried to run when it was reasonable and when she was desperate or backed into a corner she pushed back.

    I’m not sure if I want a sequel but I enjoyed this book.

    Steam: Garayur



    Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits, hardcover

    My slightly used copy just arrived! Looking forward to completing my third Nerdy Show Book Club book.

    I was super excited to hear the last two NEW episodes of Book Club. Thanks for that, Cap 🙂 As always, it was a pleasure to hear the 4 of you talk about your latest reads, and your thoughts about The Handmaid’s Tale.



    Not fan of this book.

    Loved his john dies at the end series, but this one was off.

    This book showed me how an author writes what he knows. Zoey is not a girlie girl, because the author isn’t one. This character, whose outlook i like, is writen 40 years in the future with references and personality of someone from 10 years ago.

    Livingstone is the Russel Brand version of Arthur who is an underworld kingpin. I have no confidence that he had the influence he did.

    I too listen to the audiobook, so I don’t know if moleck was designed that way or the actor fleshed it out, but I don’t like the bad guy being a dude bro.

    And calling the cyborg implants Raiden was cool, but I don’t like that a scientist brought up the mortal combat figure. Granted he would probably have a connection with that, but it took me out of the moment

    Positives are
    1: his design of the future
    2: the bad guy’s outlook
    3: the tech



    I really enjoyed this book, though I finished it… a very long time ago. Love you guys, know you’re all super busy… but should we assume there’s a nail in the coffin of Book Club at this point? I was hoping it might get rolled back into Regular Nerdy Show (the main podcast) to keep it slightly more regular 🙂 but, also understand it probably won’t happen due to scheduling, time constraints, etc.




    Hey dude! Yeah, I *really* wanted to talk about this one, and would’ve done it by now if I’d had my way.
    I love Book Club, I still want to do Book Club, I was definitely prepared to integrate Book Club back into Nerdy Show recordings on the schedule I mentioned in the last episode, but not all of the other hosts were feeling it. In some ways the erratic release schedule of the past had been as grating to them as I imagine it’s been to the listeners. I thought everything was cool, otherwise my mouth wouldn’t have written checks it couldn’t cash, but alas.

    Certainly more Book Club isn’t impossible, just highly unlikely for the time being. I’d like to at least do an episode on this book even if it’s just me, but let’s say it’s not happening so that in case it does it’ll be a pleasant surprise.

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