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    Announcing next month’s Book Club Read-Along! It’s Eve and Adam, the sci-fi thriller by Katherine Applegate & Michael Grant aka… K.A. APPLEGATE! That’s right – the authors behind Animorphs are back! And we’re going to have one of them on the show!

    Next Episode’s Read-Along Book: Eve and Adam by Michael Grant & Katherine Applegate Eve and Adam - Katherine Applegate & Michael Grant

    In early November, Michael Grant, who wrote Animorphs with Katherine will be on the show discussing Eve and Adam and Animorphs as well as his other books, the series Gone and BZRK. Got any questions? Ask ’em here!


    The latest episode where we discuss announce Eve and Adam and discuss it briefly is now up!

    Don’t forget, if you’re going to buy the book, do it through our Amazon or Apple links.


    Maybe Spoilerish….

    Finally got around to ordering this book (using the Nerdy Show Amazon link of course) and reading it the other day. I will preface this with the acknowledgement that this is absolutely not written for someone like me, being a 25 year old man, so please understand that I’m making these statements with the full understanding that this wasn’t written for me.

    First off holy crap this was a quick read, we’re talking single sitting read. Not necessarily a bad thing I just felt a bit cheated. I feel that the book absolutely walks the line between young teen novel and college age reader in the sense that it touches on some very adult topics e.g. sex, abuse, drugs and that’s not to even mention the overall theme of genetic engineering and playing God. I feel like if I was in the target market that I would have enjoyed the book a lot more. That being said I felt like this book could have easily been 100+ more pages to really flesh out the story. The end of the book seemed incredibly rushed with the introduction of Adam in the flesh and the exposing of the true story of Solo’s parents. While I believe that the concept is great I really wish this book were written with an adult audience in mind. Seeing Adam’s existence and maturation in the physical world would have been very interesting. Being the sci-fi nerd that I am I wish they would have gone into more detail on the actual process of engineering the bodies, implanting memories, artificial aging, and other aspects of the project. The end of the story almost got a bit Twilighty with the description of Adam in his corporeal form, describing him as this Adonis who attracted the attention of everyone in his vicinity because of his supernatural good looks, yes I’m hating a bit but I’m sure this will appeal to young female readers. I would love to hear the full story of the characters rather than the tidy ending where are the lose ends are dealt with and everyone is happy. All in all, I enjoyed the book and I’m sure the target audience will love it as much as I did the Animorphs books of my day. Regardless, this is what a book club is about, to introduce you to material you probably wouldn’t have looked into on your own and I appreciate that. I look forward to the episode and hearing Mr. Grant’s input.


    BUMP! We’re recording the episode THIS THURSDAY! So get your questions or comments in!

    Cassie Muldrow

    I DID finally get around to reading this book, albeit too late for the recording. I enjoyed it.. the idea of artificial human creation has always been appealing to me. The obvious bad guy being kind of moral, is a fun play on things too. Especially since she doesn’t become any more of a sympathetic character as the story progresses. I wish this story had been longer… It had good concepts that seemed to come to an abrupt halt. With more young adult stories going in trilogies, I really don’t know why it couldn’t have had more time to develop the characters. If Adam had some time to come into his own, it would have made his later romance seem less, “ishy”? Any girl who is going to date a personality-less hunk, just because he’s nice to her… It just leaves a weird taste in my mouth. Also, things seemed to be getting pretty sexy at the very end, and it didn’t seem like these kids knew each other very well? I don’t know, sexy times in teen books is something I think should be treated with a little delicacy. I think also that if these characters had more time to get to know each other, I would have felt better about it. I’d like to see them expand their writing in the future, because I think their stuff has always been compelling. It felt like this book wasn’t sure if it was a kid or a teen book though.. does any of this make any sense?



    Makes total sense. The ending was a big point of contention for us, as was the confusing nature of who is the intended audience. But, we’ll talk more after the episode comes out 🙂

    If you’re looking for something to read before we announce the next read-alnog check out Michael Grant’s BZRK. In an alternate reality where i read that first, well… THAT would’ve been the read over Eve and Adam. Same familiar and exciting writing style, but with a book intended for adults that’s extremely intense.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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