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    How was there not a topic for this? I was sure I’d started it. I linked to it on the last Book Club and everything!

    Well, here it is now. We’ll be recording this episode soon. Anyone read Sick Puppy yet? If not, it’s a quick read so check it out!

    Get Sick Puppy here.


    I read it about a week after the last book club, and am ashamed that I haven’t actually posted anything on it yet. It was pretty good. It isn’t quite my style of books, it reminds of when I tried out Janet Evanovich’s One for the Money. It was overall enjoyable but I probably won’t be looking for any more books from that author. As a California boy it was interesting to see Florida’s political complaints and issues, albeit in satire form. I just didn’t sympathize with any of the characters. There was nobody I could actually latch onto and identify with.

    Steam: Garayur

    Cassie Muldrow

    I read it a while ago as well. I really enjoyed it! It was a quick read, and quite funny. Twilly is the most lovable eco-terrorist I’ve ever read about! Going to greater and greater lengths to try to achieve his desires, against people who can’t even see what his problem is. There were so many colorful characters, which was my favorite thing about the book. From the self-kidnapping wife, to the ex-governor living in the wilderness, the guy with the creepy barbie fetish, and my favorite Mr. Gash. It was truly chilling to imagine him listening to horrible police calls over classical music, while driving to commit dastardly deeds. I thought his ending was quite.. poetic in it’s justice. I laughed out loud on several occasions. Another fun recommendation, thanks guys!


    Hey all! We’re recording tonight! If anyone has more comments – get ’em in!

    Kevin Wise

    It was a fun read. I’m not very fast at reading so it took me a couple of weeks. Much like Cassie (@chemical42) I had my fair share of good laughs.

    I’m looking forward to the next book club episode and the next book, although it may take me a bit to get to it as I just started reading the first book of the Dresden Files. Neat stuff so far.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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