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Bloodstained: ritual of the night kickstarter

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    Koji Igarashi, formerly of all those “good” Castlevania games that got made, has left Konami and is doing a Definitely Not Castlevania game on his own called Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. the kickstarter has been up for a day, and is already funded 3 times over. He has an interesting little viral site going for it also where you click on either a sword or a whip, and then some Not Dracula dude talks to you. If you do it enough, it slots you into a clan, and gives you a name. there seems to be a poll on the back end tallying up people’s choices. the studio that is going to make the game are the people working on Might Number 9, and he has two composers that did work on Castlevania already lined up, along with the original voice actor who did Solid Snake.


    Woah… the Castlevania equivalent of Mighty No. 9, eh? What’s with these revered companies pissing off their old guard, eh?


    Well Kojima is sick of Konami too so maybe he can team up with Igarashi later on. Also, I’m kind of sick of kickstarter games. Only because they take like 5 years to get made even if they’re funded in a month. I’m still waiting for Mighty No.9 and that’s been funded since 2013! I’m afraid it’ll be irrelevant or not up to all the hype by the time it’ll come out. Am I excited for a new Castlevania-esque game by the creator of Symphony of the Night and other metroid-vania titles? Hell yes I am! Will I still be excited in several years when it’s still not out yet? Probably not.


    oh yeah I forgot David Hayter is going to be in this one…maybe I will be excited then.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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