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    Hey guys! We’ve got a new series going on!

    It’s an issue-by-issue commentary on the new Atomic Robo volume with me interviewing Brian & Scott. Check it out!



    Dr. Dinosaur = Male Jamela?

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    I actually thought that was Jamela at first, but it sounded too deep. Thought @cap might’ve been coming down with something. Love the new show, very interesting. Now I’m going to have to start reading Atomic Robo. I think Brian’s going to have to kick some advertising funds your way.



    @Trench @barreyi

    I don’t know how much I can say about it, but at some point Brian asked me to do Dr. Dinosaur’s voice for a thing. He said basically “Jamela, but a dude”. I do try to make him a little less Jamela when I can, but it works better with action. Outside of this you’re never likely to hear Dr. Dinosaur speak cohesive sentences ever again.


    Sage Zer0

    I smell cartoon show



    That’s what I thought too.

    If Brian asked for “Jamela, but a dude,” I think you hit that one out of the park. That voice does have a little less lingering on the “S”s. Looking forward to whatever Dr. Dinosaur related goings on.



    I really respect Scott’s reference gathering process for equipment design. I do something similar, it really is important to ground fantastical things in at least an element of reality to me. Believable or plausible is not the same thing as realistic, and you are really shooting for the former when making sci-FI gear. I would like to hear more about artist process in general, I think that is something many of us could talk on at some length, but maybe only artists would listen? I was talking to Greg Broadmore from WETA at comic-con, and he started very quickly to talk about how he was picking light sources for this comic set on the moon to this other dude, and then just as quickly shut himself down on the premise that it “is probably boring if you’re not an artist.” and I was like “but…”. Anyway, Cap, I know you’re pretty handy with the crayons yourself, why not throw some more art questions at Scott?



    as a constant and dedicated member of HUAR it has taken me a long time to be broken down enough to pick up a copy of atomic robo… but i gotta say your dedication to historical reaserch has convinced me to give it a chance (( yes i feel traitorous))

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    Heh heh – We’ve got five episodes to fill! I’m sure there’ll be some art talk soon.



    Are you guys planning on doing episodes for the earlier Robo volumes? (I’d love to hear one for the Shadow from Beyond Time.)

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    It’s been discussed. Maybe in between volumes. It’s totally something that could happen.



    Aaand we’re caught up to the current issue! Check out episode 2 here:

    And this will be the hub for all future episodes:

    @max – I’d forgotten when it happens, but some more in-depth art talk starts here.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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