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    Hey everyone! In the process of editing two unreleased episodes of Nuts and Bolts while we’re getting things ready to bring the show back (due to Brian and Scott’s schedule it’ll likely not be for another month at least). Just wanted to say that we’re currently hashing out what’s to come of the #askrobo segments. With the Robo Patreon there’s a whole scheme as to how questions get asked/ answered that ties into the letters page in the issues through IDW so we’re figuring out how or if this segment still fits with the show. BUT there’s still a few question segments in the Volume 1 episodes that never got past post-production.


    Your question about Last Stop was really pertinent and I’m sorry it didn’t get answered years ago when you asked it. Or rather it DID get answered, but not published. Since it’s long since past, I’m removing it from the Volume 1, issue 2 episode where it was originally recorded, but here’s Brian and Scott’s answer! Hopefully you’ve had this solved long ago. Download link:


    I’m going to play your Ironhide question and the guys’ answer to it when we double-back to Volume 9 (most likely we’ll be jumping in to 11 when the show starts back up). But so you don’t have to wait, here it is! Download link:



Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)
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