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    The new Nuts & Bolts is up!

    For the following two episodes we’re going to be taking questions from fans for Brian and Scott and picking our favorites to answer.

    Ideally these will be questions specifically about volume 7, though you won’t have read issues 4 and 5 by the time you’re asking. Therefor these should be bigger scope questions about the volume, or questions that tag back to the past 3 issues. And, yes, we’ll take questions from outside this volume if we like them. But keep in mind – we may be going back to previous volumes in the future – so some questions might be better asked later on.

    Post your questions here and try to get them in by the 16th! We’ll be recording shortly afterwards.


    What are some near misses–mistakes or choices that were almost made that you are glad that weren’t, either in production or property-wise?

    What is your relationship with Red5 like?

    What are the most difficult/most fun parts about doing Robo?

    If you were to take a (temporary) break from Robo but wanted the comic to continue, what writers and artists would you most be comfortable with in your stead? (I know you’d rather not put it out at all unless you were doing it, but this is hypothetical)

    What is your most memorable experience that is a direct result of doing Robo?

    Courage TFM


    Why the scattered timeline, why not go in order with Robo’s stories?
    Have you had any problems keeping “The Atomic Robo Promise” so far?

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    We’re recording a new Nuts & Bolts today at 11:30am est! Got any quations about Volume 1? Ask away!


    Excellent podcast.
    I’ll submit Questions by Volume.

    Vol. 3 – At the beginning of Issue #4 there is a woman with Atomic Robo in his office, she seems more than a secretary or ‘just’ an action scientist. what is her story?
    Vol. 5 – The Relationship with Helen McCallister was very interesting but didn’t seem to continue or end. what became of that?

    Vol. 6 – Not really a question per se. I’m fortunate enough to own the original copy of Vol. 6 Issue 5 Pg. 20, I think this single page represents Robo as a whole more than any other page. Thoughts from the creators?


    Is there any plans to write a story taking place in the distant or fantastical future?

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    The Free Comic Book Day episode is OUT NOW!

    Got new questions for us?


    I have a few questions…

    1. Will ‘Two Fisted Tales’ stories be collected in print once there is enough stories?

    2. Is Atomic Robo ‘last stop’ cannon for the comics? & when can we expect the dvd to hit the store shelves?

    Atomic Robo is the only comic I have collected in years. keep up the good work.

    Much respect, Shawn


    when can we expect more backstory for Jenkins? My son really likes the character. I was bored at work and came up with some interesting backstory for him.


    Are we going to see direct references to Robo upgrading himself over time, or is it going to remain as head cannon?

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    It’s official, guys – There is going to be an ATOMIC ROBO: NUTS & BOLTS panel at HeroesCon this year.

    June 7-9th Charlotte, NC


    In Atomic Robo volume 5, issue 1, page 7, panel 4, Robo is reading REAL SCIENCE ADVENTURES w/Ironhide (scourge of the old west). Can you recreate this for a story in your on going Real Science Adventures comic? Maybe a cool Back to the Future 3 vibe to it. Robo heads back to 1885 some how and the people back than thinks Robo is a demon but it inspires the anti-hero Ironhide to fight crime w/ the help of Robo once Robo is back in the present time.


    I would also like to see another volume like #4 with multiple stories. It was a fun read.


    How about a Nuts & Bolts on all the previous Atomic Robo FCBD stories 2008-2012?

    p.s. In 2008’s FBCD, I believe Ivan Koshchey survived the explosion in Siberia, one of his robots saved him and is acting as a life support Exo-suit for Ivan.



    Oh, we’ll get to everything given enough time. Heck, we might even be doing one of them live at the Nuts & Bolts panel at HeroesCon in a couple weeks. TIME WILL TELL!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 32 total)
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