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    This is a thread for general questions about, you know, WHATEVER! All Nerdy Show stuff and any Nerdy Show department. How we do what we do, why’s and wherefores, etc.

    If it’s something you think would turn into a more in-depth thread, go ahead and start something separate. And if it’s something you’d rather hear a group of us discuss in a microsode then shoot for one of those. But for other stuff, this is the place.

    Also, I realized we didn’t have a Nerdy Show Formspring. Well, we do now. If you prefer to ask us a question and have the answer spat back across social media outlets… you know where to go!

    Ask away!


    I’m curious to know what kind of recording/editing software you guys use, particularly when it comes to skyping in other people such as Brian or Collin for example.

    How long does it normally take from recording of an (average) episode to it’s release?

    Will the Gazetteers ever be getting their own podcast or will they mostly be sticking with text articles?

    Thanks. 🙂

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    Thanks for asking the first question @Belisknar! Well, questions plural. Awesome.

    There’s a thread on how we record in the old forums that might answer a lot of your questions:

    We are working towards leaving behind Audacity as the program we record in. We’re acquiring a USB mixingboard soon so we can do multitrack recording and when we do we’ll be switching to an awesome free program Level99 showed us called Reaper ( We may be editing with that in the future too, in addition to Adobe Soundbooth and Audition.

    Episode turn around used to be 2-3 days to a week for regular episodes. That’s ideal. We haven’t been doing that lately due to a number of contributing factors. Recordings on average are 2-3 hours and editing takes around 2 times as long if not longer depending on if there’s something more to it. When it comes to D&D these time tables are very different.

    The Gazetteers certainly could start their own show – whether they do or not is up to them and their schedules. All the members so far are also part of the Nerdy Show team and will continue to show up in the core Nerdy Show shows though!


    What day jobs does the core Nerdy Show crew have?

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    Heh, that might be getting too personal so I’ll leave it to the folks’ discretion as to whether or not to say.
    For me, I’m the Art Director and occasional staff writer, etc. for the music site Consequence of Sound.

    Eric, Oral, and Aaron work at A Comic Shop.

    And, of course, it’s pretty well-known that Jessica works for Parallax Inc., the microcontroller company.


    Watch Brandon Play has been on hiatus lately, but I’d be interested in Brandon’s opinion on Diablo III.

    All the fun parts of life are optional.


    And I know Brandon would be interested in giving it! We’d planned to do a timely Diablo episode, but that didn’t pan out. As I’m sure you can guess from the extended hiatus of WBPVG he doesn’t have a lot of free time these days. He played the hell out of Diablo, but he did it like a true wizard: in solitude. I’ll see what we can do about making that happen some day soon. At this point there’s the microsode option, we’re not near the next goal yet, but if that made it into the list I think he’d make sure we get to it lickedy split.


    Jon and I run its a glass etching company that does a lot of really neat stuff. We just started it this year so we are super busy with it, but it is getting decently successful and is a lot of fun.We were at Nerdapalooza this year too. I am also a full time freelance artist.


    My turn to chime in I guess. I am a straight up freelancer. Working on getting a site up and running again to advertise everything. I am an artist, writer, developer, designer, and organizer. Basically if you need something done I can figure out how to get it done. 😉

    Sage Zer0

    Freelancers FTW! *air five*


    *air five*


    I would actually like to know who did each of the cover arts for each of the D&D episodes, and whom, if anyone, could be the composer? *Is trying to get his mp3tags fully filled, using Mp3tag*. I’d be happy to send over any finished results!


    Episodes 1-8, 10, 12, 18, and the Crunchmas album art were all created by me
    Episode 9 (the pumpkin carving) was created by Eleanor Edwards
    Episodes 11, 13-17, 19-21 were all drawn by Tony

    If you’re crediting anyone as the episodes’ composer, I’d say just use the artist: Nerdy Show. It’s a collaborative effort. In later episodes we could start talking about sound design, but I think we’d all like being just “Nerdy Show” for the composer.

    For the sake of completionists:
    Hex edited episodes 1-4, I edited and did sound design for episodes 6-14, and Colin edited and did sound design for 15-current.

    And since I’m talking about this…
    D&D is the kind of program that people will want to go back tot he beginning with, but our older episodes sound like crap. An on-again-off-again project of ours is volume correcting and cleaning up the first few episodes so they meet modern Nerdy Show standards and we won’t be embarrassed about people going back and listening to them. We’re not going back in and special editioning them (with SFX and music – though that would be cool to see what it’d sound like) we’re just making them listenable. We’re also removing a huge portion of the music so that it meshes better in format with the rest of the series. (And therefor might actually add music into episode 4, which had none). Never fear, the original versions will always be available.


    Very awesome good sir. I have just put down Nerdy Show for composer, as anyone who wants to know exactly who did what in what year could certainly bug you guys on their own. 🙂 I appreciate the info, and if there is ever anything I can do for you guys to thank you all for many wonderful shows of many genres and types for all whom have loved nerdom over the years, let me know.


    It’s our pleasure, man! The only thing we ask is that folks help support us when they can.

    We couldn’t do any of this without you guys to back us up. Seriously, we’d have had to stop this years ago if it wasn’t for you guys’ support. Even a little bit helps – we’ve got server costs (both site and the Minecraft server) as well as studio rent, and electrical to pay for. As long as everyone chips in once and a while we’ll be fine. We really lay out what’s up on the new support drive page:

    We want to make everything really worthwhile though, so there’s a lot of stuff you get for contributing. It’s also cool if people have talents to lend. The most awesome stuff comes from working together.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 37 total)
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